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Typhoon Muifa continues to pound Japan’s Okinawa

Stormy circumstances are anticipated to proceed in areas round Ishigaki and Miyako islands in Japan’s southern prefecture of Okinawa, because the area is inside the storm zone of a strong hurricane.

Weather officers say Typhoon Muifa was 120 kilometers north of Ishigaki Island as of seven a.m. on Tuesday. The storm is slowly shifting north-northeast.

The hurricane is packing winds of as much as 144 kilometers per hour close to its middle, with peak gusts reaching 198 kilometers per hour.

A gust of greater than 125 kilometers per hour was noticed on Iriomote Island at round 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

The Ishigaki and Miyako islands areas are anticipated to stay inside the storm zone till early Tuesday afternoon, because the storm retains its energy and strikes slowly northward.

Gusts of as much as 126 kilometers per hour are forecast for the Yaeyama area together with Ishigaki Island all through the day.

Seas across the Ishigaki and Miyako islands will stay very tough till early Wednesday, with waves anticipated to succeed in a peak of 10 meters.

Up to 30 millimeters of rainfall per hour is anticipated within the Ishigaki island area on Tuesday.

In the 24 hours by means of 6 a.m. on Wednesday, as much as 100 millimeters of rain is anticipated within the Ishigaki island area.

Officials are urging residents to remain alert for landslides, floods in low-lying areas and swollen rivers.

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