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Top 5 Best Kids Bikes in Japan

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If you live and work in Japan you probably already noticed that the country is a scenic site rife with bikers. Children are not excluded as kids bikes can be found all over the country. 

This is because Japan has an active culture of cycling. While the country boasts of one of the best subway systems in the world, everyone here knows the best way to get around the tightly packed city is on wheels and it’s no different for the little ones.

Children in Japan quickly pick-up cycling extremely early and at an elementary school level, most kids are already experienced bikers. 

Although kids are banned from riding to school, they usually cycle around for piano lessons, football practices, and to the park. This means that in Japan, cycling is a key part of the social fabric, and getting your child involved as early as possible is something that they’re likely to benefit from for a long time to come.

While it’s a great mobility option, cycling is also a pretty safe way to introduce your children to the natural world. They can learn about the soil, flowers,  trees, and everything that the beautiful landscape of Japan has to offer on a kids bike.

Also, studies have shown that children who engage in activities such as this may cultivate a physical and mental advantage over their peers and so it’s important to get your child riding as soon as possible. 

To help you find the best possible solution, find below a carefully curated list of some of the best kids bikes you’ll find on the great island nation of Japan. 

5 Best Kids Bikes to buy in Japan: A Quick look.

Stitch Kids bike

Stitch children’s bicycle

Weight: 3.8kg
Frame: Carbon, steel
Assembly type: Yes
Mudguard: Active
Wheel size: 16 inches
Adjustable saddle: 100 - 120 cm

Cyfie Kids bike 

Cyfie Children’s bicycle 

Weight: 3.8kg
Frame: Steel
Assembly type: No
Front-Basket: Yes
Wheel size: 14 inches
Mudguard: Active
Available sizes: 14” , 16” , 18”

Cycmoto Kids bike

Cycmoto Children’s bicycle

Weight: 5.3kg
Frame material: High carbon steel
Adaptation height: 81 - 105 cm
Foldable: Active
Maximum load: 30kg
Assemble type: Yes
Wheel size: 12 inches
Cushion saddle: Active

Cyfie Nighttime kids Bike

Cyfie Nighttime Bicycle

Weight: 5.3kg
Frame material: High carbon steel
Sizes: 81 - 100, & ..120 cm
Target age: 3 - 6, 4 - 9 Years 
Wheel size: 14, 16 inches
Brake: Dual-disc system
Adjustable saddle: Active

Ristop Kids Bike

Ristop Bike

Weight: 8kg
Frame material: Magnesium
Sizes: 14 inches
Target age: 3 - 6 Years 
Wheel size: 14 inches
Adjustable saddle: Active

5 Best Kids Bikes to buy in Japan: More Details.

Stitch kids bike

Stitch kids bike

A stitch bike is a great choice of bike for your kid. First, the Stitch kids bike comes in bright colours, and a sparkly pink frame with purple, pink, and blue colors that your child will fall instantly in love with.

Guarantees child safety

Also, the bike is fitted with a padded seat, comfortable and sturdy handlebar, a cute handle bag to keep little odds, bits, and colorful streamers when you need to.

Also, to guarantee your child’s safety, this sweet little bike comes with adjustable training wheels that provide your little one with just the right amount of stability they need when starting as well as the flexibility required to take them out as soon as your kid is set to hit the road on two wheels.

Besides, Its feature of a rear coaster brake and front hand brake is put there so your kid can develop the confidence that being in control can instill.

Easy to assemble

The bike is packaged in two separate boxes with a manual and is very easily assembled.  Twenty minutes max and the bike is all ready to wheel away. Also, it is easily adjustable thus as your child grows older you can raise to fit their height.

If you like to put things together for your child and want a kids bike that’s well adapted to their growth and development over the coming years, the stitch is a great bargain and you should take it while you still can. 

Cyfie Kids Bike

Cyfie Kids Bike

Now, this is one bike you want to buy. Why? Because it’s everything your little one will need. The Cyfie girls’ bike comes in the warm colors of white and pink with a flower-decorated basket in the front. It’s the perfect birthday or Christmas gift present to your little girl, especially after moving to a big, loud, and strange city like Japan.

Great for walk-training small children

At 3.8kg, this bicycle is lightweight and very appropriate for your child as they gradually learn to use their legs and arms in a coordinated manner. Also, once it ships, you get a steel frame that is ultra-durable with a long life-span. 

Also, the Cyfie girl’s bike comes complete with a front basket which makes an extra convenient and safe storage option for toys, small edibles, and other things your kid likes to have around on their rides. 

Mudguards for dirt prevention

With the Cyfie girls bike, safety is a priority and so, you also get mudguards. Not only do they protect your kids from the dirt, but they also ensure that you never have to worry about your child getting its hands or feet in a tangle as they enjoy the wonders of the outdoors in Japan. 

If you’re looking for the standard in child safety and mobility, you can trust the Cyfie girl’s bicycle to deliver on those metrics every single time. 

Cycmoto kids bike

Cycmoto kids bike

This is yet another bike that’s a great choice for your little angel. Made from the finest carbon steel and weighing just 30kg, this bike is sturdy and easy to maneuver. 

