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How to best improve your immune system in Japan

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Although immune-boosting supplements cannot replace your meals, they serve the invaluable function of contributing nutrients that are necessary to your well being but absent from your diet. 

While you’re in Japan, you’ll probably spend a fair bit of time being productive. To this end, it’s valuable to do everything possible to enable your body’s ability to function optimally.

You’ll also want to enjoy the immense beauty of the land of the rising sun and without an immune system that’ll work to protect your body, you’d feel horrible most of the time. 

Immune system boosters provide your body with the necessary nutrient balance that it needs to keep you going.

To that end, the section below is a guide to some of the tried and tested immune system boosters available in Japan. 

Best immunity Supplements In Japan: A Quick Look

GloryFeel® Zinc Immunity Supplement

GloryFeel® Zinc Immunity Supplement

Weight: 0.2kg
Directions: 1 tablet/day
Manufactured in: Germany
Main Ingredient: Zinc Gluconate
Performance ratio:356 tablets

Enteric Revolution Immunity Supplement

Enteric Revolution Immunity Supplement

Weight: 0.00907kg
Directions: 1 tablet/day
Manufactured in: Japan
Main Ingredient: Butyric Acid 
Performance ratio:31 capsules

Echinacea Immunity Supplement

Echinacea Immunity Supplement

Weight: 0.00135kg
Directions: 2 capsules/day
Manufactured in: Japan
Main Ingredients: Echinacea
Performance ratio: 60 capsules 

Kagome Sulforafan Immunity Supplement

Kagome Sulforafan Immunity Supplement

Weight: 0.0907kg
Directions: 3 capsules/day
Manufactured in: Japan
Main Ingredients: Broccoli Sprout
Performance ratio: 93 capsules 

Otsuka Super Multivitamin Immune System booster

Otsuka Super Multivitamin Immune System booster

Weight: 0.222kg
Directions: 1 tablet/day
Manufactured in: U.S.A
Main Ingredients: Selenium yeast
Performance ratio: 120 capsules 
Allergen: Milk, Gelatin

Best immunity Supplements In Japan: More Details

GloryFeel® Zinc Immunity Supplement:

GloryFeel® Zinc Immunity Supplement

If you’re new to the country, vegan and looking for immune system boosters that enhance your natural beauty, the GloryFeel Zinc based immune system booster is a great option for you. 

High performance ratio

With a performance ratio of about 365 tablets per pack, this supplement provides more cover than just about every other immune system booster available in Japan. 

Cellular restoration

Also, with the GloryFeel, you get a combination of useful ingredients which allow you to preserve your skin, bones, hair and nails.

Also, for men, this Zinc Gluconate based supplement can help restore normalcy to your testosterone levels over the course of your life. This way you’ll get the exact nutrition you need to maintain a leaner muscle mass, higher energy levels and a more enjoyable life. 

Immune system enhancement for the vegan lifestyle

If you’re vegan, you might have a greater need for this immune system boosters as your chosen dietary lifestyle can make your body deficient in its production of Zinc. 

On a final note, it is important to follow all the safety precautions as prescribed.

Free of harmful materials

Also, once it ships, you get a supplement which is free of sugar, gluten, GMO’s and magnesium stearate which can lead to irregular bowel movement and diarrhea. 

Whatever you do, it is important to collect as much information as you can and follow the prescribed dose once you receive your package.

If you have a non-meat diet, the GloryFeel immune system booster is exactly what you need.

Enteric Revolution Immunity Supplement:

Enteric Revolution Immunity Supplement

If you’re on the market for a product that’ll take complete care of your innards, then the Enteric revolution immune system booster is a bargain you definitely shouldn’t miss. 


One of the key ingredients of this incredible supplement is its butyric acid which has a bacterial effect and has been established to have anti-carcinogenic effects on human beings. 

Also, with the Enteric immune system booster, you get bifidobacteria B-3 as well as chitosan and extracts of Salacia in a single tablet which combine to create short chain fatty acids. 

While there’s a lot of emphasis on healthy calorie intake and its importance in the media, short fatty acids which constitute a remarkable 10% of the average person’s calorie intake every day is not mentioned nearly as often. 

Enhances cellular metabolism

The enteric immune system booster employs these short chain fatty acids to great effect in ensuring that you’re able to metabolize the fats and carbohydrates in your diet properly. 

Reduces the effect of inflammations and diarrhea

They also help to reduce the probability of diarrhea and inflammations in your bowels. 

Whatever you do, it is important to collect as much information as you can and follow the prescribed dose once you receive your package.

If you’re on the market for a supplement that’ll fortify your body to adapt properly with your diet, you should click the link above and buy this immune system booster!

Echinacea 30 Day / Immunity Supplement:

Echinacea 30 Day / Immunity Supplement

If you have an allergy, you should not purchase this immune system booster. On any of the links above, you can find alternatives which offer similar treatments and no problems if you do have an allergy.

On the other hand, if you’re allergy free, then the Echinacea immune system booster could be the one for you. 

Great for seasonal ailments

If you’re on the market for a supplement that combines ingredients that attend to seasonal illnesses, then the Echinacea immune system booster is the solution you need. 

Once this supplement ships, you get Echinacea which is a flowering plant which has a tremendously positive effect on your immune system and fights off illnesses like the flu, canker sores and yeast infections with relative ease. 

Viable treatment for coughs

For many Japanese, this supplement acts as a viable support treatment for coughs, colds and the more serious illnesses such as gingivitis and influenza. 

With the Echinacea, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re getting the minor equivalent of a daily inoculation with its echinacea treatment which is tried and tested as a reliable actor against a wide range of illnesses.  

