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Tokyo arbitration body orders Uber Eats to negotiate with deliverers’ union

TOKYO, Nov 26 (NHK) –
A labor dispute arbitration body of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has ordered the operator of the food delivery service Uber Eats to negotiate with its deliverers’ labor union.

The union formed by some Uber Eats deliverers demanded improvements in working conditions after the operator unilaterally lowered compensation for delivery staff.

The company rejected the demand, saying that deliverers are not considered employees.

The move prompted the union to file a complaint with Tokyo’s Labor Relations Commission two years ago.

A main point of contention was whether individuals working through apps provided by Uber Eats can be deemed company workers under the Labor Union Act, in light of their relationship with the operator.
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Nov 26 (ANNnewsCH) – 東京都労働委員会は宅配サービス「ウーバーイーツ」の配達員らが団体交渉を求める権利があるとする決定を出しました。いわゆる「ギグワーカー」に労働者としての権利が認められたのは日本初です。  …continue reading

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