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Best 5 Electric Skateboards in Japan

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Whether you’re an avid skateboarder or a noob and you’ve just arrived in Japan, you have to know that here, skating is the counterculture. 

While there is a long list of reasons why this is the case, most of them can be explained through the norms of propriety and public comportment that characterize life in Japan. 

Despite this, there’s a growing movement of artists and creatives who are challenging the established order and finding personal expression through their use of skateboards.

These boosted boards combine the playful edginess of ordinary boards with battery-powered efficiency to create a fairly deviant but fantastic way to enjoy life in Japan. 

Not only do they provide cheap and stress-free mobility in Japan, but the fact that many locals shy away from using them in public also provides an extra layer of visibility and personal branding for those who are so inclined. 

If you desire to stand out from the hordes of black and white, corporate, prim and proper people who populate most of Japan, if what you want is to be seen, known and instantly recognized, an electric skateboard is exactly what you need. 

The section below is a quick look at five of the most enjoyable boosted boards to own in Japan.

Electric Skateboards In Japan: A Quick Look

Exway X1 electric skateboard (EXWX1):

Weight: 8kg
Material: Bamboo, Carbon, Fiberglass 
Charging Time : 6 hours
Battery: Lithium-ion 
Load Capacity:200kg
Maximum speed: 40km/h
Length: 930mm
Cruising range: 16km
Suitable for: Advertisers

10S 36V Electric Skateboard Controller Longboard:

10S 36V Electric Skateboard Controller Longboard

Weight : 0.23 kg
Top speed: 35km/hour
Load Capacity: 120kg
Dimensions : 18.5 X 10 X 4cm
Motor power: 430W (36V)
Suitable for: Recreation

Bmove Power-Assisted Electric Skateboard:

Koowheel Power-Assisted Electric Skateboard

Weight: 3.8kg 
Size: 650 X 220 mm
Motor power: 350W motor
Battery: 2000mAH 
Maximum Cruising Distance: 10 km
Maximum load: 80kg
Top Speed: 15km/hour
Suitable for: Kids

enSkate Electric skateboard longboard:

enSkate Electric skateboard longboard

Weight: 6.8kg
Material: 9 ply maplewood
Battery: 3500mAh, 36V lithium-ion
Max-load: 120kg
Motor: 500W dual hub
Top-speed: 35km/h
Suitable for: Fashionistas

300W Hub, Electric Skateboard (Remote Controlled):

300W Hub, Electric Skateboard (Remote Controlled)

Weight: 4.5kg
Battery: 751P-24V lithium battery
Power: 300W
Battery capacity:  2200 mAH
Charging time: 2 hours
Material: AA Grade 7 Layer Pure Maple
Load Capacity: 100 kg
Range: 8 km
Speed: 15km / h 
Suitable for: Hobbyists

Electric Skateboards In Japan: More details

Exway X1 electric skateboard (EXWX1):

Electric Skateboards In Japan: More details

If you’ve dabbled in skating a little and are looking to take your game up a notch, the Exway is a great re-introduction to the beautiful art of electric skating. 

– Artistic Combination of materials

This beautiful electric skateboard comes complete with an artistic slant which is hard to beat with its Bamboo/Carbon/Fibreglass body. It’s also extremely easy to get about at 8kg of net weight. 

– Great range, fantastic for heavy set users

While the six hours it takes to charge this skateboard might seem like a lot, you get an incredible 16km of range on a single charge. Also, if you’re so inclined, you can skate with a bag or a bit of load because you get 200kg of maximum load capacity once it ships. 

– Adaptable to your experience level

If you’re slightly less experienced or completely new to skateboarding, the Exway X1 comes in four highly adaptive modes that basically serve to calibrate your experience based on motion and deliver a safer and more balanced experience on wheels. 

– High Speed machine

If you ever have to get somewhere in a hurry, or need something that can absolutely tear the asphalt to shreds, the Exway X1 electric scooter gives you 40km/h of top-speed capability, rivalling just about any high-speed skateboard on the market and delivering experiences that you’ll remember for a long time. 

