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Tokyo Disney Rule Breakers?

TOKYO, Mar 03 (News On Japan) –
A promotional video launched by Tokyo Disney Resort has not too long ago stirred controversy, elevating questions on what constitutes official park coverage.

The video, launched on February twentieth, promotes the particular spring occasion “Disney Palooza.” It contains a group of women and men having fun with a parade, however Disney followers have raised objections, calling it “annoying,” “obstructive,” and expressing that it will block the view of these behind.

In the video, some persons are seen sporting headbands with character ears, and in some scenes, they look like holding cameras above their heads, which has raised questions on whether or not such actions violate the park’s guidelines.

A Disney fan commented, “I take off my headband during parades so that people behind me can see,” and “The official stance should be to remove headbands.”

Tokyo Disney Resort’s official web site requests that “when taking photos, please ensure that your camera does not exceed head height. Additionally, for some shows, you may be asked to remove hats or headbands with large decorations.”

The controversial scenes within the 44-second PR video seem in six locations.

How do precise guests deal with their headbands throughout parades?

Footage of a parade shot in April 2018 exhibits that most individuals sitting alongside the parade route aren’t sporting headbands. The similar was noticed in a parade filmed in April 2023.

Tokyo Disney Resort has been calling for parade viewing etiquette as a “request, not a rule.” However, amongst Disney followers, there may be an unwritten rule to take away headbands and never elevate palms too excessive to keep away from obstructing others’ views.

A Disney fan stated, “If one person wears a headband, it can block the view for five or six people,” and “I make sure to remove my headband and not raise my hands too much while watching the show.”

Oriental Land, which operates Tokyo Disney Resort, commented, “Depending on the content of the show and the viewing environment at the time, our cast members may make requests, but it is not a rule that requires uniform compliance from all guests.”

Source: FNN