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New Studio Ghibli exhibition brings anime movie magic to cities around Japan


In Japan, Studio Ghibli films are often broadcast on television in a Friday night TV slot known as “Kinyo Road Show” (“Friday Road Show”). The relationship between the two began in 1986, a year after Kinyo Road Show began in 1985, when Ghibli’s 1984 animated feature film “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” was first broadcast. 

Since then, Kinyo Road Show, or “Kinro” as it’s commonly known, has screened Ghibli films on more than 200 occasions. It’s a fruitful relationship that continues to flourish to this day, so this summer they’re banding together for an exhibition that celebrates their partnership. 

▼ Kinyo Road Show’s famous logo character — a gent in a top hat called “Uncle Friday” who operates an old-time movie camera — was actually created by Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki, with assistance from “Whisper of the Heart” director Yoshifumi Kondo.


The “Kinyo Road Show and Ghibli Exhibition“, as it’s being called, traces the long history of the Kinro and Ghibli relationship with a number of immersive displays that allow you to slip back in time to different eras.

One of the highlights is the “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind: The World of Ohmu” display, which draws you into the world of the movie, and acts as a photo spot where visitors can take moody photos of themselves to share on social media.

▼ Created by Takeya Takayuki, a world-famous sculptor, this exhibit makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into the anime film.


Another photo spot that visitors will want to see is the “Ghibli Magic Lantern” area, where you’ll find a giant lantern that was originally made for the Ghibli Grand Exposition held in Toyama in 2018-2019.

▼ You can experience the world of Ghibli through characters illuminated from the glass.


Of course, there’ll be plenty of other exciting displays at the exhibition, but Kinro and Ghibli are keeping the details under wraps for now. All will be revealed when the exhibition begins in Tokyo, at Warehouse Terrada B&C HALL/E HALL in Tennoz, from June 29 to September 24, and later at the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art in Toyama City, where it’ll run from October 7 to January28, 2024.

▼ “Kinyo Roadshow and Ghibli Exhibition“


If you’re not in those areas, don’t worry — the exhibition is set to go on tour around the country from next spring. We’ll keep you updated with further details as soon as we get them.

Reference: Friday Roadshow and Ghibli Exhibition 

Source, images: PR Times

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