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5 Best Air Conditioners in Japan

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Japan’s heat waves are legendary, and if you live here or plan to visit during the summer, you need an air conditioner

While aircon’s are a disposable accessory in many temperate countries, in Japan, they serve as a potent medicine against the fatal heat-waves that torment many and maim some in Japan. 

Air conditioners are especially important if you live with other people as temperatures are likely to trend warmer when you’re all in as body heat is absorbed by the surrounding air. 

Also, if you have children, it’s necessary to keep the environment free of humidity to protect them from germs and pathogens that might otherwise persist. 

If you place any value on your health and well being, you should look to buy an air conditioner as it guarantees that you can enjoy all your moments at home. 

For the most part, Japan’s weather swings between extreme heat and extreme cold, and when it does get cold at night, most aircon’s are fitted to warm you up as well. 

If you’re new to the country, you’re probably thinking that this article is overstating the reality, but you should know that it isn’t. When it gets hot in Japan, people die. 

If you want to guarantee your health and wellbeing and perhaps, protect your family from the elements, you should buy an air conditioner

The sections below show a curated list of some of the fastest-selling air conditioners in Japan. You can also find narrations as to why people love them. Read to find out more.

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5 Best Air Conditioners in Japan: A Quick Look

Corona Air Conditioner

Corona Air Conditioner

Weight: 9.5kg
Energy Use: 720kwh/year
Noise: 60 Db
Outdoor unit: Active

Iris Ohyama Air Conditioner 6tatami

Iris Ohyama Air Conditioner 6tatami

Weight: 9kg
Energy efficiency: 5.8
Power consumption: 530 (130 ~ 800)
Outdoor unit: Active

Hitachi RAS-AJ22J Air Conditioner

Hitachi RAS-AJ22J Air Conditioner

Heating Capacity: 2.2kw
Energy efficiency: 5.5
Power consumption: 470 (160 ~ 1175)
Outdoor unit: Active

Panasonic Dehumidifying Air Conditioner

Panasonic Dehumidifying Air Conditioner

Power supply: 100V
Energy efficiency: 5.5
Wireless LAN: Active
Functions: 3
Outdoor unit: Active

Aeolia CS-229CF-W Air Conditioner

Aeolia CS-229CF-W Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity: 2.8kw
Pure Inverter technology: Active
Power use:Heating 635 (130-1,220)
Power use: Cooling 700 (125-10..)
Windless Operation: Active
Outdoor unit: Active

5 Best Air Conditioners in Japan: More Details

Corona Air Conditioner

Corona Air Conditioner

If what you’re looking for is speed, with the Corona air conditioner, you’re always one beep away from a full blast of cold or hot air when you so desire.

One touch temperature regulation

With the touch of a button, you get the ability to keep the room regulated to the temperature that you want. Also, once you’re ready, the air volume can be automatically switched to perform a dehumidification operation. 

While this air conditioner is great for cooling off, it’s also very convenient for drying laundry indoors as it blasts right through the fabric, drying it in the process. 

Saves you money

Also, to save money, you can set this AC to energy-saving operation while operating the cooling mode. When the set temperature is set at 23°C or less, the air is automatically regulated for energy-efficient utility.

There’s also a goodnight mode that ensures you’ve goodnight rest. At night it gradually increases the coolness, and also decreases the heat gently so as to prevent an abrupt change of temperature.

Self-cleaning and Odour suppressant

The Corona air conditioner is also self-cleaning and uses blast ventilation to keep clean on the inside. In the case of mold accumulation after an intense season, you can detach the front panel and safely clean so that it continues to perform optimally.

This aircon also comes with an odor bypass control to suppress the unpleasant air at the beginning of an operation. This odor bypass control feature ensures that you get the fresh smell of cold air every time your unit comes on.

To combat Japan’s unusually hot and cold weather, you should click on the link and buy this aircon, rest assured that you’ve purchased your money’s worth and more.

