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Best 5 Electric Scooters in Japan

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If you’re new to Japan and are looking for a cost-effective and dynamic way to increase your efficiency, e-scooters are a great way to go. 

Not only do they save you time and money otherwise spent waiting in traffic, but they are also a great option for personal, health-conscious mobility. 

Although there is a wide range of alternatives for logistics and personal transportation in Japan, they cut the crap out of your routine and help you get stuff done fast. 

Although Japanese traffic laws can be a drag as they require electric scooter owners to get registered, use license plates, and wear safety equipment, the payoff for owners is that they can rest easy in the knowledge that safety on roads and designated paths is all but guaranteed. 

Also, electric scooters provide a unique view of the beautiful Japanese cities and an enjoyable way to get from one point to another. And all without fuss. 

The section below is a list of five of the best electric scooters available for use in Japan.

Electric Scooters In Japan: A Quick Look

Dapang Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter: 

Dapang Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter 

Weight: 15.5kg - 18.5kg
Frame: Aerospace grade Aluminium 
Charging Time : 6 hours
Battery: 18650 Lithium 
Maximum speed: 35km/hour
Maximum load : 180km 
Cruising range: 250km
Suitable for: Small business owners

Segway-Ninebot Smart Folding electric Bike/Scooter:

Weight : 10.5 kg
Frame : Lightweight Aluminium
Battery range: 3.5 hours 
Top speed: 20km/hour
Brake: Rear Brake
Suitable for: Adventurers

Mega Wheels Electric Scooter:

Mega Wheels Electric Scooter

Weight: 8.5kg 
Frame: Lightweight Aluminium
Charging time: 2 - 3 hours
Range: 8 - 12 km/hour
Maximum weight: 90kg
Top Speed: 23km/hour
Suitable for: Kids/ Young adults

Urban Folding Electric Scooter:

Urban Folding Electric Scooter

Weight: 6.3kg
Frame: Lightweight Aluminium alloy
Max-load: 99kg
Brake: Disc-brake
Suitable for: Students

Veroman Electric Scooter:

Veroman Electric Scooter

Weight: 28kg
Frame: Lightweight
Battery: 48V 14.5ah Lithium-ion
Charging time: 5-8 hours
Load Capacity: 120kg
Range: 50km - 70km 
Speed: 25 -35 km/h
Suitable for: Plus-size persons

Electric Scooters In Japan: More details

Dapang Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter: 

If you own or work at a small business in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or any of the big cities in Japan, the Dapang can help you redefine your business and generate profits. 

Lightweight and Powerful:

This incredible piece of machinery comes at a lightweight of only 18kg. This means that you can get around town without worrying about the physical exhaustion of riding a brawny scooter. Also, its virtually indestructible aerospace grade aluminium frame means that you can rely on this incredible machine for many years to come. 

Incredible Range

As you go about making deliveries on your rounds, you can trust that its 18650 Lithium battery which gives you an incredible 250km of travel range will get you home and dry on a single 6 hour charge. 

– Built for the last mile

Basically, the Dapang folding electric scooter provides full ground cover for all your last mile delivery needs without the lag and heavy maintenance requirements of alternative modes of transportation. 

While the Dapang electric scooter is ideal for business owners, it’s also useful for everyone that wants an electric scooter that perfectly combines power and durability without sacrificing aesthetics or practical utility. 

Segway-Ninebot Smart Folding electric Bike/Scooter:

Blaze Smart Folding electric Bike/Scooter

If you’re into futurism, love electric bikes, cherish the power of mountain electric bikes and need the dynamism and daily usefulness of an e-scooter, the blaze smart folding electric scooter is a great option for you. 

– Futuristic Design

Not only does it come in an incredible, extraterrestrial design, it’s also incredibly lightweight at 18kg of net weight. If you’ve just moved here and need a way to meet new people, this e-scooter can help to project you in a great way to friends and potential mates. 

Beauty and Durability Combined

Also, the Blaze folding e-scooter is engineered for durability and aesthetic elegance in a way that very few e-scooters can compare. In addition to an already impressive array of features, this machine also comes with a rear disc brake to guarantee your safety and act as a perfect counter-weight to its incredible 30km/hour of top-speed on flat roads. 

If you’re on the market for something that defies expectations and delivers exceptional quality, the blaze folding e-bike is exactly what you need. 

Mega Wheels Electric Scooter:

Mega Wheels Electric Scooter

If you’re on the market for an all-rounder, the Mega Wheel folding e-scooter can help to fast track your daily routine. 

– Great for first time riders

Also, this folding e-scooter doubles as a great introduction to self-mobility, personal responsibility and natural exploration for teenagers and young adults. 

If you make the purchase, you never need to worry about the lag of a heavy machine as this folding electric scooter ships at only 7.5kg of net-weight. Also it comes with a quick charge battery and only takes about 3 hours to reach full charge. 

