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Wearing a jumper to school even on cold days Not allowed by “school rules” Hiroshima junior high school | NHK


At the end of last month, when the coldest air of this winter flowed in, at a public junior high school in Hiroshima City, teachers instructed students who wore jumpers to school not to wear them based on “school rules”.
After that, the student had a fever, and the parents said, “I want you to change the rules.”

According to parents and schools, on the morning of the 25th of last month when the snow intensified in Hiroshima City, a second-year male student at a municipal junior high school was wearing a jumper and went to school. According to the regulations, I was instructed not to wear it.

The student took off the jumper and did not wear it when leaving school.

On this day, the coldest air of the winter flowed in, and according to the meteorological observatory, the lowest temperature in Hiroshima was minus 4.2 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature was 3.1 degrees Celsius.

The student was found to have a fever on the evening of the 26th, the next day, and although he recovered after that, he was absent until the 1st of this month.

In the student guidance regulations of this school, sweaters, mufflers, gloves, etc. are listed as items that are allowed to be worn when it is cold, but jumpers and coats are not listed, and depending on the school, they are not allowed.

In response to the interview, the school said that the student guidance regulations will be reviewed according to the times and circumstances, but “the rules that have been decided must be observed for the safety and security of the children. Except for individual reasons such as these, I believe that the approved winter clothes can handle the cold.”

On the other hand, a parent of a student said, “We weren’t allowed to wear a jumper when it’s cold, which is a matter of course for both adults and children. We want them to recognize that the rule is wrong and change it.”

Ryo Uchida, a professor at the Nagoya University Graduate School who is familiar with school rules and other matters regarding the response of junior high schools this time, said, “It is necessary for health and safety to wear more clothes when it is cold, but it is a situation where rules are given priority over that. At school, they say, “It’s a school rule, so follow it.” However, there is no explanation as to why the rule exists. The school should not have the authority to decide whether or not to wear it, but should leave it to the students to decide.”