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Top 5 Best Baby Strollers in Japan

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If you’ve just moved to japan and have a toddler from age zero to 7 (yes..hold that thought) then you really should consider buying a baby stroller

You may be wondering why. 

Well, it’s because in Japan, you’ll be doing a lot of walking, and if it isn’t obvious yet, then it will be: You’ll need a one of these to get about town with your child.

Although Japan is an ancient city, and was built for talking long promenades which you’ll be sure to enjoy, fun can quickly become very tedious without the right apparatus.

You may think your child is a trooper and can walk the distance but think again: While coming back from the shopping mall or local market which is likely to be about 800-900 meters from your home can be fun by yourself, it’s unlikely to be a scenic experience if you have a weary toddler to deal with.

Although the right baby stroller can reduce the stress of having a kid around, buying the right model can make maneuvering much easier and smoother.

To help you with picking out the best models available in Japan, we’ve put together five of the best strollers that Japan has to offer.

5 Best Baby Strollers in Japan: A Quick Look

Iris Plaza Stroller

Iris Plaza Stroller

Weight: 3.8kg
Frame: Aluminium
Maximum-load: 15kg
Seat-height: 44cm
Foldable: Active
Seatbelt: 5 point
Fabric: Mesh
Dedicated Cushions: Active

Applica Smooth Premium Stroller

Applica Smooth Premium Stroller

Weight: 9.4kg 
Frame: Aluminium, Iron, Resin
Seat-height: 58cm
Foldable: Active
Reclining positions: 7
Fabric: Nylon, Polyester
Dedicated Cushions: Active

Combi Stroller

Combi Stroller

Weight: 4.8kg
Seat-height:  55cm
Foldable: Active
Maximum load: 15kg
Adjustment angle - 125 ° - 170 °
Dedicated Cushions: Active

Combi Combi Stroller

Combi Combi Stroller

Weight: 6.6kg
Seat-height: 61cm
Foldable: Active
Fabric: Dacco Sheet (Water Absorbent)
Seating capacity: 1
Maximum weight: 15kg
Dedicated Cushions: Active

Graco Lightweight High Seat Baby Stroller

Graco Lightweight High Seat Baby Stroller

Weight: 4.8kg
Material: Aluminium
Seat-height: 52cm
Foldable: Active
Seatbelt: 5 point
Fabric: Nylon, Polyester
Dedicated Cushions: Active

5 Best Baby Strollers in Japan: More Details

Iris Plaza stroller

Iris Plaza stroller

The Iris plaza is one of the best strollers you can find in Japan. It’s fitted with a fine mesh that can protect your babies from insects when you’re outdoors. It also comes with a full wrap that gives protection from the sun and wind. 

If you ever need to get home quickly from your sightseeing, or house hunting, you can just fit your toddler into this stroller and you’re on your way.

Roomy window view for your child

Children are naturally curious and exploring Japan is no doubt a huge part of the beautiful experience of being in a new, exotic city. This is why the Iris plaza also comes with a roomy window view so your child can get a good look at the city while seated on the stroller. 

Retractable design

It is also retractable which is ideal because most Japanese cities are ancient and have no elevators or ramps. The handles are sturdy and comfy and the tires are made from the finest rubber so it’s very durable. 

5 Point seat belt

Besides, with it, you get polyester cushions and a 5 point seat belt to help keep your baby as safe, and as comfortable as possible all day long.

If you’re looking for an all-round, solid “type-b” model, then this is a bargain you shouldn’t pass up for anything!

Applica Smooth Premium Stroller

Applica Smooth Premium Stroller

The Applica Smooth premium is fantastic if you’re looking to buy safety over everything else. 

Designed to serve for a long time

At 9.3kg, this is designed, and engineered to fit your child across multiple growth spurts over the years. As a result, once you buy this one, it’ll serve you properly regardless of how much your kid grows. 

Powerful front-wheel locks for child safety

Also, it comes with front-wheel locks that’ll keep your child steady if you ever have to make a quick stop or park somewhere for a while. This way, you can rest assured that the child is as safe as possible whenever you have to wait or take a few minutes to catch your breath. 

Two feet support for child safety

Once it ships, you get two feet support that sets the tone for a proper growth space and the right posture for a lifetime. The Applica premium comes in a modular design that is easy to unpack and wash. 

Also, with this model, you get a thermo-medical system which makes use of ventilation holes, and reflection boards to ensure that the temperature is ideal for your child. 

Some of the materials that you’ll find include iron and aluminium for sturdiness and resilience, rubber for durability, polyester, and nylon for proper ventilation and aeration, and an ergonomic design that complements your motion and keeps your baby health, and happy all day, every day. 

If you want a baby stroller that’ll give you safety above all things like mobility and easy carriage, then the Applica premium is your best buy. 

Combi Stroller

Combi Stroller

The Combi is another smart choice for parents in Japan. This 6.6kg aluminum-framed stroller makes travelling in public transport easily manageable.

One handed design

It’s one-handed which means you can hold your baby in one arm while you collapse it. This also makes it great for navigating the city and making a quick escape in the event of rain.