If you live in Japan, and work in advertising, marketing or are generally interested in understanding different perspectives, the Exway X1 electric scooter is a must have for you.

10S 36V Electric Skateboard Controller Longboard:

10S 36V Electric Skateboard Controller Longboard

If you want an electric skateboard that’s as slight as it is durable, the 10S 36V is a great pick. 

– Light as a feather

Not only does it come at an incredibly lightweight 227 g (0.23kg), it also packs a punch with top-speeds of about 35km/h on flat surfaces. If you’re on the market for an electric skateboard that’ll float you through your city like a butterfly, the 10S 36V longboard comes highly recommended. 

– Gives normal weight users great motor power

At 120kg of net weight, this skateboard is less tolerant of extreme weight compared to other models but what it lacks in brawny power, it makes up for in a powerful 430W motor and an output that’ll have you purring in delight. 

– Speed Control for reliable safety

In addition to an already impressive array of features, the 10S 36V electric skateboard comes with an electronic speed controller which helps to adapt to your movement and an electromagnetic pulse control module to boot. 

– Alternative to buses/cars

For residents in cities like Kyoto or Hamamatsu, this incredible piece will serve as a great outlet for stress and a reliable option if you ever need an alternative to buses or other private means of transportation.

– Great for Stress relief

If you work really hard and need help to de-stress, the 10S 36V is an incredible way to go. It comes complete with a lightweight material, a more than adequate surface area and incredible motor power that’ll give you out of body experiences that’ll stay with you for a lifetime.

Bmove Power-Assisted Electric Skateboard:

Koowheel Power-Assisted Electric Skateboard

If you’ve just moved to Japan and have small children, you’re probably deeply concerned about how they’ll adapt to the new country. 

– Great for child development (Ages 6 – 12)

Many studies conducted across the world have concluded that early independence and environmental exploration can affect child development positively and help young people adapt to new situations less strenuously. 

If you fall into this category, skateboards can be an immense help. Although many models are quite inexpensive, they provide a great deal of access and aid to young people who are looking to explore sport and build social relationships.

– Perfect weight for younger children

At 3.8kg, the Bmove electric skateboard is incredibly lightweight and packs without any friction. This means that regardless of your child’s age, getting out and about on the boosted board will pose little to no hassle. 

– Environment friendly

Also, this beautiful boosted board comes in ABS plastic material which conforms to the most stringent environmental standards and is easily recycled after your child grows up. 

– Enough Range for all day use

Also, it comes with 350W of brushless motor power and a 2000mAH lithium battery which gives the rider about 15km of range on a single charge depending on battery power and physical manual augmentation. 

Whatever you do, if your kid weighs 80kg or less, don’t miss out on this incredible skateboard

enSkate Electric skateboard longboard:

enSkate Electric skateboard longboard

If you’ve just moved to Japan and are looking for an electric skateboard that perfectly combines aesthetic nuance with sturdy strength, then the Enskate skateboard is the one for you. 

– Beautiful Maplewood design

Cursorily exploring the material of this marvel reveals a 10 layer maplewood/1 layer glassfibre combination for the ages. Also, at 6.8kg of net weight, you get little to no lag and a great alternative for mobility that packs well and travels better. 

– Single charge, all day use

Also, the Enskate comes with a 3500mAh lithium-ion battery that gives you about 19km of travel range before you’ll need another charge. This way, wherever your day takes you, you’ll know that the Enskate electric skateboard has you covered. 

– Searing speed capacity

With the Enskate electric skateboard, you get a 500W dual hub motor for power and about 35km/h of top-speed capacity to help you blaze right through traffic or on an empty street on a hot summer day in Japan. 

If you like to keep up with what’s trending and if you get a kick from dressing up and getting out, the Enskate can be the perfect wingman on all your adventures in Japan. 

