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Top 6 Best Water Filter To Buy in Japan Online

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Although Japanese people enjoy great water infrastructure across the country, water filters help to improve and ensure safety of water for consumption, and other domestic purposes. 

If you’ve just moved from a different country, or require some help to adjust to Japan’s water resources safely, purchasing a water filter is a cost effective option, and one you should consider. 

For the most part, water filters protect you from odours, and tastes that tap water often carries. Also, they’re easily  integrated with your existing equipment, take only a few minutes to install and serve durably once installation is complete. 

Other than this, water filters ensure your health and well being by protecting your body from allergic reactions that can come from consuming flavoured water, or drinking water types that you’re unaccustomed to. 

If you’re looking for the best options to protect you, and yours’ while you’re in Japan, find below a carefully selected list of some of the best water filters available in Japan.

Best Water Filters: A Quick Look

Mitsubishi Rayon Water Filter


Weight: 0.38 kg
Material: ABS Resin
Filtration amount: 1.6L/ minute

Brita Water Pitcher


Material: ASA Resin
Filtration amount: 2.0L/ minute

Torayvino Cassetty X900


Weight: 0.45kg
Material: Carbon
Filtration amount: 1.5L/minute

Panasonic TK-CJ Water Filter


Weight: 0.31kg
Accessories: Purification cartridge
Filtration amount: 4000L/ annum

Panasonic Ion Water Cleanser


Weight: 2.2kg
Power consumption: 80W
Accessories: Calcium glycerophosphate

Best Water Filters: More Details

Mitsubishi Rayon

Are you looking for a water faucet that all but guarantees your health and wellbeing? 

Look no further than the Mitsubishi Rayon water filter for all your needs. This incredible invention comes complete with tier 1 water purification, and a long lasting cartridge. 

3 months of use value

With 3 months of durable use value, you can rest assured once you’ve installed the Mitsubishi Rayon water filter as it’s built to deliver long lasting performance. 

Incredible chemical extraction power

Besides, the Mitsubishi Rayon also comes with an advanced exchange fiber which removes over thirteen (13) substances as soon as the water from your tap flows through to it. 

For your safety, dangerous chemicals such as lead, mercury, and trihalomethane are dealt with special, precision fibers that keep your water as clean as can be. 

Display screen

In addition, once this ships, you’ll also get a display screen that provides critical data points for performance enhancement, and enhanced use value.

Searching for the industry standard for safety? Support our work, and click here to purchase this remarkable water faucet filter for all your water cleansing needs. 

Brita Water Pitcher

If your tap is not a primary source of drinking water in your home, the Brita pitcher water is amazing at delivering crystal clean jugs of water directly at your meal table. 

How does the Brita Water Pitcher achieve this?

Advanced Filtration techniques

For the most part, it achieves this through incredible innovations around filtration, that remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine from your water source.

Also, the Brita comes with a super fast water filtration system which makes it possible to enjoy your drink as soon as you’re set to eat. 

Furthermore, It’s proprietary carbon/ion-exchange resin formulation sears through harmful chemical compounds at the pour of cup to ensure that every drink is a safe one, and every meal can be enjoyed in serene confidence all year long. 

Looking to bring the wonder, and lore of water filtration closer to your table? Look no further than the Brita water pitcher. 

Torayvino Cassetty X900

JIS Certified

Although the Torayvino Cassetty X900 carries the JIS standard certification – an incredible mark of quality and craft, it also comes complete with advanced filtration, and access, and use value standards that top just about every other filtration system on the market. 

Water flow control

Once it ships, you’ll find that your “Toray” water filter comes with water flow control options that make it so easy, and enjoyable in use. 

High Pressure Water delivery

Also, unlike most others, the Torayvino Cassetty X900 is built to save you water through its narrow-mouthed, high-pressure water delivery which means that you can fill hollow bottles quickly, with little to no spillage. 

Cash & Utility Savings

It also means that micro savings on a day to day basis can be transferred to other areas of interest such as your hobbies, or spent on leisure with friends and family.

