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KinKi Kids’ Tsuyoshi Domoto Battles Hearing Loss

TOKYO, Feb 13 (News On Japan) –
Tsuyoshi Domoto of the favored duo KinKi Kids made an look on their common radio program “KinKi Kids Donnan Mon Ya!” (broadcasted by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc. each Monday at 24:05). During the present, he spoke concerning the present state of his listening to. “The doctors have told me it won’t return,” mentioned Domoto, referring to the sudden listening to loss he skilled in 2017.

“It’s really a gradual process. I don’t expect it to come back all at once, and the doctors have indeed said it won’t come back because it’s a sequelae,” he defined.

Domoto Tsuyoshi, Determined to Overcome His Hearing Challenges

Despite the prognosis, Domoto expressed his willpower to enhance his situation, “When I think about wanting to meet everyone on stage, I know I need to work towards healing my ears, and I can’t neglect maintenance. I’ve tried changing hospitals, consulting different doctors, and even altering my diet—various things,” he shared about his ongoing efforts to deal with his situation.

Currently, Domoto experiences fluctuating ranges of listening to. “There are days when I think ‘my hearing might be good today,’ but then there are times when it becomes harder to hear due to atmospheric pressure or when I’m working outside in the cold for long periods,” he revealed. He continued, “This is something that I handle day by day. There are good days and bad days. But I’m not rushing; I’m trying to make even a millimeter of improvement, aiming to get better than I am now.”

Tsuyoshi Domoto’s candid dialogue on his radio present has highlighted his private battle and resilience within the face of a difficult well being challenge.

Source: MDPR