Soft-grip handle for easy control

Also, because it comes with adjustable handlebars, it’s fit for a child of 2 – 5 years. It’s also fitted with a soft grip handle that’s hard to slip yet cool on the palms.

The Cycmoto kids bike front caliper brake, and rear coaster brake offers double safety and the seating is made from soft comfortable cushion saddles. 

Durable tyres

The rubber tires are also durable, and come with an optional training wheel that’s easy to take on and off. Attached to it is a simple stylish basket your child can put her toys in.

The bike can be ridden on park roads, the outdoors, playgrounds, over puddles, gravel roads, and lawns. It’s also quite easy to put together, and in just three steps you’re all done assembling this bike for your baby.

This bike is perfect for developing a sense of balance with nature while riding. For safety measures, however, a sports helmet is recommended.

Cyfie Nighttime Bike

Cyfie Nighttime Bike

If you think your kid is powerful and you need gear that can hold his strength and stay in one piece, then the Cyfie nighttime bike will make a fantastic choice.

Premium high-carbon steel

The first thing to know is that once this bike ships, you get a premium, high carbon steel which is many orders of magnitude stronger than an ordinary bike. 

Although it’s a kids bike, the Cyfie was modelled after the standard mountain bike and if your child is a restless one who cannot get enough of the outdoors, then he’ll have so many memories riding this bike.

Great features for stability and balance

This bike comes complete with features that help with stability and balance such as its soles which are reaffirmed once it hits the ground, amping up the friction force and making it super safe to ride.

Wear resistance and anti-slip technology

Also, with this bike, the tires come with wear resistance, anti-slip technology, and a comfortable width for safety and security on all your kids’ rides.

Also, with the Cyfie nighttime bike, you get an adjustable saddle so that you and your child get as much value as is possible from an extended life cycle once you make the adjustments necessary as your child grows older. 

If your child is a powerhouse and you need something that can match your kids strength, balance, and safety on wheels, buying this bike is your best bet. 

Ripstop kids bike

Ripstop kids bike

If your kid does not particularly warm up to the idea of physical activity, or the outdoors, the Ripstop is a great introduction to nature and exploration. 

Best for first-time riders

This is a perfect bike for your child to make his or her riding debut. It’s fitted with auxiliary wheels and a lightweight frame that is made from magnesium. 

Once you make your order, you get a beautiful frame that’s high-strength and crafted for ease and balance which is perfect if your kid is between 3 and 6 years old. 

Well-adapted braking system

Because this kids bike is so light, the braking system is well adapted to your kid and stops easily once they make contact. Also, for extra safety, your child gets extra grease-up processing on both the front and back that further enhances the safety of your young one.

Adjustable seat for growth spurts

With the Ripstop kids bike, you also get an adjustable seat that ages well even when your kid gets those amazing growth spurts. 

If you’re looking for a great way to introduce your kid to the outdoors and the many fun sights in Japan, the Ripstop is the way to go. 

FAQs for kids bikes.

What should I look for in a children’s bike?

One of the most significant problems with buying a kids bike usually comes with the problem of finding a bike that fits your child just right. 

While it sometimes makes sense to prioritise your child’s height over other variables when making a purchase decision, it might be problematic as height isn’t always perfectly correlated with motor ability in children. 

In making a decision, it might be worthwhile to see how willing your child is to explore uncomfortable situations generally. While some children are more open and exploratory in their disposition, others prefer careful exposure to new experiences. 

How do I balance longevity, cost, and fit over time when buying a kids bike?

Figuring out how long a kids bike will last is usually one of the most critical aspects of buying a kids bike. Although many people try to solve this problem by going for a bike one or two sizes larger, it tends to solve one problem and create a few others in the process. 

For one, once there is too much space between the handlebar and the saddle, it can hurt the balance of your child and in many cases, that can adversely affect your child’s confidence and willingness to engage. 

While getting a bike with adjustable saddles can make a lot of difference, it’s also necessary to pay attention to your child’s ergonomy. For the most part, this is enhanced by the bike based on knee space, saddle to handlebar distance, and the presence of training wheels that can be extremely useful and improve your child’s propensity to explore immeasurably. 

How much does a kids bike cost on an average?

Thankfully, most of the models on offer are quite affordable.

As soon as you decide to buy any model, it is reasonable to expect your expenses to range between ¥5000 ($50) to ¥25,000 ($250). Final costs will depend to some degree on where you live and how much it costs to ship things there. 

Also, you should know that while costs are a necessary consideration, there are other variables such as convenience, durability, and fit for your child that you should factor into your final purchase. 


If you’re on the market to find something that helps your child find adventure and explore in a safe and comfortable way, a kids bike is pretty hard to beat. 

As you do all you can to take care of your child in Japan, it’s important to ensure that they’re exposed to the best forms of psycho-physiological activity for children between the ages of two to six. A great kids bike can help with the development of necessary psycho-motor skills and so it’s important to get it right when making a purchase decision. 

The section above features a number of kids bikes which are tailored to different situations and if you take some time to read, you might find that one of the models is perfect for your kid. 

Whatever you do, make sure to collect as much information as possible from this website and others like it as small design and engineering differences can be meaningful and impactful during use. 

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