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Best Way to Learn Japanese: A Definitive Guide

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Japan is a unique country with a timeless culture that has been handed down from generation to generation. If you live in Japan or plan to visit soon, the best way to learn Japanese is to immerse yourself in the splendour and glory of the land of the rising sun.

Despite its large population, the country is flanked with beautiful sights such as deep and lush green areas, islands and breathtaking isles. Also, it boasts of 6800 islands and the four biggest islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku, which together makes up about 97% of the total land area. 

These islands are great tourist attractions and if you’ll be in the country,  then you should take some time to explore. If you’re up for this, learning the language will certainly enrich your experiences of the sights, tastes and sounds of Japan.

Perhaps you’re looking to move to a new country. if so, Japan is just right for you. With an incredibly low crime rate, Japan is one of the safest places to live in the world. Also, learning the language will equip you for the many social interactions that you’ll have while you’re here. 

While the Japanese are a busy and conscientious lot, they’ll appreciate you a lot more if you can hold a conversation in the native tongue. While there are apps and other digital tools that you can employ, very little comes close to the depth of social connections you can make through interpersonal conversation. 

Another reason why you should invest in the best way to learn Japanese is that it’ll be useful when you need to get a grocery or apply for your driver’s license as you’ll need to know the language to be successful in these pursuits. 

Students can also benefit immensely from employing the best way to learn Japanese as they gain the advantage of engaging in conversations, applying for scholarships such as the MEXT, and exploring the social landscape of Japan. 

If you’re skeptical, and wondering what benefits of learning Japanese are, read the next section to find out why. 

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Why should I Learn Japanese?

Japan is well-positioned in the world and has the third strongest economy in the world coming behind the USA and China. 

The Japanese economy is stronger than that of the United Kingdom and Germany which are ranked fourth and fifth in the world. As a result, fluency in Japanese avails you the opportunity to tap into the incredible opportunities that the country has to offer.

With over 128 million people speaking it as their first language, Japanese is the ninth most spoken language in the world. This is one key factor why learning Japanese can be incredibly beneficial to you. To get a full education, it is important to find the best way to learn Japanese the best way. 

Access to Global Opportunities

Even if you do not live in Japan, learning Japanese positions you for opportunities globally. Japan holds strategic commercial and diplomatic relations with America and some of the most powerful countries in the developed world, and as a result, being a fluent speaker can give you access to global opportunities that most people cannot attain. Going for a module that offers the best way to learn Japanese can enhance your prospects globally.

Opportunities: Access to key documents 

Because the Japanese are passionate about their language and heritage, the most important documents, and information on opportunities in the country are written in Japanese text. Embracing the best way to learn Japanese can be really helpful in this situation. 

Opportunities: Access to Japanese Economy

Also, as the Asian economy blossoms, and the local population ages, the labour market will expand to absorb more and more people from other countries. Learning the language will provide a considerable edge if you’re looking to migrate to Japan. To this end, you should engage in the best way to learn Japanese.

Opportunities: Employment Credibility 

Also, if you adopt the best way to learn Japanese, it will increase your credibility to potential employers from foreign countries as most multinationals actively engage in trade relations with Japanese corporations in one form or another. To enjoy these benefits, you should adopt the best way to learn Japanese.

Opportunities: Professional Opportunities

Learning Japanese drastically cuts down the competition in opportunities available in different fields, such as business, social sciences, humanities, technology, science, journalism and tourism once you move. 

If you also wish to be a translator, your opportunities for success are even more robust when you learn Japanese compared to other more commonly spoken languages in the world English, German or French. 

Also, with the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) annual program, foreign students who pass the criteria and review process can stay and teach in Japan for one full year. It’s another wonderful opportunity you can explore, and learning the language is crucial to it. 

As a result, only individuals who understand the best way to learn Japanese can gain access to the many opportunities that being a professional in Japan can provide. 

Opportunities: Access to Global trade opportunities

Because the Japanese are heavily involved in trade with many countries across the world, there’s a constant demand for translators who have a grasp of the language and context and can help further foreign corporate interests in Japan. Global trade projects are usually high stakes and having the right education by adopting the best way to learn Japanese is pertinent. 

Opportunities: Cultural Immersion

Learning Japanese will help you understand and appreciate even more the richness of Japanese culture and cause you to appreciate the country even more. To enjoy everything that Japan has to offer culturally, finding the best way to learn Japanese can really enhance your experience. 

Common mistakes of learning Japanese

Common Mistakes: Memorisation

Before we delve into tools that can help you learn Japanese let’s highlight some of the common mistakes people make when they try to learn a new language. One common mistake people make is they memorise a handful of words or grammar as though they’re studying for an exam.

When you do this, you focus on learning a handful of words every day and fail to put what you’ve already learnt into practice. If you memorise 100 words, you end up retaining only about 30 which you’ll then forget when you cram new words in.

However, learning a new language such as Japanese is a different scenario entirely from memorizing to pass exams in your high school or college. 

If you keep doing this you’ll discover you’ve learnt only a handful of grammar and will most likely become frustrated. Finding the best way to learn Japanese is a sure counter to the flaws of memorization. 

