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Panasonic Facial Massager: Fingertips are old- Wash your face the best way!

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Panasonic Facial Therapy Tool Dense Foam Esthetic Pink Tone EH-SC65-P  

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Dermatologists have prescribed facial massagers, and sponges as tools for removing every fragment of makeup, pore-clinching tannins, and daily specks of dirt that you can’t get to with your bare fingertips.

The Panasonic Facial Therapy Tool Dense Foam Esthetic Pink Tone EH-SC65-P is the new micro-foaming cleansing device needed for you to keep your face acne-free all day!

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It costs your fingertips a lot to keep your skin tender; one micro-foaming cleansing and massage device will keep your skin radiating.

1) Soothing Makeup Cleansing

Treat your face to a royal cleansing with the Panasonic Facial Massager makeup removal plate.

With its makeup removal plate, you can select from two temperature settings – a low temperature of 43 degrees Celsius and a high temperature of 48 degrees Celsius.

The warm plate allows the makeup removal plate to mix effortlessly with your cosmetics. Thus, using this removal plate within a time frame of three (3) minutes will eliminate the cosmetics on your face, conveniently.

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2) Massage Bathe to revitalize your skin

The Panasonic Facial Massager is a micro-foaming, face-cleansing device that comes with the latest roller massage attachment.

This feature mildly rubs your facial skin with a micro-foam that will effectively lift impurities off your skin to keep it healthy and smooth at a rotation speed of 1000 rotations per minute.

Substantial foam beneficial for your skin generates within 5 second

When you add the foaming cleanser through an inlet contained in this cleansing device, pour a 4ml of water into the attachment cavity, and press the wash button.

The foam generated will lightly cleanse your face without the need to scrub with your fingertips, therefore, resulting in a smooth-textured skin.

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3) Rich foam and an ultra-fine brush clears dirt and sebum

The Panasonic Facial Massager features a fluffy brush plus foam that touches your skin better than the cleaning effect generated through your fingertips.

The ultra-fine brush removes dirt from pore

This brush boasts of about 20,000 bristles, having tips with a diameter of about 0.01mm.The cone-shaped bristles are soft when touched and pleasant against the skin when you apply it.

Facial cleansers like Panasonic Facial Massager come with a micro-foam, and a soft brush with tiny bristles cleanses blocked pores and keratinized cells for shiny skin.

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4) Special Care for Oily Spots

The Panasonic Facial Therapy Tool allows you to target the most oil-secreting part of your face – the T-zone area for cleansing with the pore focus brush. 

This brush is supplied with silicone pins to mark out the T-zone areas, so also your chin region for an adequate sebum and blackhead removal, once a week or bi-weekly.

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Other Features of the Panasonic Facial Therapy Tool includes:

Waterproof nature / Washability

The entire unit is washable so it’s easy to clean and can be used in the bathroom.

Universal Voltage

It is compatible with AC 100 to 240V power supplies, thus, can be used overseas.

Comes with a stand

The stand helps to erect it inside a washroom or outside, in an open space to air dry.

Chargeable / Cordless 

Cordless operation is possible, so it’s easy to carry.

Protective Cap attached

The measuring cap also serves as a protective cover to keep the brush clean and untouched, making it easy, convenient, and hygienic to carry.

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