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Buy Best Bug Repellents in Japan

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If you live and work in Japan, then you already realise that the city is crawling with insects, especially in summer. Bug repellents are a simple and effective solution to keep you and your family free of bug-related problems all year long.

Although Japan is hi-tech, industrialised and has many metropolitan cities, the environment still has a rustic element that allows insects, bugs, flies, and other pests to thrive especially when it rains. 

While insect bites can be trivial sometimes, they can also be very painful and lead to irritations on your skin that can cause lots of discomfort. Also, small children have a low tolerance for pain and insect bites can be fatal when they’re involved. 

Also, the mosquitoes in Japan are large and can leave large welts when they attack.  

To this end, insecticides and mosquito repellents are a great investment for family health and wellbeing while you’re in the country. 

While insects are a constant presence in Japan, the months of May to October are made more challenging by the rains that encourage breeding in insects and drive their populations toward human settlements en masse.

The section below is a well-curated list of some of the best bug repellents that money can buy in Japan and buying from the links below are a great way to ensure the health and well being of your family while you’re in the country. 

Best Bug Repellents In Japan: A Quick Look

Skin Vape Premium Insect Repellent

Skin Vape Premium Insect Repellent

Concentration: 10%
Type: Gel 
Material: Deet sodium hyaluronate
Price: ¥1,586

Skin Vape Citrus Marine Insect Repellent

Skin Vape Citrus Marine Insect Repellent

Concentration: 15%
Type: Spray
Material: Ethanol, hyaluronic acid

Earth Bapona Snoopy Insect repellent

Earth Bapona Snoopy

Type: Net
Material: Transfluthrin, Empentrin
Price: ¥3,500

Best Bug Repellents In Japan: More Details

The Skin Vape Premium Insect Repellent 

The Skin Vape Premium Insect Repellent 

If you have children, the Skin Vape Premium mosquito repellent is perfect for you as it comes with a soft fragrance and active ingredients that prevent insect bites. 

No harmful chemicals

One of the best things about this repellent is the fact that it’s deet free and has no harsh chemicals that can have a negative effect. 

Although some repellents contain harmful chemicals, the Skin Vape Premium insect repellent comes with hyaluronate that helps to protect and moisturize the skin. 

Child-sensitive smell

Also, its child-sensitive smell means that for the most part, your children will have no reactions to its use other than a long-lasting citrus fragrance that protects and soothes your child in equal measure. 

Easy to pack

The Skin Vape Premium comes in a tube that is easy to pack and long-lasting depending on the specifics of your use. It’s also durable and can last all through the school day once it’s applied in the morning. 

This bug repellent provides a compelling combination of skin-care and bug repellent properties that makes it a popular option for many Japanese people with over 700 ratings and an overwhelmingly positive score of about 4.4 on a 5 point scale. 

Skin Vape Citrus Marine Insect Repellent 

Skin Vape Citrus Marine Insect Repellent 

If you’re on the market for a bug repellent that’ll take care of you when you’re outdoors, the Skin Vape Premium is a handy solution to all your problems with insects and bugs. 

Great for your skin

While some of the other models smell and look great, this bug repellent is tender and soft on your skin in ways which the others just do not match. 

At 200ml, It’s also an easy pack if you’re on the road and that also helps when you need an out of home option that keeps the bugs away. 

Protection against mosquitoes

Also, the Skin Vape offers protection against mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, dust mites, biting flies, ticks, and black flies away from you for up to 5 hours before reapplication is needed.

The Skin Vape Premium contains hyaluronate that is a skincare compound that blends smoothly into your skin and is suitable for infant care once they are six months and over. 

Lovely citrus scent

Its lovely citrus marine fragrance leaves you and your family smelling clean and fresh as it protects your skin from bugs and insects. 

If exploring the scenic beauty of Japan is on your list of things to do, then the Skin Vape citrus marine is a perfect companion for all your adventures. 

Earth Bapona Snoopy Insect Repellent

Earth Bapona Snoopy Insect Repellent

If you’re on the market for the absolute standard in bug repellents in Japan, then Earth Bapona Snoopy is difficult to beat. 

This insect repellent is manufactured by craftsmen who attribute great value to the effectiveness and safety of an insect repellent

Stays potent even when its wet

It comes complete with transfluthrin and empentrin that stays potent even when it’s wet. Also, the Earth Bapona Snoopy does not need electricity or use any batteries.