This model is also one of best carrying new babies because it’s easy multiple-position recline and soft padded seats for the maximum comfort of your baby. 

Also, the Combi eliminates the need for extra carrycots. Its large covering will protect the baby from the sun and you can easily check them as they rest.

99 percent UV rays protection

Besides, the Combi baby stroller comes complete with an ultra shock absorbent “egg shock alpha pad” which provides all-round comfort and a massive cover that protects your kid from 99% of ultraviolet rays. 

Besides, you also get an air-through system for ventilation and swivel wheels that make every ride you take an adventure for your child. 

Coombi Coombi Stroller

Coombi Coombi Stroller

If you’re on the market for a baby stroller that looks good and works better, the Coombi Coombi is tough to beat. One of the coolest aspects of owning this stroller is the incredible 61cm height that its seat can reach. 

Dust prevention design

Once you get this beau, you never have to worry about a carrycot or any other detachable child-rest. Another great advantage of having all that height at your child’s disposal is that it keeps the dust and other harmful particles away. 

Easy navigation in small streets

Once your kid is safe and fully protected, this machine gives you the next best thing. 18-centimetre tires that guarantee comfort for your hands as you navigate the crowded city scenes of Japan. 

This way, you can go everywhere you want to go: even those tiny little streets that other moms simply cannot afford to. 

In addition to an already impressive array of features, your child also gets an inner cushion which is water absorbent and quick-drying as well as an air-through sheet that lets in and keeps your child comfortable and you, sane.

Graco Lightweight stroller

Graco Lightweight stroller

Graco lightweight is yet another great choice of baby strollers. This product is one of the most reliable parents have trusted all over the years since the inception of the company in 1942. 

Full Umbrella for UV ray protection

This particular model is perfect for your toddlers as it comes fitted with a full umbrella that shields from the sun. One of the biggest fears of parents is losing their children in a crowded area.  

With over 126 million people living within its borders, Japan is quite densely populated. For safety and peace of mind, it’s advisable to get the Graco lightweight to keep your kids where you can see them.

Also, sometimes happens you’ve to wait for a few minutes on an overcrowded train platform in Japan. On Japanese trains, there are usually a lot of people, and so you cannot afford to have them wandering. Keeping them buckled inside your Graco will solve this problem. 

Lightweight and easy to use

The Graco lightweight comes with sturdy on the handle and swivel rollers for easy maneuvering  is retractable, and with extended canopy and visor for your child. The Graco is fitted with a padded carry-on handle for easy portability, and also includes a tote-style carrier bag to keep the stroller safe when not in use.

Additionally, it is fitted with a large storage basket to hold all your essentials and a multi-position reclining seat for a comfortable position for your child.


What should I look for in a stroller?

Your baby’s safety is of utmost importance so the first thing you should check is its sturdiness. Be sure to find a frame that’s easy to use, adjustable, and locks firmly in position.

This will reduce the chances of an accidental collapse on your child while they recline inside. Also, check the insides for sharp edges or protrusions that little fingers and toes can get caught in.

Furthermore, check the buckle to ensure that it is as safe and reliable as possible. The best harness is a 5-point harness – this will wrap around your child’s waist, between the legs, and come down over the shoulders. Keep an eye out for a buckle that’s both secure and easy for the parent to unhook.

Will I need to buy another stroller as my baby grows older?

Well, not really. Different models are suitable for children of different sizes, but many strollers can be adjusted to keep your baby seated as they grow bigger. As long as the child is secured comfortably, there should be no need to purchase a new stroller.

What type of stroller do I need?

Safety and reliability are major factors that should guide you while making a decision. However, there’s no one type of stroller that’s fit for everyone. Choosing one that fits your lifestyle, and one that matches your budget is the best way to go. 

Styling, weight, and type can affect how much it costs. You can spend ¥10,756.40 ($100) to ¥107,560.00 ($1,000) if you can afford it. However, if you have some patience, getting a good one doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. 

Generally speaking, the best approach is to pick one that fits into your daily routine. For instance, getting a huge bulky model may not be the best idea in a crowded city with narrow walkways like Japan. 

You may have to compromise for a smaller, lightweight stroller, one that’s easily maneuverable and retractable. Thus, when purchasing a new stroller in Japan, keep in mind your basic needs and one that’s convenient for the city. 


Strollers are a necessity for parents especially in Japan as they can make all the difference in the world. From navigating markets and malls to a trip to  the park and catching lunch in a restaurant, a good one can be the breath of fresh air you’ll so desperately need.

While you may have been used to baby strap-on carriers, they’re quite an odd sight in this part of the world. It may sound surprising but people will stare so much you’ll think you sprouted horns overnight.

Sometimes, they even take pictures. Also, you can’t exactly strap your child to your chest when they’re over one year. At this age, there they’re even more active and you’ll need to keep them in check more especially in a country like Japan.

The stroller you should pick is one that suits your lifestyle, that of the city, your personal preferences, and your budget.

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