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Used Car Series: Top Tips to Buy a Used Car in Japan

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If you’re looking for a useful way to get about, a used car is a safe, convenient, and cost-effective as a mobility option for you and everyone you love while you’re in Japan.

While Japan is famous for its metro subway systems, they’re usually rowdy and crowded – and not completely safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Getting a used car makes it possible to commute safely to family hangouts and picnics as the country boasts of several scenic sites and for running personal errands. 

Isn’t it better to buy a new car instead?

Buying a new car is fine, but if you’re working in Japan, you have to deal with expenses that might accrue. Also, you’re probably spending a lot on furnishing a new apartment, tending to your family, and other high priority activities that cost money so saving a little money goes a long way. 

Another fantastic aspect of buying a used car here is that the Japanese are incredibly scrupulous. This means that when you rent a used car, you get the best value for your money every single time. 

Car used, which is one of the foremost used car seller companies in Japan, offers a wide range of premium vehicles and the most reasonable prices. As a result, you get the option to rent the used car you want. If you’re still wondering why buying a car isn’t the better option, check out the section below. 

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used car seller Japan

Is a used car a good investment?

While public transportation works well in some prefectures, if you live in Tokyo, Hamamatsu or Osaka, traffic and maintenance costs are relatively high, and so, getting the right used cars can save you time, money, and a lot of energy.  

This is partly because these cities are densely packed and also because, in Japan, parking spaces are expensive. Also, public transportation such as the subway, trains and taxis are sub-optimal but they’re still much better options than buying a new car.

While you’re in Japan, you might have short term commitments that require a trip out of town where buying a car isn’t a viable option. If so, Car used has many cheap used car options for you. 

Also, buying a used car allows you to stop and take pictures, and enjoy the environment based on your own schedule. It’s also very empowering as you get the option to take exciting little detours that you didn’t plan ahead for. 

Japan is blessed with beautiful scenery, and so, exploring the country should be on your to-do list. Transportation systems in these areas can be unreliable and hard to come by. 

Used cars can get you around without much fuss. Also, you don’t need to spend hours waiting for a bus to chug along. If you’re looking to travel in a group, you can still enjoy the benefits of private travel. 

If you’re travelling with lots of items of luggage, travelling in a bus or any form of public transportation is made very difficult. Instead, getting a used car enables all the flexibility and space that you’ll need while you’re on the road.  

If you’re buying a used car in Japan, you should know the rules of engagement. The next section provides a set of useful tips for obeying the law with regards to used car purchase in Japan. 

Requirements for driving in Japan

One of the first requirements for driving in Japan is age. You must be 18 or older before you’re allowed to drive within the country. Also, you must possess a valid driver’s license to be allowed to navigate Japanese roads in a car. Once you’re over 18, you can present your non-Japanese drivers license and passport at the rental office.

There are three drivers licenses that may be used in renting a car in Japan

  • Any driver’s license issued in Japan (for those living in Japan)
  • An international driver’s license (For foreigners or tourists)
  • A non-Japanese driver’s license with accompanying Japanese translation. This is in the case of a Swedish, German, French, Taiwanese, Belgian, Slovenian, Monacan driver’s license.

Once you’ve gone through the prerequisite processes to obtain these licenses, renting a car is a much less difficult prospect to contend with. 

How much do used cars cost in Japan?

Car prices depend for the most part on the vehicle you’re looking to buy, a 1000 cc-1300 cc compact car such as a Honda Fit, Toyota Vitz, Mazda Demio or Nissan March will cost between ¥150,000 ($1500) – ¥300,000 ($3000) to buy outright. 

Cars with less than 1000cc engine capacity, and yellow plate numbers are relatively cheaper than that of white number plates. Also, larger saloon models, 4×4 land cruisers, SUVs and vans are more expensive. Some of the costs also include the basic third party insurance. 

Car Used in Japan
Driving used car in Japan

Things to know about renting a used car in Japan

Can you handle Left-hand side steering in Japan?

