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Chinese embassy in Egypt slams Japan's nuclear-contaminated water launch

CAIRO, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) — The Chinese embassy in Egypt strongly criticized Wednesday Japan’s resolution to launch nuclear-contaminated water from the Fukushima plant into the Pacific Ocean, characterizing it as a egocentric and irresponsible motion that has sparked international issues.

The Chinese facet expressed its “firm opposition and strong condemnation” of the Japanese transfer, Li Zhimin, spokesman for the Chinese embassy informed reporters in a press convention, which coincided with Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi’s go to to the Egyptian capital.

“The ocean is a common property of all humanity, and forcefully discharging nuclear-contaminated water into it is an extremely selfish and irresponsible act that ignores the public interests of the international community,” mentioned Li.

The Chinese diplomat refuted Japan’s declare that China was the only opponent of Japan’s discharge of nuclear-contaminated water, stressing that “this issue pertains to safeguarding the environment, the sea, and the well-being of all people.”

“Japan’s responsibility in this matter goes beyond bilateral concerns; it affects the entire international community,” he mentioned, noting that many countries, comparable to South Korea, Russia, Germany, and Malaysia, have joined China to voice their objections to Japan’s actions.

Li additionally raised doubts in regards to the radiation monitoring information furnished by the Tokyo Electric Power Company, the entity liable for the air pollution.

“The company, known for its history of falsifying and withholding data, now stands as the only pollution monitor,” mentioned the Chinese diplomat, including such a check is totally devoid of credibility.

He additional emphasised that Japan has but to display the legitimacy of its option to launch nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean, nor has it established the enduring dependability of its water purification amenities.

“What Japan did was to transfer the risks to the whole world and perpetuate the pain to future generations,” the spokesman mentioned, urging the Japanese facet to “correct its mistakes immediately.”

In mild of the Japanese international minister’s go to and his solicitation of Egypt’s assist on this situation, Li conveyed confidence in Egypt’s dedication to justice and impartiality in worldwide affairs, trusting that the North African nation will make impartial judgments primarily based on the deserves of the matter itself.