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WBC Shohei Otani’s hometown, Iwate, is also excited and scheduled to start in the first game | NHK


At the WBC = World Baseball Classic of baseball, before Shohei Otani will participate as the starting pitcher in Japan’s first game on the night of the 9th, he is excited in his hometown of Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture.

At Shohei Ohtani’s hometown of Oshu City Hall, some staff members are wearing red T-shirts from the Angels, to which Ohtani belongs, to support the Japan national team in the WBC.

And at the morning meeting, the boss was seen calling out to the staff, “Tonight there is a game in which Otani will participate. Let’s watch the game and support him.”

In addition, the message “WBC2023 Aim for the best in the world!” was posted on the window of the city hall building, and the mood of cheering for the Japan national team was increasing in the hometown before the first match.

A staff member who will go to the Tokyo Dome on the 11th to watch the game said, “The T-shirt is red, and it’s a burning color, so when I wear it, I get stronger at work. I want you to do your best to become the driving force of Japan’s recapture of the world with batting.” I was talking.

Kunihiro Sato, Chief of Oshu City’s Urban Promotion Division, said, “As a citizen of Oshu City, a superstar like Ohtani has been produced, and I feel proud. was