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Shogi “Oshosen” 4th station Attacking Hanyu 9-dan Fujii 5 crowns are also long-term consideration | NHK


The fourth round of one of the eight major shogi titles, “Oshosen,” began in Tokyo, and Sota Fujii’s fifth crown (20), aiming to defend the title, and the challenger, Yoshiharu Hanyu, 9th dan (52), finished the first day’s game. rice field.

The 4th station of “Oshosen” was set up at a hotel in Tachikawa, Tokyo, and after Hanyu 9-dan entered the room, Fujii Gokan sat down in front of the board and the game started at 9:00 am.

The early stages progressed at a relatively fast pace, but Hanyu 9th dan, the first player, began to attack aggressively, such as throwing out his pieces one after another, and Fujii Gokan responded with a long discussion that lasted more than two hours.

Then, after 6:00 pm, Fujii Five Crowns wrote the next move on paper and gave it to the observer, performing a “sealing hand”, and the game on the first day ended.