Iris Ohyama Air Conditioner

Iris Ohyama Air Conditioner

If you’re on the market for a multi-dimensional, air conditioner that’s perfectly adapted to performance on both cold, and heat phases, then you should explore the Iris Ohyama aircon.

One touch dehumidifier

One of the stand out features of the Iris Ohyama is its one-touch dehumidifier that’s great for the environment and a powerful laundry utility as it can help with quick-drying for fabrics. 

Also, because this aircon is well adapted to both weather extremes of both heat and cold, you get a reliable machine to get you through some of the most sweltering, or chilly days without much ado. 

You should know that with the Iris air conditioner, dehumidification is the priority, and so, it does have a tendency to get too cold. However, with some regulation, you’re likely to get what you’re looking for out of your unit. 

Energy cost savings

The Iris aircon is also useful for energy savings as it comes complete with features that ensure that the temperature is automatically regulated if it ever falls below  23℃ during use.

This way, you get to live better because your budgets are always able to match your expenses on electricity and other relevant utilities. 

If you’re on the market for an aircon that delivers ambidextrously and holds its own regardless of the weather, and all the while keeping your electric costs down, the Iris Ohyama air conditioner is the one for you. 

Hitachi RAS-AJ22J Air Conditioner

Hitachi RAS-AJ22J Air Conditioner

If what you want is a high quality, low maintenance air conditioner that’ll go about its work, quietly ticking and keeping you in the best possible condition at all times, you should seriously consider buying the Hitachi RAS-AJ22 right now.

Inside air feature

This aircon comes with a clean inside air feature that dries off the moisture. With this feature, you get to eliminate the droplets that tick off your unit when you turn it off. 

It also prevents mold from accumulating inside the component. It also regulates itself automatically, bringing the temperature low to give you the perfect humidity.

With this aircon, you can rest assured you’ll always get the best quality of air as it layers several processes to control air quality for your convenience and wellbeing. 

Power saving function

This air conditioner also comes with the “save” button on the remote control, with which you’re able to perform the ampere switch to reduce the power it consumes.  

The power-saving function is necessary as it can be used to ensure you never get an electricity bill that exceeds your utility. 

Finally, the Hitachi aircon comes in a compact design that can fit into odd spaces like winding stairs and balconies. If you want compactness, easy maintenance, and high performance in one machine, click the link and make the purchase while you still can.

Panasonic Dehumidifying Air Conditioner

Panasonic Dehumidifying Air Conditioner

If you’re looking for convenience in an air conditioner, this Panasonic aircon should be first on your list. 

Compact design

Not only is this air conditioner built in a compact design that’s easy to install, but it also comes with an internal cleaning operation that suppresses mold growth in its crevices.

Once you make the installation, you never have to worry about pathogens and germs that might result from running a dirty air conditioner as this aircon handles the operation automatically. 

Temperature regulation

Also, with the Panasonic, you get the option to regulate the temperature based on the humidity outside.

With this feature, you can switch up your Panasonic aircon to about 46°C. Also, in the event of a heatwave, it’s capable of delivering refreshing coolness like nothing you’ve experienced yet.

The Panasonic is also fantastic for your electric bill as it comes with a power-saver feature with which you can regulate depending on the use to save power costs whenever you need to. 

App control

In addition to an impressive array of features, once you’ve got your smartphone, you get full control of your aircon through the Aeolian app.

This way, you get to control the aircon from wherever you are. Whether you’re on a train or driving home in your car, you can regulate the temperature or turn it off if you desire.

This Panasonic aircon is the absolute standard if you want one that’s both convenient and powerful in equal measure.   

Aeolia CS-229CF-W Air Conditioner

Aeolia CS-229CF-W Air Conditioner

If what you want in your air conditioner is a compact, and intricate frame that can fit just about everywhere you can think of, the Aeolia CS-229CF-W is the one for you. 

Self-cleanse function

To cater to your wellbeing in the best possible way, this air conditioner performs a self cleanse function by deep cleaning from inside out. 

