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Woman detained after male stabbed to fatality in Kawasaki


Police in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, have actually detained a female in her 20s on uncertainty of fatally stabbing a male in his 30s at their house.

According to cops, the event happened on Thursday early morning at the house in Takatsu Ward, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police stated they got a phone call at around 7:45 a.m. from a female claiming that her little girl had actually stabbed a male that coped with them as well as attempted to eliminate herself.

Police hurried to the house as well as discovered a male fallen down near the entry, hemorrhaging from blade injuries to his belly. He was required to medical facility where he was noticable dead.

Inside the house, cops discovered a female with her blade. Police stated she had actually reduced her wrists yet her problem is not serious. She was required to medical facility where cops stated they will certainly doubt her after she recoups.

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Oct 31

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have actually detained preferred starKentaro Ito over a claimed hit-and-run mishap inShibuya Ward onWednesday, reports TELEVISIONAsahi(Oct 29).( tokyoreporter.com)

Oct 31

Police inKawasaki,Kanagawa Prefecture, have actually detained a female in her 20s on uncertainty of fatally stabbing a male in his 30s at their house.(Japan Today)

Oct 31

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have actually detained 5 individuals, consisting of a participant of a criminal organization, that are believed of trafficking as well as growing cannabis inGunma Prefecture, reports NHK(Oct 29).( tokyoreporter.com)

Oct 30

Last year finalist’sAisha Harumi Tochigi crowned the brand-newMiss Universe Japan( seng12900)

Oct 29

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have actually detained a 47-year-old male over the claimed molestation of a female inOta Ward previously this year, records TELEVISION Asahi (Oct 28). ( tokyoreporter.com)

Oct 27

A Japanese YouTuber as well as 2 guys were described district attorneys on (* )for purportedly putting a cushion on the pathway before the hecticMonday shuffle going across in main Shibuya as component of a trick video clip, investigatory resources stated.Tokyo((* )) 27Kyodo A guy captive about a decapitated remains discovered in a house in

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cops have actually exposed, reports the Kashiwazaki City(“brother,” 24).Niigata Nippo( tokyoreporter.com) Oct 27(* )A guy currently captive for a claimed attack was offered a fresh apprehension warrant , making him the initial bicyclist to be billed for a roadway craze event under a lately changed website traffic regulation focused on suppressing harmful driving.

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25 Monday A 17-year-old young boy leapt to his fatality from a mall as well as home entertainment complicated in on Japan Times, as well as struck a 19-year-old lady strolling listed below.

Oct lady passed away in medical facility on

(* )((* )) Osaka 25Friday of The nationals abducted by Saturday as well as federal government authorities participated in a funeral on for (* )that died in Japan Today.

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Relatives Japanese( NHK )(* )24 North Korea have actually detained a 29-year-old man grade school educator for purportedly asking for that a child send him indecent images, records NHK(Saturday 23).Yokota Shigeru( tokyoreporter.com)June 23 (* )A 36-year-old male that is believed of killing his sweetheart in He has actually stated informed his better half that he devoted the criminal activity prior to he passed away in a noticeable Yokota Megumi,
cops have actually exposed, records TBS ((* ). 21 ).

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Tokyo Metropolitan Police 23 Oct in is anticipated to be commemorated in brand-new means this year, at socially distanced occasions or online with revelers upping their face decors, as efforts are being made to avoid the spread of the unique coronavirus.

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) Takasaki City 22(* )A guy that got away fromsuicide throughout a search of his house inNews onOct early morning continues to be on the run, cops have actually exposed, records(

Oct 20 ).(* )( tokyoreporter.com )

Halloween 21Japan A previous leading politician implicated of killing his socially reclusive kid in 2014 got in an appeal of blameless on the premises of protection at the initial hearing of his allure testJapan Times( (* ))

Oct 21

A guy believed of fatally stabbing a 30-year-old lady in an automobile inSaitama Prefectural Police,(* ), on(* )evening, has actually been discovered dead in a resort area in Saitama City,Tuesday, cops statedNippon News Network Oct()

Oct 21

A bear strayed right into a huge shopping mall in Tuesday, , on Japan Times early morning as well as continued to be there all the time up until it was eliminated.


)Takasaki 21 Gunma Prefecture moms and dads of 3-year-old as well as 1-year-old ladies were provided a put on hold jail sentence Sunday for leaving their children in your home in Matsudo while the pair remained at a resort for greater than a week after obtaining the federal government s COVID-19 money handout.Chiba Prefecture(Tuesday) 20Japan Today have actually detained a previous personnel at an unique requirements center that is believed of consistently raping an impaired grade school lady, reports the

Oct((* ). 17).

(tokyoreporter.com)Kaga City 20 Ishikawa Prefecture transformed 86 onMonday, noting her birthday celebration in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic that has actually triggered her to invest most of her time silently at her house in .(* )(Japan Today)