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Best way series: How To Draw Manga Books?

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Ever wondered what’d be possible if only you could create  Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach or Roronoa Zoro from One piece? 

The good news is, you can learn how to draw manga books. The literal meaning of Japanese word Manga in English is anime. So, you learn How to Draw Anime Book?

Although the visual processes that lead to Anime creation seem mysterious, the art is in the piece by piece de-construction of layers, and while talent plays a part, regular practice can take you far. 

Why Manga?  Why Anime?

Well, if you have any interest whatsoever in Japanese life and expression, learning how to draw Manga books provides you with a creative, exploratory edge. 

If you live and work in Japan, and are keen to explore the themes of honour, friendship, and kinship, in the Japanese imagination, learning how to draw Manga books is a useful option for you. Basically you will learn how to draw anime book.

A key benefit of learning how to draw manga books is that it provides you with a creative outlet for your ideas. While watching Animes are fun, drawing them allows you to incorporate the stories from your life into a panel that other people can enjoy. 

Also, if you become an expert Anime artist,  many studios in Japan are always looking for talent, and you could be on your way to a dream job at Manglobe or Studio Pierrot soon. The key is learning how to draw anime book efficiently.

Learning how to draw Manga books also provide superior cognitive stimulation to children, as they learn to deal with angles, perspectives, and complex geometric shapes in ways that other children simply cannot. 

Although learning how to draw Manga books is an awesome tool for artistic expression, its also a hobbyist’s dream, and if all you’re looking for is a productive way to spend your leisure, creating Anime stories for Manga is a fitful option for you. 

Whatever your needs are, learning how to draw Manga books will likely do you a lot of good. If so, then the MAM ebook is exactly what you need, it will guide you how to draw anime book.

Why Should you care about Manga?

Well, for one million people around the world read Manga, and watch daily streams of Anime shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, and One Piece.

Once you learn how to draw Manga books, you’ll be tapping into an existing pool of readers who are always looking for the next great story. 

Also, since there’s an active community of Manga ka (マンガ化) and Otaku (オタク), you’re likely to find a lot of like-minded people among your friends and colleagues if you live and work in Japan.

If not, there are many active communities online where you can freely express your deepest artistic intuitions, among friends and kin spirits once you learn how to draw Manga books

Another interesting characteristic of most Manga is how they portray Japanese notions of right, and wrong and how they inspire us to pursue those Ideals in the service of others. 

Luffy’s strength of Character and Gon’s heroic are virtues that we all aspire to, and learning how to draw Manga books can give you the power to communicate these same values and more to an audience of readers.

If you’re a parent, learning how to draw Manga books is especially useful. Since children generally have an affinity to Animes, Manga drawing can help you create a special bond with your young one. 

If you aim to learn how to draw Manga books, the Mad About Manga is one of the most comprehensive guides you will find. 

Why is Manga perfect for your story?

When Manga is well-executed, it’s a tour de force that wrecks through just about every emotional stonewall you can imagine.

While Manga differs from film and literature in some ways, it certainly compels the imagination to the same degree. Fans will agree that Naruto (ナルト) evokes as much power as a movie like Forrest Gump. 

One of the key features of Manga is that it incorporates all the major elements of literature and film without the limitations. While scenes, cuts, and plots rely on a specific mode of interpretation in film, Manga can stretch reality in ways that literature often struggles to. 

The stretched timelines are another feature that other art forms simply cannot recreate. The near thousand episodes of One piece, over two decades show that once you learn to draw manga books, you’re unbounded by space or time. 

The distinct narrative voice of Manga is also a key reason why you should learn how to draw Manga books. While film conveys its stories through an audio-visual mix, and literature adopts texts, Manga conveys through images, complemented by words and in so doing, combines the best of both worlds. 

Even though Manga conveys only one image at a time, it is also capable of demonstrating swift  movements depending on the technique of the artist. Once you acquire the right skill set, you can achieve a wide range of emotive postures by linking several frames together. 

Manga is also capable of displaying the thoughts of multiple characters in a simultaneous fashion. You can also show one character’s speech and another’s thoughts simultaneously to create an omnipresent view of the storyline which audiences enjoy. 

If you want to have all these tools at the tip of your finger, you should buy click this link and begin your journey. 

Manga Utako learning how to draw manga books
Manga Utako

Do I need to know Japanese to draw Manga?

While Manga has Japanese roots and incorporates a lot of the Japanese way of life, you do not need to speak the language to create a compelling narrative with the medium. 

However, as you take steps to learn how to create a Manga book as a foreigner, you should know that bringing your story to the world might offer some challenges. 

This is because although there is no real requirement for you to be conversationally fluent in the language, to create Manga, it might be necessary to incorporate Japanese culture in your work. 

Also, Mangaka (マンガカ) do not necessarily make a lot of money. Starting, most artists get paid about ¥50,000 ($500) for about 40 pages of work. Some Mangaka also earn royalties on volume releases of their work. 

Once you learn how to draw Manga books, your pay will increase over time but for most people, making Manga is an outlet for passion and not a route to riches. 

If you’re looking to create Manga stories for the internet, MAM ebook provides a framework on how to develop a distinctive drawing style and pattern that your readers know and connect with. Once you buy the ebook, you also get all the knowledge you need to create a 10 panel Manga script.

How can I learn how to draw Manga?

The first step to learning how to create your Manga is understanding human anatomy. For this type of stylized art, its necessary to develop a mental notion of general interpretations of human anatomy within the Mangaka (マンガカ) universe. 

If you’ve gotten this far, maybe you already tried to create Manga drawings by watching video clips and downloading free resources. 

One of the reasons why you might struggle to succeed using this approach is that most of the time,  you’re not afforded the time and space required to participate in creative activity. 

If you decide to learn how to draw Manga books, you should also learn how to draw manga books with layers and combine frames for effect. 

The MAM ebook provides guidelines on how you should specify the exact dimensions required to get started.

It’s also filled with illustrations and sketches that give you knowledge on how to achieve facial balance so you’re better equipped to accurately interpret emotive displays in your work. 

Regardless of the age or sex of your character, Mad About Manga enables you to develop a comprehensive character development kit for all the adventures you create. 

Finally, getting the eyes and lines right also counts a lot when you’re learning how to create a Manga book. Mastering Manga is an exercise in discipline. 

MAM can help in this regard by providing a consistent, and reliable guide to all the processes that underpin how to draw Manga books at a bargain price.


Although the art of drawing Manga was first developed in Japan, the art form has exploded in popularity all over the world as people continue to create thrilling and thought-provoking stories rendered in both Japanese and English. 

If you understand something about the visual arts and have a great desire to learn how to draw Manga books, then you should know that for only ¥3700 ($37) you can get every single thing you need to go on and create world-class Manga stories. 

Although Manga is great for developing self-expression, how to draw anime book can also be useful for parents who want to develop superior cognitive traits in their infants.

Not only will the MAM ebook teach you how to create your professional Manga characters, but it will also train you in Cartoon Strip Creation. 

Malcolm Matheson, who is the author is very well versed in creating captivating Manga panels and he’s contained in the book how you too can create gripping, fast-paced Manga that readers will fall in love with.

The Mad About Manga ebook is the definitive guide for you to learn how to draw Manga books. Whatever you do, you should collect as much information as you can from this website and others like it to enhance your final decision. 

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