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how to eat your way through the city

FUKUOKA, Nov 16 (lonelyplanet.com) –
Located at the tip of northern Kyūshū, friendly and sunny Fukuoka has a coastal location on a bustling trading route that has historically made it a popular choice to visit in Japan.

But Fukuoka landed on the Best in Travel list for its mouthwatering culinary options, from the incredible mobile food scene to, of course, the internationally renowned Hakata ramen. We think food lovers will find Fukuoka an exciting addition to their must-travel list.

Fukuoka embodies the dichotomy of Japan: resolutely traditional, unapologetically modern. Fukuoka’s history touches on the very soul of Japan, with its Hakata ramen and pickled cod roe famed throughout the archipelago. Today, it’s a vital international trading center with a robust start-up culture – and the fastest growing city in Japan. After Tokyo, Fukuoka is the most common entry city for second-time visitors to Japan: Asian tourists who come for the shopping and stay for the food. This overlooked destination is a place you’ll find yourself thinking about for years afterward.
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