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Best Windproof Folding Umbrellas to buy in Japan

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Japan’s typhoons are a force of nature, and if you hope to get through the typhoon season without any worries, you should get a folding umbrella.

While the tropical and temperate rains that fall in Africa and Europe are pretty tolerable most of the time, at 300km/h, typhoons can wreck your day if you’re not well equipped. 

If you have to reside or work in Japan between June and November, you should definitely be looking to snap up one of the sturdy models on this list. 

While an umbrella is great when it rains, it can also serve well as a fashion accessory, and in a society that is obsessed with propriety, standing out can be; exactly what you need to succeed. 

If you have kids, you should, as a matter of safety, make it a point of duty to store one of these in their school kit at all times. 

While the rains come towards the end of the year, the weather in Japan can be somewhat difficult to predict at times, and keeping your young ones prepared to get through a storm is a must. 

If you’re looking to buy an umbrella to prepare for typhoons or looking for something that looks good on you, the list below is a list of some of the best folding and non-folding models in Japan. 

Best Umbrellas to buy in Japan: A Quick Look

Tsuneo  Umbrella

Tsuneo  Umbrella

12 bone design: Active
Folding Design: Active
Umbrella surface: 116 cm
Opening Diameter: 103 cm

Xingmeng Folding Umbrella

Xingmeng Folding Umbrella

12 bone design: Active
Folding Design: Active
Rib material: Aluminum alloy
Umbrella surface: 118 cm
Opening Diameter: 106 cm

Wsky Umbrella

Wsky Umbrella

12 bone design: Active
Folding Design: Active
Cloth material: Teflon material
One push button: Active
Umbrella surface: 116 cm
Opening Diameter: 101 cm

Maglia Francesco Umbrella

Maglia Francesco Umbrella

Handle: Deer antlers
Folding: Active
Cloth material: 100% Nylon
Length: 42 cm
Total length: approx. 65 cm
Opening Diameter: Approx. 94 cm

Parasol folding umbrella

Parasol folding umbrella

Weight: 0.258kg
12 bone design: Active
Folding Design: Active
Cloth material: Lotus leaf waterproof 
Rib material: Reinforced Aluminum 
Umbrella surface: 98.5 cm

Best Umbrellas to buy in Japan: More Details

Tsuneo  Umbrella

Tsuneo  Umbrella

This model is built specially to help you through the legendary typhoon rainy seasons in Japan. The folding umbrella is large, with automatic opening and closing for easy usage. 

Beautiful and lightweight

Also, it is made of both aluminum alloy and fiberglass; which makes it an incredibly lightweight option compared to regular models. The Tsuneo is strong, sturdy and fortified to resist strong winds. 

Once it ships, you can start using it immediately, in the knowledge that you’ll get no rustiness as it’s sprayed to prevent that particular form of material degradation. 

The Tsuneo is made in monochrome black, and looks perfect whether you’re looking to go casual or corporate. 

Aerodynamic structure

Also, the Tsuneo is expertly designed with an aerodynamics structure so that even if a huge gust of wind and rain suddenly blows upon you, it will revert back to its original state.

It’s automatic opening feature makes it simple to spread on the go; a feature which makes it perfect if you own a car or need it to cover children. The Tsuneo i’s also large enough to cover at least two adults with limited options.

UV protection all day long

In the dry season, or whenever there’s some sun, it remains useful as it’s made with a special material that offers 90% protection against ultraviolet rays from the sun.

If you’re one for a walk, you can be rest assured you’ll be protected from the sun and should the weather suddenly change, you’ll get full protection from the rain as well.

Perfect for daily use

This foldable and practical model is perfect for commuting to and fro from work, for kids going to school, for travelling and can be used by both males and females.

The fabric is highly waterproof causing water to slide off fluidly as it drops on it. The cap is also specially designed with waterproof material so it does not fade or wear with use thereby increasing its durability.

To be properly equipped against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and avoid being drenched by the rain, you should click the link above to buy this multi-functional umbrella.

Xingmeng Folding Umbrella

Xingmeng Folding Umbrella

If you place a great deal of value on subtlety, efficiency, and durability, the XingMeng folding umbrella is the one for you. 

12 bone design for guaranteed durability

Not only does it come with the 12 bone design that usually guarantees a stable build, but it’s also engineered for convenience and ease of use with alloys and fibers that look good and feel better as you get along with your day. 

Material coating

The frame, which is built to weather strong winds is also coated with materials that make it impossible for corrosive action to occur. 

Since you’ll be braving the elements, this coating ensures that it never gets old or rusty from constant use as the ribs and pivots of its intricate frame are always well protected. 

Foldable design

While this model is foldable and easy to pack, it also flips easily. If it ever does, you can be sure that its structure will fold thrice and prevent the wind from shattering its ribs. 

This feature ensures that even when it’s very windy, you can get out with your umbrella, confident that there’ll be no damage anyway. 

Although it’s built to last, it also defends its premise well.

High density fabric

It does this with a 280T high-density fabric that is water repellent and prevents the raindrops from getting in your way. 

The Xingmeng folding umbrella is perfect as a permanent carry for your child(ren) as it’s compact and easy to get around with and all the while coming in a 118cm surface that can fit three children or two adults without much ado. 

If you’re on the market for strength, convenience, compactness, and durability, the Xingmeng is a bargain buy.

Wsky Umbrella

Wsky Umbrella

If you’re desperate to find the ultimate standard in durability, the Wsky umbrella is what you’re looking for. 