Can carry heavy set users with ease

Although this folding e-scooter costs less compared to others, it has solid power credentials with a 250W motor, a top-speed capacity of about 23km/hour and 90kg of maximum load capacity.

Cheap Mobility option

All things considered, while this folding e-scooter is not as durable or powerful as pricier versions on this list, it delivers just what you need for inter-city mobility and all at a very reasonable price.  

Helps create family bonds

If you’re a parent looking out for a safe, sustainable way to impart the values of personal responsibility on your child, the Mega Wheels folding electric scooter can help you immensely. 

On the other hand, if you’re a young adult who needs a great way to explore Japan’s immense cultural heritage, this folding e-scooter is a great way to go. 

Urban Folding Electric Scooter:

Urban Folding Electric Scooter

If you’ve just moved to Japan and are a student, then the Urban folding e-scooter is a great introduction to the country and a fantastic way to get around school and a reliable machine that’ll keep you on track to adapt seamlessly to the culture of punctuality among its locals. 

– Appropriate for longer distances

The Urban e-scooter comes in a lightweight 6.3kg aluminium alloy frame which means that you can get to places on time without breaking a sweat. It also means that when you have to travel, it packs without a fuss. 

High safety standards with disc brake design

This e-scooter has a maximum load capacity of 99kg and for most people, this means that you can cruise about pretty easily even when you have to travel with a load. For safety, the urban e-scooter comes with a disc-brake which can be invaluable when you need to avoid a collision or prevent an accident. 

When do you have to travel with others, or rely on public transportation, the Urban e-scooter provides you with a dynamic alternative for mobility should the need arise. 

Appropriate for students

Finally, if you’re like most students, then you probably have to work with a fairly small budget and to that end, this e-scooter is exactly what you need with its low upfront and maintenance costs.

Veroman Electric Scooter:

Veroman Electric Scooter

If you’re plus size, are new to Japan and have a job which requires you to move around quite a bit, the Veroman electric scooter is a great option for you. 

Balanced machine

At 28kg, the Veroman e-scooter is a very well balanced machine. Not only does it hold your frame properly, it also comes with 48V 14.5ah Lithium-ion battery which gives you about 70km of travel range on a single charge. 

Faster then most e-scooters

Also, when you do get around, you’ll need to get around pretty quickly and so the Veroman e-scooter gives you 35km/hour of top-speed capacity which is an incredible aid on a busy day and a fun way to get around town otherwise. 

Ergonomically Complementary

While many e-scooter models are built to bear a lot of weight, the Veroman is built to complement your body weight with balance in a way that creates convenience and comfort on all your rides. Whatever you do, wherever you need to go, the Veroman e-scooter will help you. 


What is the most important thing to consider when buying an electric scooter?

What licenses do you need?

In Japan, to drive, you need an international driving permit. Using an e-scooter does not exempt you from this requirement. To this end, you’ll need to take a test of competence. These tests are generally available at your local licensing center. 

Tests available in English in specific centers so you’ll need to do some research to find out where. In preparation, you may want to study texts such as “The rules of the road” which will lay out expectations. Eventually, you’ll need to participate in an ungraded safety class which takes about one hour and is conducted in Japanese. 

Eventually, you’ll have to spend about three hours on a driving course to show how well you can do in real life situations. 

What’s the battery power/ how much weight can it hold?

If you’ll be getting around in Japan, then you need to figure out how long your electric scooter can go before it needs a recharge. 

Usually, e-scooters cost more when they last longer and short-lasting e-scooters have other advantages but you need to make a few considerations before you make a choice. 

Whatever you do, the most important thing is to figure out how much of your day you’ll spend on the road and when you do, it becomes much easier to determine how much you need to spend in service of your need for an electric scooter

How much do folding electric scooters cost on an average?

Usually, e-scooters cost as much as they last on the road. Other factors such as motor power, frame material and top-speed also contribute immensely to retail price. 

In Japan, e-scooters can range from ¥200,000 ($1,900 USD), to about ¥10,000  ($92 USD). What this means is that there is a wide range of e-scooters with a great variety of features for just about everyone. 

Optimally, you may want to strike a balance between the specifics of your use and how much is necessary for you to spend. If you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the road, you may want to spend less on your e-scooter as it’s likely to sustain a lot less wear compared to business use e-scooters


Electric scooters are gaining increasing popularity in Japan. In January Japan post, the added about 200 e-scooters to its fleet with another two thousand deployments planned.

Although many big cities in Japan have a lot of traffic and pollution, e-scooters can help with your personal and social integration into Japanese life. In addition, many e-scooter models are affordable and cost very little to maintain so  you never have to worry about losing money down the line. 

Whatever you do, it is important to collect as much information as you can about your choice from this website and others like it. This is because small differences in design and engineering between the models can have a meaningful effect on your experience.  

Are you searching for love, one of the electric scooters on this list might be the answer. 

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