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Who is Rola, the best face in Japanese marketing?



You would certainly be hard-pressed to check out Japan without seeing Rola’s face. You see her striking attributes anywhere– in numerous promotions for whatever from make-up to wellness beverages, as a style version, on TELEVISION programs, and also currently as a starlet and also diva.

In 2014, she had a lot more business agreements than any type of various other celeb inJapan Today, she has among the biggest social media sites followings of any type of Japanese celeb.

Photo: Public Relations Times

Rola owes her striking want to her papa, that is Bangladeshi, and also her mommy, that is three-quarters Japanese and also one-quarterRussian Born in Sayama in Saitama prefecture, she transferred to Bangladesh when she was one and also invested the very first 7 years of her life talking Bengali.

Rola explained her time in Bangladesh in a current meeting withTokyo Journal “I was like a monkey — not human. I ate mangos a lot and I had to catch fish with a fishing pole I made myself. I grew up like a man in the jungle… My clothes were dirty. That was natural for me. I don’t think normal Japanese people have that kind of experience.”


Photo: Public Relations Times

Rola’s life in the Bangladeshi countryside pertained to a sudden end when her papa wed a Chinese lady and also the family members returned toJapan “When I moved to Japan, my house was in a really poor area and six people from my family lived together there.”

Rola began discovering to talk, review and also create Japanese inTokyo “I am really grateful to my stepmom because I went to Japanese school, but I couldn’t read or speak any Japanese.” Her stepmother had actually been a math instructor and also ballet professional dancer when she remained in China, and also she showed Rola just how to do reproduction and also department. “She was very strict,” she claims.

When Rola was 13, her family members returned to Bangladesh for a year, however they returned to Japan once more when she was 14. Her modeling occupation started at the age of 16, when she was searched as a secondary school trainee on the roads ofShibuya She began modeling and also made her opening night as a TELEVISION tarento 5 years later on. Since after that, she has actually ended up being a component of Japanese TELEVISION and also marketing.

She has actually additionally released publications on style and also food preparation. She was elevated as a Muslim, however claims, “I’m not a good Muslim because I eat pork… I tried to be a good Muslim in Japan, but they eat a lot of pork, so my father allowed my brother and I to eat it.”

Although Rola confesses that her English is much from best, this hasn’t prevented her from composing a publication for students of English, “Speak English with Me.” “It’s very easy,” she claims. “I’m not perfect speaking English, but I really like to speak English with people.”

Rola isn’t pleased with functioning just inJapan Speaking English is a crucial part of the change she intends to make from being a Japanese tarento to a worldwide media celebrity. “Entertainment is global, and I want to do as much as I can,” she claims.

Rola lately purchased a residence in Los Angeles and also is concentrated on including her creative thinking to brand-new locations of enjoyment while working with her charitable instructional structure.

She claims she values the ambiance on the roads of LA. “In Japan, I can’t walk on the street. It’s not easy to go to the supermarket… I feel like I can really relax when I’m in LA and I can go anywhere.”

In 2017 she made her opening night in a Hollywood function movie as the women soldier Cobalt in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.” “She’s a fighter, she’s tough and very strong. She fights alongside her boyfriend. I really like strong men and strong women. I really wanted to kill a lot of zombies,” she claims with a laugh.

Looking in advance, Rola claims she intends to stabilize her occupation as a tarento in Japan with her brand-new life as a Hollywood star, author and also vocalist. “I like to speak my opinion and here [in LA] I can speak more strongly than in Japan. I feel freer in the United States. I like Instagram and showing people in Japan other kinds of fashion — not only kawaii (cute) fashion, to help change people’s thinking in Japan.”

Of her prepare for the future, she claims, “These days I really want to produce my own thing. It’s important to have a strong heart; I like challenging new things. I never stop. Entertainment is everywhere.”


Tokyo Journal, “Japan’s Multicultural Multitalented Model & Actress: Rola – From the Jungles of Bangladesh to the Global Catwalk” (Anthony Al-Jamie, fourth July 2019)

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