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How to buy the best Nintendo Switch console in Japan?

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Gaming is a great way to enjoy your time off work if you reside in Japan. If you live and work here, you’ve probably had an introduction to the Nintendo Switch and all its teeming disciples.

If you’ve just moved to Japan or you live here, you’d have noticed that gaming is a vibrant subculture in the land of the rising sun, and the anime driven virtual worlds that promote it are a popular resort for both locals and expats. 

If you live in Japan, you probably spend a lot of time working. To that end, gaming is a fantastic option for recreation. The Nintendo games have personal and multiplayer game modes and work perfectly as a way to enjoy family time. 

Although many studies show a positive correlation between cognitive improvements and gaming, you’re also likely to derive many social benefits as multiplayer game modes can help tighten bonds between family, friends, and colleagues. 

While games work great at home, they’re also useful at work for team building sessions and come with over 2000 interactive games for choice, convenience and fun wherever you go. 

If you’re on the market for a handy option for rest and recreation, the Nintendo Switch is just the right device for you. 
The section below is the definitive guide to the best options for Nintendo gameplay in 2020.

Best Nintendo Switch consoles in Japan: A Quick Look

Nintendo Switch Joy Con 

Nintendo Switch Joy Con 

Battery Life: 4 - 9 hours
Play Modes: 3
Share screen: Active
CPU/GPU: Nvidia Custom Tegra
Screen: 6.2 inch LCD screen
Wi-Fi: Active

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

Weight: 0.27kg
Battery life: 3 - 7 hours
Charging time: 3 hours
Screen: 5.5-inch Capacitive touch
Play-mode: Single
CPU/GPU: NVIDIA Custom Tegra 
WI-FI: Active
USB: Type C

Best Nintendo Switch consoles in Japan: More Details

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

The Nintendo switch joy is the flagship model of the house of Nintendo. It comes complete with a range of features that excite and confound in equal measure. 

The Switch has a battery capacity that can last approximately 6.5 hours without charging and all on a mere 3 hours of charge time. 

While variabilities exist based on specific gameplay factors, compared to other mobile gaming brands on the market, the Nintendo is king. 

Another significant feature of this Nintendo Switch is its two Joy-Cons that can be used in different hands or merged and attached to the Joy-Con grip.

Also, it can be attached to the console for use in handheld mode, or shared with friends to enjoy two-player action in supported games. The Nintendo Joy-Con comes with three gameplay modes that guarantee ease of use and maximum entertainment.

With the Joy-Con, you get the TV mode that allows you to switch your visuals to a big screen should you choose to. This feature is perfect if you’re hosting, and wish to entertain guests to an intense game of car-racing or fierce combat in the living room.

It also has a table mode with which you can set up a Joy-Con and share your screen to co-op play even when you’re away from home and with no TV in sight.

With the mobile mode, this Nintendo switch can be your companion if you’re on the road and need a stimulating way to enjoy your travel. 

Its beautiful display on the 6.2-inch screen portrays crisp, LED quality images that ensure maximum entertainment.

If you’re looking for the best hybrid game in the world, look no further than the Nintendo Joy -Con, click on the link above, and purchase the best virtual experiences available for you and yours!

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

If you’re on the road a lot and need something compact,  easy to use, and enjoyable, the Nintendo Switch Lite was made just for you. 

One of the more recent releases, the Nintendo Switch Lite was built with mobility in mind as it comes in an integrated design that has its buttons, and controllers pieced beautifully on each side of the main body. 

Although the Switch Lite has no-big screen integrations, and is only useful in mobile mode, it comes in a sleek, portable frame that complements your natural beauty, and creates unforgettable virtual experiences on the go. 

With 5.5 inches of screen, a 0.27kg net weight, this lightweight handheld is seamless to use and creates no friction between use and storage. 

It also comes in an ergonomic build that enhances your grip and delivers high-definition, virtual experiences all day, every day. 

With the Lite, you get all the proprietary functions such as the HD vibration, Motion IR Camera, and the motion sensors that animate all your virtual experiences. 

Also, once it ships, you get connectivity features that create a social dimension where you can enjoy games with family, friends, and colleagues as well. 

If you want a Nintendo for the road, the Nintendo Switch Lite comes complete with everything you need for gaming, and more. 

What Colour of Nintendo Switch Lite Should I Buy?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a wonderful piece of technology that is lightweight, handy, and packs a lot of fun in a small, compact frame that you can enjoy on your own or with others to fantastic effect. 

.  While lots of people do not think so, buying a Nintendo that’s the right colour for you is not only useful socially, but it can also affect your outlook, mood, and general productivity. 

In addition to being a culture of propriety and honour, Japanese culture is also ritualistic, and your use of colours can tangibly affect how you’re perceived while you’re in the country. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in four colours including Yellow, Turquoise, Coral, and Grey. The section below describes each colour, and how it might enhance your experience even more. 

Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow

Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow

Although yellow can create a very vibrant and intense feeling while you play, the Japanese also believe the colour yellow to be one of the canonical signatures for nature and sunshine- which they greatly value with the culture. 

