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Best Push Up Bars in Japan

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For many foreigners who move to Japan, staying healthy and keeping fit are necessary parts of the experience. Push up bars are a significant first step towards the development of strong muscles, and a good look for your personal health and well being.  

Also, for the most part, push up bars are compact, aesthetically pleasing, and fit into your most personal spaces seamlessly. 

Besides, as gyms are closed in many parts of Japan due to the COVID-19 virus, a push up is the perfect accessory to keep you in shape and motivated as people continue to stay at home during this period. 

Staying healthy is key to maintaining a productive life, and keeping your muscles fit can give you the social currency you need to get the very best experiences in Japan. 

If you’re motivated to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape, even while you’re indoors, a push up bar can enable you tremendously. 

If you’re looking to buy the very best push up bars available on the retail market in Japan, read the section below for a detailed guide.

Best Push up bars in Japan: A Quick Look

Nako Push up bars

Nako Push up bars

Weight: 1.49kg
Load tolerance: 0.109 kg
Suction: Active
Cushion handles: Active

Taku Push up boards

Taku Push up boards

Weight: 1.3kg
Material: Eco-friendly ABS material
Anti-Slip rubber: Active
Resistance rope: 28 inches
Folding type: Active

Bona 5 in 1 Push up bars

Bona 5 in 1 Push up bars

Load tolerance: 100 kg
Slide disk roller: Active
Noiseless design: Active
Material: Glass fiber, Steel

The Camorf Push up bars

The Camorf Push up bars

Load Tolerance: 100 kg
Weight: 0.54 kg
Anti-Slip rubber: Active
Polyester wrist protection: Active
Non-slip sponge: Active

The Harbinger Push up bars

The Harbinger Push up bars

Load Tolerance: 136 kg
Rotating Handle: Active
Ergonomic design: Active
Shipping weight: 1.2 kg

Best Push up bars in Japan: More Details

Nako Push up bars

Nako Push up bars

The Nako push up bars have integrated the user directly into the manufacturing process as they provide revolutionary suction cups that can fit right to the ground while you exercise. 

Injury prevention

With a feature such as this, you never have to worry about regulating the intensity of your exercise sessions to prevent physical injury as the suction technology drastically reduces that probability. 

The Nako push up bars are also made more stable and efficient than regular push-ups as they provide a firm grip from the foamy sponge grips which are comfortable and slip-resistant.  

Can support loads of up to 300 kg

This feature reduces the strain on your wrists and promotes effective training. The Nako push-ups also support weight loads of up to 300 kilograms. 

Easy to assemble

For rapid results, an ab roller can accelerate its effectiveness to such a degree that you should start seeing physical transformations in a short time. The modular bars are also quite easy to assemble and dismantle after you’re done working out. 

This ensures that if you ever have to travel, you can pack your push up bars along as they’ll fit into nice little parts on your travels and fit right back together when you’re set to go again. 

For both men and women

The Nako push up bars are also a family collectors’ item as they work well for both men and women who can make use of these push up bars to build upper body strength, biceps and abs.  

If you’re on the market for push up bars that’ll take account of just about every aspect of your upper body exercise routine, the Nako push up bars are exactly what you need. 

Taku Push up boards

Taku Push up boards

If you’re looking at a pure range of movement in a push up, then the Taku push up boards are a perfect option for you. Not only do they come with colour-coded, muscle-specific pulley’s, they also allow you to make adjustments based on gender.

Enable seamless mobility

The Taku push up boards enable seamless mobility while you’re working out as  you’ll get the capacity to actively work specific muscle terrain around your deltoids, chest, arms and back.

Environment friendly

Also, they are made with eco-friendly ABS material that are extremely durable making them hard to burst or easy to break. The principles of durability, and user-centricity are deeply embedded in the Taku push up board design with anti-slip rubber material to increase stability. 

Foldable design

Also, the Taku push up comes complete with a foldable design which makes it perfect for travel and easy storage when you come back home.  

With 30 minutes of daily work on the Taku, you’ll probably develop and strengthen your arm, back and tummy muscles, these push up boards will help you effectively burn calories and break down excess arm, stomach and back fat. 

If you’re looking for a dynamic push up board that’ll cover a wide range of exercise angles and provide tremendous work out intensity, then the Taku is the one for you. 

Bona 5 in 1 Push up bars

Bona 5 in 1 Push up bars

The Bona 5 in 1 Abdominal roller push up bars comes with five variants of workout apparatus that includes the push up rotating bars, core sliders, ab rollers, and leg workout.

Built to maximise muscle tension

The Bona is built to enable maximum muscle tension everytime you hit the boards.  Compared to the mass market models, the Bona excels because it provides a wide range of capacities for building strength on your arms, shoulders, chest, and back. 

Anti-slip design

These push up bars are built to reduce the strain on your arms, and because of their anti-slip design, they eliminate the risk of slipping off while you workout. This way, you can get as many high intensity sessions in without worrying about injuries that might arise if you fall off. 

Ab-rollers for optimal muscle engagement

Also, with the Bona, you get ab rollers to help you train and build stronger, bigger and firmer muscles because of its muscle-work design which stretches you properly at key pressure points on your body. 

Improved endurance and core-strength

Besides, as you alternate between the different work out accessories on this push up bars, you’re likely to develop a much higher tolerance level, along with much improved endurance and core strength. 

