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United States, German and Japanese Military Forces Conduct Joint Amphibious Assault throughout Talisman Sabre 23

MIDGE POINT, AUSTRALIA – Sailors from USS New Orleans transported the thirty first Marine Expeditionary Unit, German Army, and Japanese Self-Defense Forces service members ashore by way of a touchdown craft, air cushion operation as a part of Talisman Sabre 23 at Midge Point, Australia on July 25, 2023.

Amphibious operations present a combined-joint pressure commander the potential to quickly challenge energy ashore in assist of disaster response on the desired time and site. The thirty first MEU is repeatedly forward-deployed and gives a versatile and deadly pressure able to carry out a variety of navy operations.

“The exercise here is important because of all the joint forces — we integrate and we do all our training together,” stated Sgt. Jorge Bravo, a U.S. Marine with the thirty first MEU. “They have their own way of doing things, we have our own way of doing things, and we find the common ground in the middle — and we were better because of it.”

TS23 gives a key alternative for bilateral collaboration and coordination required to hold out all the suite of amphibious Marine Air Ground Task Force missions throughout air, sea, and land. Sustained operations at distant locations whereas balancing the complexities of contemporary disaster are the spine of the thirty first MEU’s capabilities.

“The reason these types of activities are important is to make sure that when we work together as partner nations, things like your tactics, techniques and procedures are known and issues such as communications and language barriers are overcome,” stated Lt. Col. Adam Murgatroyd, Australian Defense Forces, Officer In Charge, Midge Point, Talisman Sabre 23. “So, when we conduct activities for real, that confusion is not present.”

World occasions underscore the urgency to develop the multi-domain working functionality, particularly right here within the Indo-Pacific.

Source: U.S.Army