With a blast of dry air it dries out moisture that can cause mold to build up in it’s interior. Once the dehumidifying operation is over, it automatically switches to blowing hot air to dry it out.

Fits into small spaces

Also, because It’s built in a clean compact size that can fit into ridiculously small places, you can buy this aircon even if you have to live in a small house. Also, it’s built in a western style but fits in seamlessly with the Japanese system of decor. .

In addition, this air conditioner comes with an outside air toughness heating (-15℃) which makes it incredibly functional in providing adequate protection during freezing winters.

Room humidifier function

During heat waves, the Aerolia aircon performs a cooling operation that humidifies the room upto 45°C degrees with it’s advanced refrigerant cooling operation. This means that while everyone swelters away in the heat, you can enjoy the best possible feeling in your home. 

Also, once this aircon ships, you get its advanced compressor control, the heating that is regulated to provide the suitable temperature according to the numbers of people in the room.

It’s suitable for hot and cold seasons in Japan. You can also operate this air conditioner remotely as it is integrated with applications that allow you access even when you’re not home. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Should I consider first when buying an air conditioner?

Go for Energy Efficiency with aircon’s in Japan

If you’re in Japan, you’re probably aware that the heat levels can get unbearable during the summer. It’s also likely that you’re aware that electricity costs in Japan are some of the highest in the Western Hemisphere. 

If you have to work with a budget, you should look out for the energy efficiency scores of your air conditioner. When making this assessment, the important thing is to ensure that it consumes as little power as possible.  

You can do this by looking out for the energy efficiency ratings of your potential air conditioners. For the most part, the newer air conditioners usually adopt a 5 scale rating system that scores 5 for the most energy-efficient machines and lower as efficiency decreases. 

Also, you should know that Inverter aircon’s consume a lot less power when compared with A.C’s that utilise the traditional cooling plants. While they might cost more, you’re probably better off with one of these. 

Finally, if you’re worried about fraudulent labelling, make sure to buy your air conditioner from a retailer that offers a robust set of warranties that provide you with room to maneuver if need be. 

Buy Copper Over Aluminium coils in Japanese Aircon’s

While many air conditioners come complete with a wide range of features that admittedly enhance your life in many ways, they are complex machines, and as such, system fundamentals matter. 

Although copper coils are more expensive, they do a much better job at cooling compared to aluminum coils. Also, look out for any information about how it performs under extreme weather conditions.  

How much does an air conditioner cost on average?

For the models on this list, a budget that augurs between ¥47,000 ($470) and ¥70,000 ($700) will do just fine. 

If you’re working with a budget, although concerns about cost are likely to dominate your decision, you should also pay attention to quality and utility as low-end machines can cost you a lot more in time and energy. 

Also, you should factor in variables around how much time you’re likely to spend at home, and because Japan’s Weather can vary wildly between the different prefectures, you should consider historical weather trends when making a buying decision. 

Also, if you’re looking for a simple solution, buy value over features. Once you know all the best components, it might be less expensive to consider older machines that perform core functions adequately. 


In 2019 alone, the disease management authorities in Japan recorded well over 50 deaths and over 18,000 heat-related hospitalizations due to the sweltering heat.

If you’re going to spend some time here, you should know that in Japan, the summer heat can  be more than an inconvenience as it has proven to be fatal at times in the past. 

To that end, as you set up your home, or look to improve it going forward, buying a Japanese air conditioner is one of the most critical investments of money and time. 

While you’re likely to enjoy a much improved time at home with a well-designed unit, they also work well if you live with others. As body heat is emitted into the environment, Japanese aircon’s help to sustain lower temperatures especially, when you’re still adjusting to all the changes. 

The sections above offer a useful guide to buying an aircon in Japan, and whatever you do, you should take some time to research your aircon and where possible, ask a qualified technician about your choice to get the best value for money. 

The models above are some of the best in the country, and whatever your use case is, you’re likely to find one that fulfills it to near-perfection. Click the links to get better insight if you’re so inclined.

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