Also, Japan’s roads employ a left-hand drive system and if you come from a country with a different system, it can be difficult to deal with turns, bends and the general flow of traffic. 

The driver’s education programmes that are offered do a lot to deal with this though and once you’ve spent some time driving on the left in a sandbox, you’ll be a lot more comfortable when you take to the road. 

Also, not only are Japan’s roads well built, but they also have a very descriptive character, and once you ply the roads a few times over, you’ll probably enjoy getting around by yourself or in the company of friends. 

What do I do if I sustain an accident in my used car?

The Japanese deal with this problem by making you purchase mandatory insurance which covers a wide range of accidental states such as injury, and damage. Also, should there be a claim that needs to be awarded, this insurance which is part and parcel of your car rental is how damages are handled when you rent a car. 

Does the Japanese Tolling system apply to a used car?

In short, it does.

In Japan, there’s quite a bit of on-road tolling and electronic systems which you’ll probably run into when you get about in the country. While you’re in the country, you will need to get an ETC card which will handle your tolling automatically once you have cash loaded on. For the most part, you can make the payment when you return to your car rental company.

What if my used car has a high mileage?

Quite simply, be happy. 

For many people, high-mileage cars are a no go. Avoid this mentality. For one, cars that have higher mileage cannot lose that much value as they generally cost less. Also, the more miles a car covers, the more well-lubricated its engine. Also, the less chance there is for a carbon build-up that destroys it permanently. 

If you’re a reseller, you should know that Car used offers a robust range of used cars with 90,000 miles and over that cost very little and offer a great deal of value on the resell. What’s more? They deliver a tremendous amount of value to those who repurchase as the Japanese have some of the most stringent car use standards in the world. 

How can I participate in the Car Used Mega Sales Series?

The first step to getting the best out of the Car Used Mega sale series is to log on to the website. On there, you’ll find that there is a wide range of used cars in different mileage ranges. 

While at it, you can select the different filters on the left; each filter narrows your search based on brand, price, and body type. You’re welcome to alter these variables to your heart’s content. 

The Mega sale offer is renewed every Tuesday by 1 pm JST, and you can get used cars at amazing discounts of up to 90% off the regular cost price of the vehicles. 

Whether you’re a used car salesperson, a wholesaler or, you’re looking out for a fantastic mobility option that’s efficient and affordable, you should look to take full advantage of the Car used Mega sales series. 


Japan is an incredible spectacle and a dream location to visit. Not only is the country famous for its heavily industrialized cities, it’s also rich in culture, and histories of one of the oldest civilizations the world has known.

Also, the country’s culture is healthy, intricate blend of old vs new, fusing into a beautiful organic lifestyle. If you’ve just moved to Japan then you’re here for a delightful stay. 

However because of the work culture in Japan, it’s easy to drift into everyday battles in crowded subways and over packed coffee shops. A used car can help you take advantage of the wondering offerings of nature Japan is blessed with.

If you travel outside the city, Japan is home to breathtaking scenery bursting to it’s brims with magical sunrises, beautiful lakes and waterfalls.Mount Fuji is famous all over the world for being a lovely place to visit during any season of the year. In spring, the blooming of the cherry blossoms is nothing short of spectacular.

Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kyushu, Shikoku are some of the islands you should definitely visit while in Japan. To travel without breaking the bank, you’ll need a used car to navigate all your adventures.

Many of the used cars come with a GPS system that can help you find your way easily, and entertainment options so there’s never a dull moment. Also, take advantage of the Mega Sales rush to get as much as 90% off of your used car

While Car used is great for private users, it also offers shipping across the world and a delightful auction programme. If you’re a reseller in a foreign country, you can get the best of both worlds in used cars with a full instructional manual that shows you how to get the best value from each auction. 

Whether you’re a reseller or a private user, the Car used website is your one-stop-shop for all things used cars. Click here to get the bargain of a lifetime. 

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