300W Hub, Electric Skateboard (Remote Controlled):

300W Hub, Electric Skateboard (Remote Controlled)

If you’ve just started to get into electric skateboards and want unmitigated access to a professional riding experience as well as ease and complete control at all times, the 300W hub  skateboard will deliver pure experience of professional skatership and all without the hassle. 

– Easy to pack

This fine skateboard weighs about 4.5kg net and easy to carry around if you need to pack it in a bag as an alternative. Also, once it ships, you get a quick charge, 751P-24V lithium battery with 2200mAH of battery capacity that’ll give you a modest 8km of travel range on a single charge. 

– Fantastic load capacity

Also, once you get it, you get the flexibility to travel with some load as you get 100kg of maximum weight capacity while you enjoy the exhilaration of its 15km/h top speed on all your rides. 

– Remote Control for maximum enjoyment

While you get a fairly robust change of features from this boosted board, very few of them extend your ability as much as its remote control feature which lets you go forward and backwards seamlessly at the press of a button. 

You’re probably thinking that’s all you get. You’re wrong!
In addition, you get the beautiful, AA grade 7 layer pure maple material for an extra umphh of snazz and pizzazz.The 300W, remote controlled, boosted board is a fantastic piece of engineering and you absolutely deserve to have it on your side.


What is the most important thing to consider when buying an electric skateboard?

How does it look?

Because electric bikes are a novelty item in Japan, buying one usually goes against the grain as an expression of individual identity. Also, because a lot of people prefer to avoid them in Japan, you’ll probably stand out quite a bit as you get around with your day. 

High-end boosted boards usually come in a combination of maple and carbon while others use glass fibre too. If you’re more interested in environmental conservation, there are boosted boards for you. 

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material is widely available in many models and is quite simple to recycle. 

Whatever option you choose, it might be useful to pick a combination of colours and patterns that express lightness and fluidity to act as a balance to your defiance of traditional modes of behaviour in Japan. 

How far can it go?

Most boosted board models have a travel range between 7km – 25km. What this means is that while they are perfect in last mile situations, they usually work best as an alternative or in second fiddle to other modes of transportation if you have to travel for a long time. 

Usually, models that cost more have more travel range as batteries are a high cost component but as you make a decision, it’ll be important to think carefully about your daily routine and how an electric skateboard can help to make it more enjoyable and/or efficient. 

How much do electric skateboards cost on an average?

While most of the most popular models in Japan can cost anywhere from ¥43,000 ($400) to ¥322,000 ($3000), what you buy should depend on how you intend to use it. 

Although most skateboards are at least partially recreational, there are a few circumstances where they may be useful for one form of productive enterprise or another and in these cases, it might be wise to be more circumspect. 

While electric skateboards of all price ranges can deliver a great deal of value regardless of price, the more you pay, the more you’re likely to get in overall quality and durability of components and its overall tolerance of wear. 

Whatever your budget or price range is, you can be sure, there’s a boosted board that’ll fit in perfectly into your life, instilling it with a fair bit of joy and a great deal of laughter and exhilaration.


If you’re new to Japan and are desperate to chart your own path, purchasing an electric skateboard is a great way to begin your journey. If you’re looking for an inexpensive last mile option, it works perfectly too. 

Whatever mobility requirements you have, the skateboards on this list can help you solve them. While you help to preserve the environment and save tons of time otherwise wasted in traffic, you’ll also get quite a kick out of your life every single day. 

Also, if you’re in an occupation that requires visibility and branding, an electric skateboard can be the perfect way to launch yourself as it registers powerfully in the Japanese consciousness. 

As you go about your life in Japan, you’ll meet rebels who think about and see the world as you do and there’s no better way to create new bonds and foster old relationships than in the playful, edgy rides through the parks on your brand new boosted board

Whatever you do, it is important to collect as much information as you can about your choice from this website and others like it. This is because small differences in design and engineering between the models can have a meaningful effect on your experience. 

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