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This Japanese Temple Is The World’s Oldest Wooden Building

There are journey locations all around the world—after which there’s Japan. Known for being insanely clear, stunningly stunning, and amazingly pleasant—Japan simply sweeps vacationers off their ft. But apart from the friendliness of the Japanese, the breathtaking great thing about the nation, and her clear, unlitterred cities, Japan additionally boasts an abundance of spots so wealthy in historical past, thriller, and naturally, cultural significance. Among these are a good assortment of magnificent temples, sacred shrines, and historic medieval castles—unfold out in varied areas of the island nation in East Asia. And the nice news is that Japan has reopened once more after the Covid-19 lockdown.


In this text, we speak about a Japanese temple that’s distinctive for being the world’s oldest picket constructing. And to chop the chase, that is the Horyuji Temple close to Nara. Here’s why the Horyuji Temple is a must-see.

Why The Horyuji Temple Is A Must-see

For starters, and as we’ve stated, the Horyuji Temple options picket buildings which might be the oldest on the planet. If there have been no different fascinating components to this uncommon gem, it will nonetheless deserve a go to for being within the Guinness Book of World Records for that outstanding feat. The Horyuji Temple was in-built 607 AD. That means it’s 1,415 years previous. We would nonetheless marvel at this—if the constructing was product of extra enduring components like stones, bricks, or steel. But wooden is simply past the pale. Even if we’ve recognized such species because the oak, cedar, and the African Baobab—to be spiteful of time.

Let’s contact slightly on its founding. The man behind its founding and institution was Prince Shotoku—whose position in introducing Chinese cultural and political affect to Japan is properly documented. While the standard faith of the Japanese had been Shinto—a faith with no recognized founder, no sacred textual content, and no fastened dogmaShotoku would look west to China for enticing non secular improvements like Buddhism and Confucianism. As a mark of his devotion to a brand new religion, albeit an alien one, Shotoku led out within the development of this Buddhist temple. But it’s additionally stated that Shotoku’s father, Emperor Yomei, had been infirm and that Shotoku constructed this temple, so he might pray to Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha related to therapeutic—for his father’s restoration.

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Things You Must See At Horyuji Temple

Together with the Himeji Castle, the Horyuji Temple is the primary UNESCO World Heritage Site in Japan. There are many issues on this temple—and about it—that might fascinate and intrigue a customer. The temple itself consists of two precincts: The Eastern Precinct and the Western Precinct. In addition, there are different small temples throughout the bounds of this temple. Some notable buildings nobody will wish to miss seeing within the Western Precinct are the Main Hall and the five-story Pagoda. Also known as the Kondo, the Main Hall is definitely the world’s oldest picket constructing—even when that description is often (incorrectly) utilized to the entire temple complicated.

Inside the Main Hall, three canopies grasp from the ceiling, embellished with phoenixes and different angelic beings. Under one in all these canopies, Yakushi Nyorai, the commemorated Budha of therapeutic—calmly sits. In different sections of the Main Hall, guests will discover different Buddha deities—both sitting or standing. But no matter their completely different postures, all these deities look strikingly regal.

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Then there’s the five-story Pagoda, an enormous attraction within the complicated. A pagoda is a tiered tower with many eaves. Therefore, the five-story Pagoda, because the identify suggests, has 5 overhanging eaves. This is the oldest Pagoda of this type in Japan. According to oral custom, a portion of the ashes of Shakyamuni, the founding father of Buddhism—is buried under the bottom of this 32-meter tall edifice.

Here’s What You Should Know If You Want To Travel To Horyuji Temple

Horyuji is about 7.4 miles exterior downtown Nara, the capital metropolis of Nara Prefecture—a landlocked prefecture in Kil Peninsula located in central Japan. It’s about 22 miles from Kyoto and solely 17 miles from Osaka, Japan’s second-largest metropolitan space after Tokyo. Those preferring to journey to Horyuji by prepare from Nara ought to board Yamatoji Line from JR Nara Station. This is a brief, 12-minute journey that’ll value about $12.6 (220 Japanese Yen).

  • How Far is Nara From Tokyo, Japan? Nara is 22.3 miles (36 kilometers) from Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

For these touring by bus, the pick-up level is both JR or Kintetsu Nara Station. From right here, vacationers ought to take bus quantity 98 to Horyuji. The journey can take as much as about an hour, even when it’s nearly 7.4 miles. Yes, Japanese buses could be sluggish.

That’s it. Visiting the Horyuji Temple is like a chunk of Japan’s transcendent soul. It shall be greater than rewarding.