Another great reason to buy yellow is that since it’s handheld, you’re less likely to lose it as it’ll stick out wherever you go. A Yellow Switch Lite is a great option if you’re looking for a game that conveys high-energy, and natural vigour in equal measure. 

Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise

Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise

If you want a game that emits serenity, passivity, and fidelity, then the Switch Lite Turquoise is great for you. If you know anything about the Japanese, then you probably know that these values are fundamental to the Japanese way of life.

While Turquoise is slightly unusual for a gaming device, it emanates a calming yet warm presence that many Japanese will naturally gravitate towards. Also, the Switch Lite Turquoise comes in the colour of the sea, and so, if you love the sea you should click on the link above and make a purchase.

Nintendo Switch Lite Grey

Nintendo Switch Lite Grey

While it isn’t exactly black, the Japanese perceive grey as full of mystery. It’s also calm and easy on the eyes.

If you’re looking to go under the radar, and need a colour that blends in beautifully with the Mori Kei subculture which you’ll learn about once you’re in Japan.

If you want to convey mystery, and calm, and need something that blends in with certain aspects of the Japanese character, the Nintendo Switch Lite Grey is a must-buy!

Nintendo Switch Lite Coral

Nintendo Switch Lite Coral

If you love the shades and hues of pink then this one’s for you. We’ve seen the sunny yellow, the calming green now we’ve let’s explore the beautiful and warm color coral-coloured Nintendo Switch Lite.

For the Japanese, this pinkish hue is the perfect conviction of youth, femininity, and good health. Also, while pink is rarely seen in other cultures, it’s popular with many of the subcultures in Japan.
The Nintendo Switch Lite Coral and its vibrant colors will instantly flood you with warm feelings as you play. It’s also attention-grabbing and pleasing to look at. The Switch Lite Coral is perfect if you want to stand out, and blend in all at once while you’re in Japan.

Switch V Lite: Which Nintendo Should I Buy?

Although both games come with a wide range of high-quality features, what you decide to buy should depend on the specifics of your context and how you intend to use them. 

While there are many differences between the two models, they also share many important similarities that make both devices extremely useful and enjoyable.

Same Resolution and Graphic Card Functionality:

The Switch and Lite come with the same resolution and feature the same custom Nvidia Tegra processor. These features ensure that if you want a mobile gaming experience, you’ll get just about the same level of performance from both devices. 

Different Game Mode Capabilities

The standard Nintendo Switch comes with three dedicated gameplay modes. 

  1. It can either be connected to your TV (or another display) 
  1. It can also be used in a supplied dock, or as a handheld or stand on a tabletop using its display. 
  1. Finally, It can be used as a handheld. 

On the other hand, the Switch Lite can only be used as a handheld, mobile game console. 

As it’s handheld-only, the Switch Lite doesn’t have detachable, Joy-Con controllers, whereas the standard Switch does. 

One is Detachable, The other is not

Once detached, they’re used wirelessly with the Switch unit, primarily for when it’s attached to your TV or standing up but can be reattached to the main Switch console for handheld play.

Both units have a 1,280 x 720 LCD screen, but the size is different. While the main Switch has a 6.2-inch screen, the Switch Lite downgrades this to 5.5-inches with smaller bezels around the display. 

Verdict: Should I Buy the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Lite?

All things considered, if you’re working with a budget and need something that can travel easy, the Lite is fantastic for you but if you’re looking for a dynamic, family gaming experience, the Switch is a better bet. 

FAQs for Nintendo consoles in Japan

How long does the battery last?

The Nintendo Switch battery life ranges from 3 to 6 hours, depending on usage and software. 

The console takes up to 3 hours for a full charge. The Joy-Con controllers battery life can last up to 20 hours. It takes up to 3.5 hours for a full charge.

Is it possible to play and charge at the same time?

If your Nintendo Switch controllers are running out of battery life, you can attach them to the console and play in handheld mode. 

The same goes for the Nintendo Switch Lite. The system will charge them in this mode within a certain threshold. For the Nintendo Switch, however, you can purchase the Charging Grip, which works as a standard grip and charger.

How much do they cost on average?

At ¥29,000 ($290), the Nintendo Switch Lite is less expensive than the Switch that sells for ¥44,800 ($448). 

Although the Nintendo Switch is a more comprehensive gaming experience and costs more, the Nintendo Lite offers a solution if you want the Nintendo experience at less cost.


The House of Nintendo offers a fantastic line of games that help you relax and destress when you’re not at work. 

Once they ship, the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite are designed to give you the top of the line entertainment and recreation at home and on the go. 

While they’re great at home and on the road, they also work well in work situations to create bonds and generate immersive virtual experiences that can enhance team dynamics and productivity. 

If you have kids, they help to enhance cognitive ability, promote superior motor skills and enhance positive notions of play and healthy competition in younger children

While the Nintendo Switch offers a dynamic family experience, if you’re interested in a more personalised virtual experience, the Switch Lite offers that distinction. 

Whatever you do, make sure to collect as much information as you can from this website and others like it to enhance your purchase and decision making for the best possible experience in the long-run. 

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