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Rapper Cardi B, the target of a thrown liquid, retaliates

An eye for an eye, and a hurled microphone for a thrown drink.

When a concertgoer threw a liquid at Cardi B, the American rap star did not hesitate: she immediately threw her mic at the offending person, according to videos circulating Sunday on social media.

The incident, at a concert in Las Vegas, made the influential rapper just the latest performer to suffer such an attack.

Recently, pop star Bebe Rexha was struck in the head by a cell phone thrown by a New York concertgoer, and reportedly required stitches. And in London, someone threw a bag containing the ashes of her own mother at superstar Pink, according to media reports.

Cardi B, in a bright orange floor-length dress, was singing near the front of a stage in Las Vegas when someone, apparently a woman, threw the contents of a tall plastic cup in her direction.

Visibly shocked but only for a second, the New York-born rapper turned and hurled her microphone at the person while cursing her out, as members of her security team jumped into the audience.

On X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, several posts warmly praised Cardi B’s reaction, saying it was time that performers react aggressively to such attacks.

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