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Father sentenced to 16 years in prison for firing an air gun to his 1-year-old son Fukuoka District Court | NHK


Five years ago, in Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, he was accused of firing an airgun bullet at his 1-year-old son and causing him to die without receiving necessary treatment, including abandonment of a guardian to death. The Fukuoka District Court sentenced the father to 16 years in prison as requested by the prosecution, saying that it was an extremely cruel crime that disregarded his personality and dignity.

Masanori Jokei (27), an unemployed man from Tagawa City, assaulted his third son Yuima (1 year old at the time) at his home five years ago by firing air gun bullets many times, and was weakened. He was accused of causing injury and causing death by abandoning a person in charge of protection, for causing him to die without being aware of it and not receiving the necessary treatment.

In the trial so far, the prosecution has demanded a sentence of 16 years in prison, and the defendant side has claimed innocence, saying, “There is a possibility that someone other than the defendant shot the air gun, and there is a possibility that he was not aware that he was in a condition that required protection.” was doing.

In the judgment on the 9th, Atsushi Tomita, presiding judge of the Fukuoka District Court, admitted that the defendant fired an air gun at close range and was aware that he was in need of treatment, and pleaded not guilty. I withdrew.

On top of that, he said, “While witnessing the weakening of my one-year-old child, I have continued without protection for a long time, and the consequences are serious. There is no choice but to face the crime for a long time without words of remorse or apology.”

In this case, the 27-year-old mother was also accused of abandoning the person responsible for protection to death, and has already been sentenced to eight years in prison.