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Video of Mr. Wishma who died at the immigration facility Bereaved family lawyer released | NHK


In a trial in which the bereaved family of a Sri Lankan woman who died at an immigration facility in Nagoya City is seeking compensation from the government, the bereaved family’s lawyers submitted as evidence a photo of the detained woman’s deteriorating physical condition. Some of the footage was released to the media.

On March 6, 2018, Wishma Sandamali (then 33), a Sri Lankan who was detained at a facility of the Nagoya Immigration Bureau, passed away complaining of poor physical condition.

The bereaved family has filed a lawsuit seeking compensation from the government at the Nagoya District Court, saying that they did not provide necessary medical care, and the government has requested that the lawsuit be dismissed, saying that the response was not illegal.

The bereaved family’s lawyers have released to the press about five minutes of the approximately five hours of footage that the state has submitted as evidence of Mr. Wishma’s detention.