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Squirrel consuming toxic mushroom?

SAPPORO, Oct 18 (News On Japan) –
A squirrel caught munching on a toxic mushroom in northern Japan sparked sizzling debate on social media final week.

The squirrel is seen holding down the mushroom with its entrance paws and taking a chew of what’s referred to as the ‘Amanita muscaria’ (Fly Agaric).

If people eat it, they’ll expertise signs resembling dizziness and nausea inside about half-hour, and there are instances the place it might even be deadly.

Two nights after the squirrel was captured on video, a deer appeared on the similar location.

The cap of the mushroom is lacking, with solely the stem remaining.

The deer sniffs it intensely earlier than munching away. While the stem additionally comprises poison, the deer devours it with out hesitation.

Professor Kenji Suenaga from the Graduate School of Science at Kobe University stated, “While it’s poisonous for humans, the toxic component gives it a delicious taste for creatures like squirrel and deer. It’s believed that they have a resistance to the poison.”

The story does not finish there.

The morning after the deer ate the mushroom, the squirrel appeared. Realizing that the mushroom was gone, it frantically started looking in every single place.

It was a bittersweet actuality for the squirrel, realizing ‘you should not save your favourite meals for final.’

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