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Wide area robbery Cash withdrawal overseas in the account of one suspect repatriated to Japan | NHK


In a series of wide-area robbery incidents, cash was transferred from an unspecified number of people to the account of one of the four people who were deported to Japan from the immigration facility in the Philippines, and immediately after that. Interviews with investigative officials have revealed that it is believed that they were withdrawn overseas. The withdrawal destination may be the Philippines, and the Metropolitan Police Department is clarifying the flow of funds.

A month ago, Yuki Watanabe (38), who was repatriated from the Philippines to Japan, was arrested for being involved in a special fraud case in 2019. We suspect that there is a suspicion and are investigating the relationship.

In the investigation so far, among the four people, the account of Masato Imamura (38) was arrested and indicted last year for being involved in an incident in which a luxury watch was stolen from a watch shop in Kyoto City. It is known that about 2.7 million yen was transferred in total, but in addition to this defendant, an unspecified number of people also transferred cash to the same account, according to interviews with investigative sources. I understand new.

Immediately after the transfer, there is a suspicion that the cash was withdrawn overseas in several parts, and according to investigative sources, the withdrawal may be in the Philippines.

It is said that a service that allows you to withdraw cash in local currency without the need for exchange is used overseas, and the bank forcibly closed the account on the grounds that it was suspected of being used for other purposes.

The Metropolitan Police Department suspects that the director of a series of wide-area robberies was trying to collect the money obtained in the incident, and is investigating the flow of funds.