Great performance ratio

Once it ships, you get at least 90 capsules and the recommended dose for this particular drug is set at 3 per day. 

Whatever you do, it is important to collect as much information as you can and follow the prescribed dose once you receive your package.

If you’re allergy free, and looking for a great supplement that’ll act as a perfect complement to your immune system, I would recommend that you buy the Echinacea immune system booster.

Kagome Sulforaphane Immunity Supplement:

Kagome Sulforaphane Immunity Supplement

If you’re worried about a genetic predisposition to cancer, obesity or type 2 diabetes and are on the lookout for a supplement that is proven to have curative potential, then you should definitely consider buying the Kagome Sulforafan immune system booster right now. 

Once you’ve begun with your daily doses, you can expect to get some help with unguided internal growths which can lead to cancers. 

Reduces inflammation and heart disease

Studies have also shown a positive effect on heart disease by reducing inflammation in and around the cardiovascular regions. 

In addition to this, broccoli sprout extract which is the primary ingredient of the Kagome immunity-system booster showed that patient consumption of sulforaphane reduced fasting blood sugar levels by almost 7%.

Improves haemoglobin

The same tests also showed a silmutaneous improvement in haemoglobin levels which indicated long term blood sugar stability for said patients. 

The Kagome Immune system booster comes complete with a performance ratio of 93 capsules and a dose of about 3 capsules per day.

Whatever you do, it is important to collect as much information as you can and follow the prescribed dose once you receive your package. 

If you’re looking for a great supplement for anti-carcinogenic action which also helps to de-escalate type 2 diabetes and the cardiovascular inflammations that can lead to heart disease, then the Kagome Sulforaphane immunity-system booster is the best for you. 

Otsuka Super Multivitamin Immune System booster:

Otsuka Super Multivitamin Immune System booster

If you have any known allergies, do not buy this product. While specific allergens are labelled as milk and gelatin, you should err on the side of caution if you have any other allergies. 

If you’re new to Japan, you’ll probably come under some stress from all the abnormalities of your new life. 

Moving to a new culture is no easy feat and making new relationships, learning a new language and getting simple things done can trigger stress responses you’ll probably want to avoid.

Active energy enhancement

If you’re on the market for a supplement that can act as an active defense against symptoms such as tiredness, weight gain and depression, the Otsuka immune system booster is a useful option. 

The thing to know about this supplement is that it comes complete with selenium yeast.

Helps with high blood pressure

Not only does selenium act as a valid counter to pregnancy induced high-blood pressure, it’s also useful for conditions such as stroke and complications of the heart and blood vessels. 

In addition, it also has one of its key compounds, Zinc Gluconate which promotes healthy bones, hair and skin to ensure that as you tend to your insides, you also look fantastic on the outside. 

Great Performance ratio

The Otsuka has a performance ratio of about 120 capsules per pack, 2917 ratings and an average rating score of about 4.15 on a unit measurement scale of 5.

Whatever you do, it is important to collect as much information as you can and follow the prescribed dose once you receive your package. 

If you’re completely free of allergies, and are on the market for a great allergen that’ll rid you of the constant tiredness, and help you look better, the Otsuka is a must buy!


What is the most important thing to consider when using an immune system boosting supplement?

Should I speak to a doctor before I buy a dietary supplement?

While supplements are available online as well as over the counter, it is useful to speak to a doctor that understands your health history before you make your purchase.

While supplements come with many advantages, there might be side-effects you should look out for if you’ll be dosing orally over a long period of time. 

Another step you can take is to look at negative reviews online as they’ll help you determine who is unsatisfied with their experience and why. 

On a final note, you should know that although traditional medicine is ambivalent about dietary supplements, a little research into the experiences of users and the many advantages that the compounds they contain offer will likely provide more balance.

What’s most important when buying a dietary supplement?

While price is a key variable with many other commodities, in many cases the opposite is the case with immune system boosters

Usually, with diet supplements, the more expensive it is, the more likely it is to contain high quality compounds that’ll deliver the exact experience you’re looking for. 

Also,  If you’ll be making this investment, you should take some time to research what your package contains and who manufactures it. 

Many companies in Japan who manufacture dietary supplements provide rigorous documentation to establish material sourcing and you should obtain that information to establish credibility if you’ll be using this product for a long time. 

How much does an immune system booster cost on average?

For most of the immune system boosters on this list, a budget between ¥1000 ($10) to ¥5,000 ($50) is sufficient for the purchase itself as well as shipping. 

If you’re buying a diet supplement, you should consult the sections above as they provide a robust guide that’ll put all the technical information in perspective and help with your final purchase decision. 

Also, when you buy an immune system booster, it is important to avoid the urge to go for the cheaper option without due consideration of your specific use case.

As a corollary to that point, ensure that you do collect the necessary information to make a well informed decision before you make your purchase.


If you’re new to the country, you’re probably just trying to put yourself in the proper form to achieve all your goals. 

To that end, it is important to put great emphasis on your health and wellbeing as you adjust to new dietary norms and a completely different way of life. 

Immune system boosters can be the perfect complement for your meals and provide all the vital nutrients that your normal diet lacks. 

If you’re so inclined, you should conduct a licensed health professional who has some knowledge of your health history before you make a purchase and if not, then some review research on amazon will prove invaluable in the long term. 

Also, ensure that you adhere strictly to the recommended dose and avoid using the stipulated immune system boosters if you’re allergic to any substances you know of. Finally, make sure to collect as much information from this website and others like it before you make a final purchase decision as your long term, health and well-being might depend on it. 

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