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How To Buy Best Japanese Candy Directly From Japan?

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Japanese candies are incredibly tasty, and a great way to experience the many wonders of Japanese culture from the comfort of your home. 

What’s more?

They also provide deep satisfaction, novelty and offer gastronomic qualities that are made to satisfy the human palate with all the best qualities of Japan. The Japanese candy offers the Industry, endeavour, and an obsessive attention to detail. 

Do you love candy?

If you live in North America, and love candy, you’re probably well acquainted with iconic brands such as Kit Kat, and Mars. Also, you’re probably aware that these products are offered to people all over the world. 

What’s cool about this?

Well, in a nutshell, multinational food, and snack brands employ professionals who tailor products to local tastes, and preferences. 

This means that for the most part, a Japanese Kit Kat is unlike anyone you’ve tasted. It’s crusty, tasty and releases the unique signature of Japanese ingenuity as it unravels in your mouth. While lots of people enjoy Japanese snacks, finding the right retailer can be a hassle. The section below is a simple guide to buying tasty Japanese sweets online. 

How to buy Japanese Candy online

While there are a thousand and one ways to buy Japanese candy online, some of the most popular methods include; 

E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites such as Amazon and Rakuten that offer a comprehensive line up of sweets from Japan. Smaller Japan-themed websites might also offer a wide range of sweets for your enjoyment. 

Artisanal Candy stores

In specific cases, local artisanal candy stores that offer last-mile delivery might also be an ideal option for you if you live in a major city, or near one. 

Subscription boxes

While these are great, the best experiences I’ve had tasting, and sharing candy with family, and friends have come from expertly curated, hand-selected,  Japan-themed subscription boxes.

What is a candy subscription box?

Generally speaking, subscription boxes are periodical deliveries of products that are typically pre-selected by expert pickers. 

Dynamic experience

While it’s not always the case that listed products are pre-selected, the idea is to create a more dynamic retail experience that’s both intimate and surprising.

Popular option  

In the last few years, subscription candy boxes have become a popular option for many people in Japan, North America, and all over the world. 

Although candy subscription boxes are a remarkable consumer item, they also make perfect gifts as they’re rarely, if ever predictable. 

Hassle free Option

Also, they take the hassle out of shopping as you can rest assured that your needs are being thought of from the sorting process, and all the way to through to the final delivery. 

If you’re wondering what the best options are for all your candy needs, the next section is a simple list of options that’ll solve all your candy-related worries. 

Best candy subscription boxes in japan

Forget Sushi Kyoto Box:

Ever wanted to travel to Japan?

The Forget Sushi Kyoto Japanese candy box is your special, limited edition, time capsule, and a great way to experience the richness of Japan through its snacks, toys, candies and souvenir items. 

What’s great about this?

For one, you get to choose. While other subscription boxes offer only pre-selected items, the Forget Sushi Kyoto Box gives you all the control. 

Customized, and personalized for you

If you so desire, you can make a personal selection of all your best items and have them shipped to you at your convenience. While you also get the option to let an expert curator surprise you, it’s up to you. 

Season based themes

Also, with the Forget Sushi Japanese candy subscription box, you can, if you so desire, select a curated option of packs that are based on the different seasons of the Japanese year. Sakura, which is a beautiful season of cherry blossoms is a subscriber favourite and one you should definitely look at. 

Limited edition snacks, and candies

Furthermore, the Forget Sushi Kyoto box offers limited edition snacks from the biggest brands in the world. For many customers, limited edition snacks, and Japanese snacks and candies are a remarkable gifting choice, and are known to cement social bonds, and create new friendships. 

What should you expect to find in a Forget Sushi box?

Well, great snack options such as the Nestle Kit Kat Sakura macha, are often combined with Japanese delights such as the Quattro special blend of teas. 

Where’s all that candy?

The Alfort chocolate, and biscuit snack,  rilakkuma, baskin robbins are remarkable snacking and Japanese candy options that are completely at your disposal if, and when you choose. 

Click, buy, and enjoy!

While the Forget Sushi Kyoto box offers a window into all things Japan, with a few clicks, you can order a nice helping of Japanese candy to spice all your picnics and events up.  

Shipping information

Finally, the Forget Sushi Kyoto box ships worldwide at no cost to you. If you’re looking for a Japanese candy box that perfectly combines user friendliness, ease of use and tailored use, the Forget Sushi Kyoto box is difficult to beat. 

Japan Candy Box:

Just like the Forget Sushi Kyoto box, the Japan candy box is dedicated to fulfilling all your fantastical whims for all things candy. 

Shipped directly from Tokyo

What do you get from this candy box? Well for one, you get your snacks, and Japanese candy shipped to you directly from Tokyo, Japan. Also, you get a whole universe of options curated by the best, and most experienced taste testers in the business. 

Famous brands

In addition to this, you get an incredible lineup of candies including world famous brands such as Kit Kat, and Pretz. While other subscription boxes might offer these same brands, the Japan candy box offers a depth of options that’s difficult to replicate. 

DIY candy creation

What’s more to offer? Well, unlike many other subscription offers, the Japan Candy box offers a DIY, candy making experience so that, with a few instructions, you can make your snacks, and eat them too. 

Pre-curated Japanese snacks

You also get a wide variety of snacks in pre-curated categories such as Dagashi, Japanese snacks, Popular snacks and Japanese Chocolates if you’d rather opt for a themed Japanese candy box. 

If you’re up for a great time with family, friends and a lot of candy, you should definitely give this remarkable Japanese candy subscription box a go while you still can. 


Japanese candy subscription boxes are a fantastic way to experience the richness, and beauty of the Japanese way of life. 

While there are many ways to buy Japanese candies online, Japanese candy subscription boxes are by far the best way to enjoy, and explore Japan through its sweets.

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