The Earth Bapona comes in an innovative net-like design that protects your home frontally and ensures that the insects cannot get in. It comes in a velcro fit-design that you can place atop your front door. 

Keeps the insects outside

This bug repellent is great if you prefer not to use a gel or use on-skin repellents as it protects your home all day long by keeping the insects outside. It also ensures that there are no unwanted scents in your home. 

The Earth Bapona bug repellent is built to stay even when there are strong winds and does not get in the way of proper, ample ventilation after installation. 

Long use cycle

Also, this bug repellent comes in three parts and can serve for 260 days. It also comes with an aesthetic that fits right into the spatial scheme of your home.

If what you need is a long-serving, analog bug and insect repellent that’s more effective than most models on the market, you should click on the link above, and buy this insect repellent right now. 

Which bug repellent should I Buy?

Ideally, if you live in Japan with your family, it would be wise to own all three as each one offers a distinctly unique value proposition. Otherwise, you should pick the one or two that are most useful during your day. 

The Skin Vape Citrus Marine Insect Repellent 

If you have kids, the Skin Vape Marine Citrus is a good option to consider. Not only does it come in an aesthetic 200ml package, but it also comes with hyaluronic acid that is a soothing chemical agent that guarantees skin softness all day long.

Also, this bug repellent comes with no artificial flavours or harmful chemicals, as well as adequate repellent power for skin protection for up to 9 hours. 

Besides, the Skin Vape comes with a citric fragrance that’s long-lasting and is useful to give your kids the confidence to enjoy a new cultural context and build friendships with the locals. 

Skin Vape Premium Insect Repellent

On the other hand, if you expect to spend a fair bit of time outdoors, the Skin Vape Premium is a must buy as it comes with a compelling combination of repellent chemicals such as deet and hyaluronic acid which helps with your skincare. 

If you want a bug repellent that packs well, is great to use out of home, and cares for your skin, the Skin Vape Premium is the one for you. 

Earth Bapona Snoopy

Finally, if you’re looking for the best bug repellent option for your home, the Earth Bapona Snoopy is difficult to substitute. Not only does it have no use for batteries, but it’s also scentless and protects your home frontally from the onslaught of pests. 

While other repellents are sensitive to rain, this one is not as it comes complete with chemical compounds that keep it potent even when it’s wet and soggy. It also looks perfect with its velcro-fit design that keeps it on-scheme with other design elements in your home. 

FAQs for Bug Repellents in Japan

How do bug repellents work?

Bug repellents work in two ways; First, it confuses the insect’s sense of smell. This works because insects identify you as a food source from the chemicals in your breath and scent given off by your skin. 

Secondly, it’s packed with a repellent layer of elements that is repulsive to the touch or taste of insects. This is why insect repellent should always be applied after sunscreen, not before. It’s also why some repellents should not be applied over exposed skin.

Which is the best Bug repellent?

No one insect repellent is good for everyone; it depends on your activity, level of exposure, and your daily routine. 

Over the years, insect repellents with Deet have been known to repel almost all insects. However, it’s not suitable for usage for young children.  

Whatever you do, take some time to collect as much information as possible before you make a purchase as different bug repellents are tailored to function in different ways. 

How do I apply bug repellent safely?

Do well to read product labels and follow all instructions. Take precautions to minimize your exposure as well. 

Start by applying a small amount to exposed skin. Do not apply to skin covered by clothing. Apply directly to clothes if mosquitoes are landing on or biting through clothing. 

Wash hands after applying. Children should not be allowed to apply their repellent. When you return from the outdoors,  change out of treated clothes, take a bath, and wash all treated clothing. 


Japan is a country rich in lush gardens and towering bamboo, and so the smell from the huge trees that adorn the country circulates fresh and breathable air in the densely populated country. 

However, these are also breeding grounds for mosquitoes, bugs, and insects that can leave you feeling tired and irritated if you go out unprepared. 

Bug repellents are a great way to prepare yourself for the various challenges of life and work in Japan. If you have a family, bug repellents are a necessity. 

As you go about work and life in the beautiful island nation of Japan, it’s necessary to invest in your health and wellbeing by buying bug repellents that offer safety and effectiveness both in and out of your home. 

While bug repellents protect you from the onslaught of pests, they can also help enhance your skin-health as they contain compounds that work to this end.

Whatever you do, it’s important to collect as much information as possible from this website and others like it as they provide all you need to make the correct purchase decision. 

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