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Manga Artists, VTubers Fear Japan’s New Invoice System Invites Loss of Privacy

Japan will implement a brand new system for submitting invoices in October 2023, however it’s unpopular amongst members of the inventive industries who use pseudonyms.

Under the brand new proposed system, invoices can solely be thought of “verified” if people file them utilizing their actual names, and the names might be accessible to the general public by way of a nationwide database. This poses issues to employees who want to maintain their actual names personal, comparable to manga artists and Virtual YouTubers.

So far, Japan’s Ministry of Finance has supplied scant particulars relating to how the system will work for pseudonym-heavy occupations. On October 8, the Citizen’s Liaison Group For Tax Justice (headed by lawyer Kenji Utsunomiya) submitted inquiries to the Ministry of Finance; the solutions, as reported by Shueisha Online on Saturday, weren’t promising.

The Ministry of Finance is reportedly not contemplating countermeasures for privacy-related points, responding that it didn’t imagine that itemizing an individual’s actual title is “highly risky personal information.” According to a consultant, the person’s actual title was chosen over addresses or phone numbers as some extent of id verification for that reason. The database might be open to business use; the MIF clarified that its function is to permit corporations that take care of a lot of shoppers to confirm invoices in batches, as an alternative of figuring out the people one after the other.
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