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‘Evangelion’ in 11 languages: Amazon releases multi-lingual preview for last Eva anime movie



Japanese films are inclined to take a very long time to return to dwelling video. For instance, you continue to can’t lease or stream “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train,” the highest-grossing film of all time in Japan, virtually 10 months after its theatrical launch.

But the watch for “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time,” is mercifully quick. Following its Japanese theater debut in March, the fourth and last “Rebuild of Evangelion” movie is now accessible for viewing via Amazon Prime Video. Even higher, it’s not simply Japanese followers who’ll get to look at, however otaku around the globe, because it’s a world streaming launch with not solely the unique Japanese dialogue, however 10 totally different foreign-language dubs.

To have a good time this second in anime historical past, Amazon has launched a multi-lingual teaser trailer for “Thrice Upon a Time” and the three earlier “Rebuild of Evangelion” films, that includes clips from the tetralogy with dialogue that shifts first from Japanese to French, adopted by German, Mandarin Chinese, Castilian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Italian, and, lastly, English.

Even should you don’t converse every language on the record, you’ll be able to nonetheless select some fascinating localization decisions. For instance, the German dub apparently retains the Japanese-language honorifics, as evidenced when Kaworu mentions “Shinji Ikari-kun.” In phrases of terminology, the Korean dub follows the Japanese unique through the use of the English phrases “Third Impact,” whereas the Latin American Spanish dub might be heard speaking a couple of “Quarto Impacto” for a theoretical fourth such occasion.

If you’re curious as to what language is being spoken at every level, the Japanese textual content on the backside of the video will let you recognize:

● 日本語 = Japanese

● フランス語 = French

● ドイツ語 = German

● 中国語 = Chinese

● カスティーリャ・スペイン語 = Castilian Spanish

● ブラジル・ポルトガル語 = Brazilian Portuguese

● ヒンディー語 = Hindi

● 韓国語 = Korean

● ラテン・スペイン語 = Latin American Spanish

● イタリア語 = Italian

● 英語 = English

▼ And sure, that’s Asuka delivering her well-known “Anta baka?/Are you stupid or something?” line in Chinese.

Source: YouTube/Amazon Prime Video JP – アマゾンプライムビデオ by way of Comic Natalie by way of Otakomu

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