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Triple Blessings for

SHIKOKU, Mar 01 (News On Japan) –
Leap years convey a particular custom for pilgrims in Shikoku: finishing the pilgrimage in reverse order, referred to as “Gyaku-uchi Henro,” is believed to triple the blessings.

At Okubo-ji in Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture, the ultimate temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage, February twenty ninth noticed a energetic crowd of pilgrims. One customer from Marugame City, Kagawa, mentioned, “I’ve come from Marugame City and I’m about to start my pilgrimage.” Another from Fukuoka added, “I’m here for a reverse pilgrimage. Since it’s a leap year, I chose to come on the 29th.”

Typically, pilgrims go to the eighty-eight temples in numerical order, however throughout a bissextile year, they will go for the reverse route, ranging from the eighty-eighth temple, to doubtlessly obtain triple the religious advantages. The added significance of February twenty ninth makes the journey much more particular.

A pilgrim from Fukuoka shared, “It’s once every four years, so I came on the 29th. I’m here to honor my grandparents and parents who have passed away and to pray for my own protection from misfortune.” Another from Osaka mentioned, “I prayed for my family’s safety and my children’s happiness. There’s so much to wish for.”

The elevated blessings aren’t only for the pilgrims; native memento retailers are additionally seeing a lift in gross sales of pilgrimage necessities like robes and staffs. “We’re hopeful, especially after the downturn due to the pandemic. We’d like to see more reverse pilgrims,” mentioned a store proprietor.

Travel companies are capitalizing on the development, selling reverse pilgrimage excursions extra prominently this yr. It appears the reverse route will entice much more pilgrims to Shikoku.

Source: MBS NEWS