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At least 6 killed in missile attack by Ukraine Russian military | NHK


In Ukraine, on the 9th, the Russian military carried out missile attacks in various places such as the capital Kyiv and western provinces, causing damage, including the death of at least six people.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Atomic Power Authority said a Russian missile attack cut off the last power line that supplies power to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in the south of the country on the 9th.

Currently, it is said that a backup generator is used to supply power to the nuclear power plant, but the generator has only 10 days’ worth of fuel, and it is in danger of leading to a serious accident if the power supply cannot be restored. showing a feeling.

Local pro-Russian officials have accused Ukraine of cutting power lines.

Under these circumstances, Russia, aiming to seize control of the eastern Donetsk region, intensified its attack on Bakhmut, one of the Ukrainian bases. claimed to have taken control of

On the other hand, Ukraine’s Zelensky administration has shown a stance of thorough resistance, such as strengthening Bakhmut’s defense posture.