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Court upholds 15-yr sentence on lady for ravenous a good friend’s son

FUKUOKA, Mar 09 (Kyodo) –
A excessive court docket upheld on Thursday a sentence of 15 years in jail given to a lady for manipulating a fellow mom to starve her 5-year-old son to demise within the southwestern Japan prefecture of Fukuoka in 2020.

In rejecting the attraction by the defendant Emiko Akahori, 50, the Fukuoka High Court supported a decrease court docket ruling that mentioned she psychologically managed her good friend, Rie Ikari, 41, and the 2 conspired to severely scale back Ikari’s son’s meals from round August 2019.

By late March 2020, the boy, Shojiro, grew to become severely malnourished and as a consequence of inadequate feeding, starved to demise on April 18 that 12 months.
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Mar 09 ( FBS福岡放送ニュース) – 福岡県篠栗町で3年前、当時5歳の男の子を餓死させたとして、保護責任者遺棄致死などの罪に問われた“ママ友”の控訴審判決が言い渡されました。福岡高等裁判所は9日、懲役15年とした1審判決を支持し、無罪を主張した被告側の控訴を退けました。  …proceed studying

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