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Police unveil anti-burglary glass

TOKYO, Aug 08 (News On Japan) –
As a measure towards a collection of theft incidents concentrating on jewellery and pawn retailers, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have unveiled shatter-resistant anti-burglary glass utilizing a novel layer of movie.

The anti-burglary glass has a double-layered construction with a particular movie sandwiched in between, developed collectively by the National Police Agency and personal firms.

According to the Metropolitan Police, strengthened glass utilized in cars shattered after one hit, whereas the newly developed anti-burglary glass solely developed cracks after a number of hits and will stand up to for over 5 minutes with out shattering throughout experimentation.

“With incidents like the Rolex robbery in Ginza, the sense of unease among Tokyo residents is increasing. Creating an environment to prevent such incidents is becoming very important,” police mentioned, whereas encouraging not solely shops but additionally households to put in this anti-burglary glass as a safety measure.

Aug 08 (ANNnewsCH) – 相次ぐ貴金属店買い取り店などを狙った強盗事件や空き巣被害への対策として、警視庁は特殊なフィルムを使った割れづらい防犯ガラスを公開しました。  …proceed studying

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