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[Commentary]President Zelensky visits the United Kingdom Seeking the provision of fighter planes | NHK


On the 8th, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Britain for the first time since Russia’s military invasion began in February last year, and demanded the provision of fighter planes as further military support, claiming that “wings are needed to protect freedom.” I was.

President Zelensky visited the United Kingdom without prior notice on the 8th and met with Prime Minister Sunak at the Prime Minister’s Office in London.

Addressing Prime Minister Sunak and members of parliament at Westminster Hall in parliament, he said: “Every Ukrainian knows that courage will overcome unimaginable difficulties and will ultimately be rewarded with victory. “Britain is on its way with us to the greatest victory of our lives.”

On top of that, he gave the Speaker of the House of Representatives a helmet from the Ukrainian Air Force and appealed, “We need wings and fighter planes to protect freedom.”

At a joint press conference with President Volodymyr Zelensky, Prime Minister Sunak only said that “everything is being considered” regarding the supply of fighter jets.

On the other hand, regarding the announcement that Ukrainian Air Force and others will be trained to operate NATO fighter planes, the influential newspaper “Guardian” reported that “Prime Minister Sunak laid the groundwork for the provision of fighter planes.” increase.

In addition, while RUSI = British Royal Institute for Defense and Security emphasized that “Ukrainian Air Force training does not immediately mean the provision of fighter aircraft,” “In the future, we will accelerate discussions for the provision of fighter aircraft. would,” he points out.