While many of the available models focus on the upper body, this push up bar ensures that you get a lot more range to work your abdomen, legs and spinal area. Basically, the Bona allows you to achieve a full body workout in the comfort and safety of your personal space. 

If you’re on the market for a modular type push up bar that offers full body workout experiences without the drawbacks of visiting an actual gym, you should buy the Bona while you still can. 

The Camorf Push up bars

The Camorf Push up bars

If you’re on the market for push up bars that get right at your muscles and build them out, the  Camorf push up bar is your go to accessory. Not only does the Camorf eliminate the strains on your wrists, it also increases the available range of motions during your sessions so as to increase pressure on core muscles.

Designed for a wide-range muscles

A few months on these push ups will train and tone the muscles around your major pectors, upper arms, shoulders, backs, triceps, and abs. Also, these push up bars come complete with a set of plastic body workout tools that’ll complement your work out experience optimally.

Abrasion resistant

Also, they’re incredibly resistant to abrasion; in line with design principles around quality and durable use. Once it ships, you get friction inducement, and anti-slip features that’ll keep you safe regardless of workout intensity.  

One of the features include a soft polyester wrist protection support which protects your wrist from spraining as you exercise. You also get the option to make adjustments as you exercise to enhance ease of use and convenience. 

Easy to assemble

This workout tool is also quite easy to assemble and dismantle. If you desire, you can use your push up bars at work, during business trips, at home, at the gym and anywhere else you choose. It’s also easy to store as you can dismantle and pack compactly when not in use. 

If you want push up bars that will reduce the probability for exercise related injuries to the bare minimum, while providing a physically demanding experience on your workouts, the Camorf is  the standard bearer on the Japanese market. 

The Harbinger Push up bars

The Harbinger Push up bars

The harbinger brand is renowned across the globe for producing high quality training equipment for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

Minimal strain design

This harbinger push up pro is an excellent choice of push up bars. It’s made with good solid grip and its patented rotary handle allows for smooth training without strain on the wrists.

With an increased motion range, these push up bars increase the strain on the  muscles of the upper body such as arms, shoulders, chest, and back.

Perfect weight distribution

Also, the Harbinger come with handles that reduce joint strain in your wrists and elbows through natural body movement. It also comes with ergonomic grips that help distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points. 

The Harbinger securely grips the floor of all surfaces, promoting user balance and stability and with 181 kilograms of load tolerance, the Harbinger is ideal for a wide variety of weight classes including individuals who are morbidly obese. 

If you’re on the market for a push up bar that offers power and user ease in a compelling combination, the Harbinger is a bargain buy. 


What is the most important thing to consider when buying Push up bars?

Although push up bars are a great exercise option for your upper body, buying one without the right information can add layers of stress to your exercise routine. As a result, we’ve listed some of the most important markers of quality.

Push up bar should have cushioned handles

If you’ll be spending your waking moments every day on a push up bar, you should ensure that it comes complete with cushions on its handles. While these are great for your convenience, they’re also useful and help you tolerate the pressure of repeated movements during your sessions. 

Without the cushions, your forearms will most likely run out of steam before you get any real work done with your upper body and cardio. When you’re looking to build upper body strength, wearing out your arms is counterproductive. A cushioned push up bar solves this problem permanently. 

Push up bar should have weight rating and stable build

For many people, they are a curative accessory for obesity related problems and the challenge of being overweight. If you fall into this category, you should ensure that your push up bars have a weight rating that’s at least 22kg above your measured body weight. 

While push up bar collapses are pretty rare, paying close attention to this variable will reduce the probability of collapse related injuries to zero. Also, it’s important to ensure that your device is at least 6 inches. Getting good distance on your press can lead to rapid improvements in your conditioning and fitness. 

How much does a push up bar cost on an average?

If you’re looking to buy the models on this list, a budget that’s anywhere between ¥1800 ($18) and ¥4000 ($40) will suffice. While this might seem pricey, regular health checks and work failure due to recurring problems are likely to cost you a lot more materially. 

Also, for many people who prefer to exercise at home, having a solid, professional bar is a more efficient use of money compared to gym memberships that are twice as expensive, and roll over from one month to another whether you exercise or not. With your push up bars, a single payment is all you need. 


If you’re looking for a great way to keep your upper body in good shape as you stay home in these uncertain times, push up bars offer an invaluable advantage to you. 

While they’re dedicated to building strength into your arms, wrists and muscles, push up bars help you develop your body physically in the privacy and convenience of your home. 

Also, because they’re so compact, they can fit into your home no matter where you prefer to have them. Whether you’re looking to build a private exercise kit for your room or a more shared set of tools, a push up bar spots good however you want it. 

While gyms provide a wide range of exercise options, it all but guarantees your safety from the COVID-19 pandemic and also ensures that you get the same intensity and pressure from your workouts.  

Getting your workouts can also help to galvanise your social life as people are more likely to warm up to you, and present opportunities because of your healthy look. While the Japanese are generally shy and reserved, a well toned physical frame will set you apart in all the right ways. 

Whatever you decide, buying a set of push up bars will, in all likelihood improve your health and well being as you go on your adventures in Japan. Also, take the time to research your final choice on this website and others like it as small differences between models can meaningfully impact your experience during use. 

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