Advanced Safety standards 

In addition to saving you money, the Torayvino water filter is built to around your safety by eliminating such chemical compounds as; free residual chlorine, trihalomethane, pesticides, mold odours, trichlorethylene, and a whole host of compounds that otherwise might harm you. 

If you’re on the market for a product that perfectly complements aesthetic quality, with functional utility, the Torayvino Cassetty X900 is tough to beat. 

Panasonic TK-CJ Water Filter

Hollow fiber membrane for particle control

The Panasonic TK-CJ is another great option for your Water filter as it comes with a Hollow Fiber membrane which shuts out a tremendous number of particles from your drinking water. 

Advanced chemical cleansing system

With the Panasonic water filter, you can ensure that free residual chlorine, turbidity, iron, and soluble lead stays out of your drinking water. 

Long lasting Cartridge

Also, the TK-CJ water filter comes with relatively long lasting cartridges which last for about 3 months with a use ratio of about 10L a month. 

Fantastic filtration flow

At 1.8L of filtration flow volume every minute, the Panasonic TK-CJ delivers as much water as you need, as quickly as you require it for drinking and other domestic activities. 

The Panasonic TK-CJ offers tremendous brand value, and a great utility for all your water filter needs at a reasonable cost. If you’re looking for value for your money, you should consider this water filter. 

Panasonic Ion Water Cleanser

If you’re from North America, or any of the western countries, it’s likely that you’re probably accustomed to consuming foods that are acid-forming. 

Uses the Electrolytic process to cleanse water

Consuming bottled, or tap water adds to this since they, in some cases, are highly acidic and contain harmful chemicals such as Toluene, and Mercury.

The Panasonic ion water cleanser uses electrolysis in a process which kills harmful chemicals, and ensures that your water is always as safe as can be. 

High performance cartridges

Also, once the Panasonic ion water cleanser ships to your location, you get the level three (3) high performance cartridges which deliver the market standard for quality, and value. 

Ensures Dental health

What accessories should you expect in your package?

For one, you’ll find one (1) purification cartridge, as well as a bag of calcium glycerophosphate- which is a supplement that enhances dental health, as well as pH test solutions that help you ascertain water cleanliness at all times. 

If you’re looking to purchase a comprehensive solution for water safety, personal health and overall wellbeing, the Panasonic ion water cleanser is your go-to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when buying a water filter?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably worried about yours’ as well as the health and wellbeing of your friends and family. 

Some of the variables that should be top-of-mind when making a water filter purchase include; 

Filtration ratios: 

Filtration rates can have a significant effect on how much enjoyment you derive from your water filter as they determine how much water cleansed per time, and how quickly this will happen in some cases. 

Whatever you do, take the time to ensure that your water consumption is matched by the rate of filtration your machine delivers. 

If you consume 4L of water a day, and purchase a water filter that’s only able to sort through of half of that per day, you’re unlikely to derive optimal value from your purchase. 

Water cleanse comprehension:

How many chemicals does your system factor in? As a rule of thumb, the more the merrier. 

However, since the most comprehensive models cost more, if you’re on a budget, it might be wise to figure out which chemicals are common to your environment as this might narrow your search and save costs while ensuring that your health and safety are a priority. 

How much does a water filter cost?

Thankfully, the models on this list have been crafted for quality as well as affordability. To get any of them, you’d have to spend anywhere between  ¥3500 (350 USD) and ¥60,000 (600 USD). 

Price disparities are usually based on feature differences between the models but for the most part, the products on this list all deliver high quality water filtration for all your needs. 

Also, if you live outside the major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, shipping costs may increase your expenses to some degree or another. 


Water filters provide safety, and enhance your health and wellbeing by protecting your water supply either through your faucet taps, or pitchers. 

Chemicals such as Chlorine, and Mercury can significantly impact your health and wellbeing and minor investments in this technology can save you the trouble and expense of hospital visits for you, and your loved ones. 

Other issues around physical tolerance might also significantly hamper your ability to enjoy water while you’re in Japan. 

A water filter solves this problem by seamlessly purifying your drinking water while you go about your other tasks. 

If you’ve just moved to Japan, or are in the country for an extended period of time, enhance your standard of living, and life prospects by clicking on any of these links and making a purchase today!

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