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Which is The Best Smart Lock for a Keyless Home? QRIO Smart Lock?

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While Japan is relatively safe, a smart lock ensures that you’re able to exert greater control over your security and well being while you’re here. 

Smart locks hit the scene a few years ago, and ever since, many expats and locals have decided to use them as a secondary key lock system. 

Among the many benefits of a smart lock, the convenience and ease of use you’ll enjoy is only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also get a digital security system that looks good and works better. 

If you’re ever away from home and need to let in a guest, smart locks give you a handle on that. Perhaps, you’re keeping high-value items at home: you can rely on smart locks to deliver a fully optimised experience all the time. 

By value relative to price, the section below covers some of the best options money can buy in Japan. 

A Quick list: Smart Home locks in Japan

Qrio Smart lock

Lock weight: 0.27kg
Lock Dimensions: 4.6 x 2.2 x 3.3"
Material: PC Resin
Battery Life: 350 days (+)
Support: iOS 11.4, Android 5.0...
Bluetooth version: Version 4.2
Key alternative: Qrio key

Sesame smart lock

Lock weight: 0.16kg
Lock Dimensions: 3.9 x 1.6 x 3.4"
Battery Life: 500 days
Security: AES 256-bit encryption
Alexa/Google/Siri support: Active

Samsung SHS-2920 Smart Lock

Lock weight: 1.3kg
Lock Dimensions: 10.2 x 3.5 x 8.3"
Battery Life: 350 days (+)
Burglar alarm: Active
Rim lock: Active
Fire alarm: Active
Password: 5 - 12 digit pin

Your Best Buy: Qrio Smart lock

The Qrio smart lock is a stand out smart lock system designed and produced by Sony.

If you’re In the market for a sleek, easily installed smart Lock system, then you should buy the Qrio while you still can. 

– No need to change your lock

This lock system comes with an installation and integration design that eliminates the need for any major lifestyle changes or redesign commitments when it ships.  

– Keyless and seamless

The Qrio smart lock is also keyless. This means that it seamlessly opens your door as you approach, eliminating stressful micro-movements and enabling a feel-good factor every time you get home. 

– Easy Installation even if you’re not technical

Installation takes as little as five minutes and requires no technical knowledge to accomplish.  It also comes complete with multiple attachments such as a bolt turner that make it easier to install and use.

– Full trust design

What’s really great about the Qrio smart lock is its cutting edge, trust design. This means that it’s built in such a way that if you so desire, you can allocate virtual keys to friends, family, and others who might need to use your space while you’re out. 

– Secure 2FA based system

You also get the very best security modules available on the market and a 2FA (Second-factor authentication) protocol that’s impossible to beat without your consent. 

If you want to enjoy the very best standards in smart lock security currently available anywhere, you should bet your money on the Qrio smart lock by Sony right now!

Sleek & Beautiful: Sesame Smart lock

– Remote Access

Instead of the clinking inconvenience of commuting with keys, the Sesame smart lock enables remote access to and complete control of your home from the digital comfort of your smartphone all day long. 

– Lightweight

In more ways than one, this lock is optimised to offer all the benefits of lightness. At 0.16kg, it’s incredibly small and spatially indiscernible to prying eyes. 

– Durable

It’s also built for durability with a weatherproof framework that holds even under the extreme weather conditions that Japan can sometimes pose. 

– Easy to Install

The Sesame has been remodeled to enhance ease of installation. Once you’ve got a 3M tape and a conventional deadbolt, it’ll take you under a minute to fit. Also, the Sesame lock is perfect for rental properties as you don’t need to drill or break walls to install.

– Digital logs for entry and exit

The Sesame is a true bastion of safety and security however, what makes it such a potent utility is its digital “footprint” feature that creates digital logs of entry and departure and leaves you rest assured with a simple tap of your screen. 

If you’re looking for safety, security, and accessibility in a smart lock, then the Sesame is pretty hard to beat. 

Best Integrations: Samsung SHS-2920 Smart Lock

This sleek, glossy body frame and compact designed smart lock by Samsung is a power tool like no other. 

– Double authentication security

First of all, the Samsung SHS system comes with a double authentication mode; smart card, and password system for reinforced security.

– Beautiful Backlight

The cutting design of the Samsung SHS, with 16.5mm size with its blue backlight is stand out and also highly functional with a keypad that looks really good and works just as well.

– Alarm Integration

For security, the smart lock is built with authentication features that set off an alarm after a few failed attempts by an intruder. You also get a double locking feature that makes it impossible to lock you out of the home.

– Fire Integration

It doesn’t slow down either. The Samsung SHS digital lock system using high-quality innovative technology features a fire warning sensor that blares an alarm at about 60°C and manually overrides the system for easy entry and exit in the event of an emergency. 

This incredible piece of technology is great if you’re looking for power integrations that’ll keep you safe no matter what. Click the link to support our work and keep safe while it’s still in stock. 


What is the most important thing to consider when buying a Smart lock?

Smart locks enable you to seamlessly integrate home security into your digital lifestyle even when you’re on the go. While there are many advantages to owning a smart lock, buying unnecessarily feature-heavy or under fitted models can be frustrating to own and operate. 

To this end, whatever you choose, you should ensure that at a minimum, the model you buy comes complete with the features in the list below if you’re looking for a satisfactory experience when it finally ships. 

How reliable are your smart lock batteries?

For the most part, your smart locks will come either fitted with Alkaline batteries or lithium-ion batteries. While lithium-ion batteries cost more and last longer, Alkaline batteries are generally considered to be more environment-friendly. 

That said, you should ensure that your batteries give at least 90 days of use before you’ll need a replacement. Higher-end models generally have more battery power with some models offering up to 500 days. 

How much flexibility do you get on the guest features?

One of the most significant reasons for opting to use a smart lock in a country like Japan is that most models offer an almost endless spectrum of ways in which your e-keys or access codes can be shared in your absence.  

With a smart lock, you can offer digitally manageable, limited user access to family, friends, or service workers who might want to use your space, or fit a broken pipe while you’re away at work.

What’s more? Many smart locks provide digital logs for each entry and exit so that wherever you are, you’ll always be aware of the happenings at your home. 

How much do smart locks cost on average?

For the models on this list, you’ll probably need to spend anywhere between ¥13,000 ($130) and ¥23,000 ($270). 

Although you’ll find locks that cost more, spending some time to ascertain how many extra features are really necessary might do you a lot of good in the long run. 

Also, you should know that outside Tokyo, Osaka, and other big cities, shipping costs may vary significantly when you’re making a purchase. 


As people all over the world continue to strive for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, security has become an issue of primary concern.

While many people still work from home, in Japan which has seen relatively lower casualty numbers, expats and other foreigners might need to commute for work which raises the question of safety and security during these times. 

Smart locks are a simple and effective solution to the problem of access, convenience, and transparency when it comes to home and office security. 

Many locks come with advanced systems that allow you to share codes conveniently and in a secure way with cleaners, dog walkers, and others who might need access to your home while you’re away through your app. 

You also have the extra benefit of access to logs that show entry and exit information so that you’re always aware of the situation back at home while you’re away. 

While these smart locks put a digital spin on an age-old problem, they’re also easy to integrate with traditional western deadlocks and take under a minute to install in most cases. 

If you live in Japan and need an extra layer of security than the governments in your prefecture can provide, a smart lock is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

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