Common Mistakes: Lack of lingual connections

Many people fail to make a connection between Japanese words and the ones they already know. Many words in Japanese are derived from English, Chinese, Vietnamese and others. So learning it like a brand new language can be a problem. 

While it’s possible to pick the language up without any lingual references, having one can be an incredible advantage when looking for your path to the best way to learn Japanese

Common Mistakes: Lack of practice

Most people try to work through Japanese like a course. On the other hand, learning a new language should be a lot more about practice and you can learn Japanese anywhere and at any time. To get the best practice, you’ll need to find the best way to learn Japanese while you’re in the country. 

Best Way to Learn Japanese: A How to Guide

While learning a new language is not the easiest feat, committing yourself to the best way to learn Japanese is key to your success. To ease the process of learning for you, the Nihongo Japanese series is an excellent choice for beginners seeking for the best way to learn Japanese

Best Way to Learn Japanese: Listen to podcasts

Listening to podcasts in Japanese helps you familiarize with the language. Japanese podcasts are available online and they range from beginner to advanced learner levels. 

Make it part of your routine by listening while commuting or while doing chores. Watch Japanese movies with subtitles and read children’s manga books. 

This will also help you familiarize with the Japanese language and even aid you in picking and speaking too. The Nihongo Japanese Series is a perfect first step to enjoying Japanese podcasts. 

Best way to Learn Japanese: Hiragana and Katakana

Hiragana and Katakana are two basic 30-letter Japanese alphabets. With them, you’ve two ways of writing the same words to produce the same sounds. The sound ah is あin Hiragana and ア in Katakana. 

Hiragana is the general alphabet, and Katakana is used for foreign-derived words. Practising how to write these alphabets will set you on a good path to learning the language. The Nihongo Learning series is the best way to learn Japanese rudiments of Hiragana and Katakana. 

Best Way to Learn Japanese: What does it entail?

The journey to learning Japanese can be made easier and less frustrating with the right tool. This is where the Nihongo Japanese Lesson comes in with this audio learning series as you’re likely to be able to communicate in Japanese in 30 days or less. 

The series, unlike other learning materials, have broken down learning information into smaller and easily digestible parts. This makes it much easier for you to practice each lesson individually and then piece it together.

Each lesson takes just about 10~20 minutes to complete. What most of the lessons in Japanese do is to load you with grammar classes which might confuse you. However, as you work through each lesson in the Nihongo learning series, you pick up the grammar and it begins to master as you learn.

With this unique strategy, you’d be able to pick up words you can use in real-life situations. Also, you’d discover a new boost of confidence when you order meals at restaurants, communicate with airline staff, and generally be able to understand native speakers as the language.

As you continue with the lesson, slowly and steadily build confidence to speak in public. Not just that; you’ll also be speaking with the correct pronunciation. These are some of the reasons why you should buy the Nihongo learning series to ease your journey into learning Japanese. Without a doubt, the Nihongo learning series is the best way to learn Japanese


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Special offers

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Bonus 1:

You get a free Kanji Dictionary when you read this book. The dictionary contains 30 Kanji symbols which are based on the way of the Samurai. As such you get a concise dictionary with Japanese alphabets that would aid your learning lessons. You can use them for your tattoo, logo, hanging or jewellery design. Constantly visualising these characters certainly makes it the best way to learn Japanese.

Bonus 2:

After clicking this link to purchase this learning series, you also receive Kanji Symbols. This symbols are unique, beautiful and authentic Japanese kanji designs and all the images are designed with calligraphy fonts and stencil outlines. It’s valued at $100 so you’d be getting your money’s worth and so much more when you purchase the Nihongo learning series.


With the growing trend of globalization and the astute positioning of Japan’s economy, taking the time to figure out the best way to learn Japanese can be incredibly lucrative. 

Also, the Asian labour market is teeming with amazing opportunities that can become available to you once you learn the language. As an international student, you’re likely to enjoy your experiences in Japan if you have some understanding of the Japanese language.

However, people sometimes take the wrong path to learning Japanese such as an academic approach, lack of feasible practise and the urge to employ redundant aspects of your local tongue to your process of learning the Japanese language.

To deal with the latent possibility of slipping up and shying away from the work, it’s necessary you equip yourself with the right learning tools. The Nihongo learning series is the perfect way to rapidly enhance your learning process.

It comes complete with audio learning series that breaks down information into bite-sized lessons of 10-20 minutes making it easy for you to absorb and understand making it the best way to learn Japanese.

Armed with this learning series, you’re likely to find yourself understanding and communicating in Japanese in a short period of time. Several people who’ve used this audio series to learn Japanese are full of high praises. 

Many discover learning the language is much easier to contend with once you’re equipped with the right information. When you click the link and purchase this audio series, you also get two e-books for your practise sessions.

All in all, this audio series provides incredible lessons that will have you speaking Japanese in no time. So, click the link to purchase the Nihongo learning series while this amazing offer is still available for you as it provides the best way to learn Japanese by a fair margin.

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