Steel craft

While it comes moderately built at about 116cm of surface length, this material is crafted out of steel, glass fibers: material properties that give it an unprecedented defensive power. 

Also, like the other high-quality options on this list, this model comes with a standard 12 bone design but, unlike the others, it has a near-unflippable rib structure, even under fiercely windy conditions. 

Great for children

If you have to go out when it’s stormy, the Wsky guarantees that you never have to worry about the flip as it comes complete with materials that can tolerate a beating.

Also, it is perfect for children to pack, as it’s wear-resistant and built to tolerate the curious, playfulness of youth with robust tensile strength. Also, at 0.486kg, and a folding size of about 32cm, they’ll find it really handy to have anyway.

One-touch knob

For ease of use, and convenience, it comes complete with a one-touch knob that opens and closes with little to no friction when you need it to. 

This function is perfect if you’re driving and need an umbrella that you can hold in one hand while you try to prevent the water from leaking into your vehicle. 

When you do get into the storm, you can be sure that the Wsky has you covered as it comes with a 210T ultra-high density Teflon polyester material that repels raindrops without sustained pressure or lag. 

If you’re on the market for a model that can take a beating, and retain its core strength despite the fact, the Wsky is the one you’re looking for. 

Maglia Francesco Umbrella

Maglia Francesco Umbrella

With five generations of craftsmanship in its repertoire, the Maglia Francesco is one of the last artisanal brands in the world. 

One of a kind artisanal design principle

If you’re passionate about fashion, this means that once you’ve bought a Maglia Francesco, it’ll never be reproduced. Once it ships, you can be sure never to bump into an identical look ever again. 

Handcrafted and water repellent

The Maglia Francesco is hand made in Italy and crafted with deer antlers on its main body for a sturdy feel and a uniquely beautiful look. 

This Maglia Francesco is made with Nylon which is water repellent, and aesthetically appealing. Unlike the others on this list that come in black, this brand comes in a solid hue of navy blue, and is designed for visual appeal. 

Social enhancement

If you’re in Japan, buying, and using this Maglia Francesco will imbue you with a sense of style, and class that’s sure to enhance your social prospects immensely. 

Also, all the materials that the Maglia Francesco employs in production are sourced based on the best environmental practices in line with global sustainability standards. 

If you’re passionate about wearing a fantastic look, while you fend the storms away, the Maglia Francesco is the one for you. 

Parasol folding umbrella

Parasol folding umbrella

If you spend a lot of time on the road and need an umbrella that packs well and works even better, the Parasol is the one for you. 

Powerful aluminium frame

While this model is incredibly lightweight at a mere 0.258kg of net weight, it’s also incredibly sturdy with its reinforced aluminum alloy frame that holds its own even under fierce weather conditions. 

The Parasol ensures that wherever you go, you can carry it as it’ll fit perfectly into your load carry. Also, with the Parasol folding umbrella, you get a lotus leaf waterproof impact cloth that protects your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

Water repellent

While it’s water repellent when it rains, you also get the perfect skincare accessory once you purchase the Parasol folding umbrella. For durability, it also comes with a sunflower pattern and ABS resins that make it wear-resistant. 

For ease of use, the Parasol also comes with a safety button and safety switches that ensure that you get the best product quality even in uncomfortable situations. 

Also, once it ships, you get an abrasion-resistant handle which is comfortable to the touch and slip-resistant. With the Parasol, you never have to worry about losing your umbrella when it rains as it fits perfectly into your grip on the wettest days. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Should I consider first when buying an umbrella?

If you’re looking to buy an umbrella in Japan, then you’re probably looking to find something personal, and durable that’ll last while you get out and about in the dense city streets. 

For the most part, there are only a few differences between models and so, you might want to pick something with some colour as the Japanese usually opt for the practical, transparent umbrellas

Also, you should ensure that your umbrella has the right engineering credentials to resist difficult weather conditions. When you make your purchase, look out for specific mentions of a folding wind resistant folding structure. 

Ultimately, if you’re in Japan when it rains, an inexpensive model might be sufficient. If however you’re looking to be artistic or fashionable, you should look at umbrellas that are tailor made to serve that purpose. 

How much does an umbrella cost on average?

This depends to a large extent on what you’re looking to buy. If you’re on the market for an inexpensive, disposable umbrella, you can find some of the models on this list cost between ¥2000 ($20) and ¥3000 ($30) to buy. 

If on the other hand, you’re looking to buy one that’s crafted to enhance your aesthetic appeal, you might need to fork out between ¥30000 ($300) and ¥50,000 ($500) in the process. Unlike most other things, in Japan, for the most part, the quality of your umbrella isn’t always a function of price. If you have to pay more, you’re probably buying some style and culture in the process. 


Buying and owning an umbrella in Japan is necessary if you have to get around while you’re in the country.

This is because between the months of June to November, Japan experiences torrential rains, and typhoons and so, if you plan to be in the country during these months, you should make sure to find an umbrella that’ll serve you well. 

While umbrellas are mostly functional, they also serve other useful functions in Japan. In Japan, you can have specially crafted models that fulfill your sense of style made for you. 

The sections above outline some of the best models you’ll find and while many Japanese shops and malls have shared systems that work pretty well, it might be more desirable to buy something more personal just in case you have to weather an 

Whatever your use case is, there’s probably an umbrella for you, and the sections above layout a simple guide to getting the best models possible while you’re in the country. 

Finally, before you make a purchase, you should take some time to learn about the design and engineering specifics of your umbrella as small differences between the models can be meaningfully impactful during use. 

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