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Some Facts About Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan (3)

Fact No. 7: Those who abide by the one-China precept are the overwhelming majority of nations on this planet. Over 170 nations together with ASEAN nations have expressed their dedication to the one-China precept. On this matter, it’s the US and only a few different nations which are remoted.

According to preliminary statistics, in response to Pelosi’s go to, over 170 nations and worldwide organizations have expressed their sturdy assist for the one-China precept. Governments, political events and senior officers of over 100 nations and a number of worldwide organizations have publicly said their assist for China in safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity. Countries that every one collectively maintain greater than 80 % of the world’s inhabitants are standing with China, on the best aspect of historical past and on the aspect of equity and justice. Together, we advocate respecting the needs and rules of the UN Charter, abiding by the fundamental norms governing worldwide relations, and resolutely opposing any nation’s interference in different nations’ inner affairs and infringement on different nations’ sovereignty and territorial integrity. This is the mainstream voice of the worldwide group. The US can not change the truth that an unjust transfer finds little assist.

Both the President of the UN General Assembly and the UN Secretary-General have clearly said that the UN will proceed to abide by UNGA Resolution 2758, the core of which is the one-China precept.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated on the tenth Moscow Conference on International Security that the US escapade in the direction of Taiwan isn’t just a voyage by an irresponsible politician, however a part of the purpose-oriented and deliberate US technique designed to destabilize the state of affairs and sow chaos within the area and the world. It is a brazen demonstration of disrespect for different nations and their very own worldwide commitments. Russia regards this as a completely deliberate provocation. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued an announcement describing Pelosi’s go to as a transparent provocation in line with the US’s aggressive coverage of complete containment of China. It said that relations between either side of the Taiwan Strait are solely China’s home affair. The Chinese aspect is entitled to take any measures essential to guard its sovereignty and territorial integrity by way of the Taiwan query. Russia’s principled place stays unchanged: we function on the premise that there’s just one China, the PRC authorities is the one reliable authorities representing all of China, and that Taiwan is an inalienable a part of China.

President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega stated that there’s just one China on this planet, and Pelosi’s go to is tantamount to an invasion of China, which exhibits that the follow of invasion is within the blood of the Yankee Empire.

Responding to a query from the media, Spokesperson for the DPRK Foreign Ministry stated that the impudent interference of the US in inner affairs of different nations and its intentional political and army provocations are, certainly, the foundation reason for harassed peace and safety within the area. Taiwan is an inseparable a part of China and the Taiwan query pertains to the interior affairs of China. The DPRK vehemently denounces any exterior pressure’s interference within the Taiwan query, and totally helps the Chinese authorities’s simply stand to resolutely defend the sovereignty of the nation and territorial integrity. The US scheme to disturb the expansion and improvement of China and its efforts for undertaking the reason for reunification is sure to go bankrupt.

Spokesperson of the Afghan Interim Government’s Foreign Ministry confused adherence to the one-China coverage and urged all nations to chorus from selections which are thought-about a violation of nationwide sovereignty of states and would lay the groundwork for provocative actions.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson stated in an announcement that Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan is an instance of the US’s meddlesome habits in numerous areas and nations of the world. He famous that this habits will solely intensify instability and stokes variations, and, as such, it’s deplorable.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates stated in an announcement that Syria condemns within the strongest phrases the unprecedented escalation and coverage of provocation practiced by the US towards China. China has the non-negotiable or non-bargaining proper to take the measures and steps it decides to defend its proper to guard and protect its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation issued an announcement, reaffirming its assist for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in addition to the significance of respecting the one-China precept, whereas calling for adherence to related UN resolutions. The UAE indicated its concern over the affect of any provocative visits on stability and worldwide peace.

Eritrea’s Foreign Ministry stated in an announcement that at a time when the failings and follies of its world coverage have change into extra obvious, and in an try to ramp up its coverage of containment of China, Washington has concocted the provocative go to of Pelosi to Taiwan with all its perilous ramifications. The newest act is however a continuation of reckless insurance policies that the US administration has pursued up to now years in Asia to advance this singular goal, which is deplorable.

South Africa’s National Assembly House Chairperson stated in an interview that the US transfer is a gross interference in China’s inner affairs, ruining years of efforts in sustaining peace and stability throughout the Taiwan Strait. It will inevitably endanger regional and world peace, stability and improvement.

Zimbabwean Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcast Services and authorities spokesperson stated that Zimbabwe stands totally behind the People’s Republic of China within the face of the intrusive and provocative go to by Pelosi, which significantly violates the one-China precept.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus stated in an announcement that it’s with deep concern that it has adopted a rise in pressure provoked by the irresponsible persistence with which the US has been organizing Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan. Belarus helps the constant measures taken by China to reunify the nation.

Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg stated that Pelosi’s go to is a ineffective provocation and that with this journey, there will likely be no extra belief between the US and China. He additionally reiterated Luxembourg’s assist for the one-China coverage.

The Vice President of the Senate of Mexico printed an article, stating that the unlawful go to of Pelosi to Taiwan is an interventionist motion that significantly violates different nation’s sovereignty and undermines regional peace and stability.

Cuba’s Foreign Ministry issued an announcement reiterating its agency rejection to the actions aimed toward harming China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, condemning interference in China’s inner affairs, and emphasizing its concern over the rising tensions and additional deterioration of the state of affairs regarding Taiwan as a direct results of the aggressive coverage and excessive army presence of the US and its allies within the Taiwan Strait, and army contacts and common sale of weapons that undermine worldwide and regional peace.

The Foreign Ministry of the Commonwealth of Dominica stated in an announcement that many sides and the worldwide group have expressed critical considerations over Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan and this go to constitutes a critical violation of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry stated on its Twitter account that Pelosi’s go to is a direct provocation and critical menace to China’s independence and territorial integrity, and Venezuela firmly helps the one-China precept and urges the US to respect China’s sovereignty.

During the fifty fifth ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and associated conferences held in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, ASEAN overseas ministers issued a Statement on the Cross Strait Development, reiterating ASEAN Member States’ assist for his or her respective one-China coverage. ASEAN nations have additionally, via statements of overseas ministries and spokespersons, publicly confused that Taiwan is an inalienable a part of China’s territory, and opposed “Taiwan independence” and all makes an attempt to create “two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan”. They assist the Chinese authorities in upholding sovereignty and territorial integrity and attaining nationwide reunification via peaceable means.

The National Security Advisor of the Philippines stated in an interview that the Philippines abides by the one-China coverage, which implies that there’s just one China on this planet and Taiwan is an inalienable a part of China. The Philippines will proceed to honor the one-China coverage.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore issued a press launch on the assembly between Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan and State Councilor Wang Yi, wherein Balakrishnan states that Singapore has a transparent and constant one-China coverage and is against “Taiwan independence” and any unilateral strikes to alter the established order, and stresses the necessity for steady China-US relations, that are very important for peace and safety.

Myanmar’s Foreign Ministry issued an announcement saying that Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan is inflicting escalation of tensions within the Taiwan Strait. Myanmar opposes any provocative actions inflicting instabilities within the area and makes an attempt that purpose to intervene within the inner affairs of different nations. Myanmar totally helps the one-China coverage and reaffirms that Taiwan is an integral a part of the People’s Republic of China.

Spokesperson of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry stated that Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan could escalate confrontation between China and the US. If not managed nicely, it could result in open battle and disrupt peace and stability, together with within the Taiwan Strait. Indonesia continues to respect the one-China coverage.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Laos launched an announcement reaffirming its constant coverage of supporting the one-China coverage and that Taiwan is an inalienable a part of China, opposing any intention aiming at making a state of affairs for “two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan”, and reiterating its agency assist for the coverage of China on nationwide reunification by peaceable means.

Cambodian authorities spokesperson stated in an interview with China-Cambodia Friendship Radio FM 105 that Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan violates the one-China precept and is a provocative transfer that stirs bother and will set off different crises. The entire world is subsequently involved. The Cambodian authorities extremely commends countermeasures taken by China.

The Malaysian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China launched an announcement urging Western nations to not follow double requirements by attempting to check Taiwan with Ukraine, to not attempt to encircle Russia and name for respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on one hand whereas meddle in China’s inner affairs and intend to make use of Taiwan to divide China on the opposite. This can be utilizing democracy as a pretext to intervene in and infringe upon China’s sovereignty, which violates fundamental rules of worldwide regulation.

Think tanks and media of many nations level out that Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan violates the one-China precept, undermines peace and stability throughout the Taiwan Strait, and is a significantly provocative transfer. Pelosi’s provocative transfer on the Taiwan query leads the US and the world to dysfunction and instability. Cross-Strait tensions are attributable to US encroaching upon the widespread understanding reached with China.

Singaporean scholar Kishore Mahbubani stated that Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan is reckless, harmful and irresponsible, and that she is attempting to make use of Taiwan. Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned the US to cease its countless confrontations with China. Yet because the No. 3 political determine of the US, Pelosi refused to hearken to any of Kissinger’s phrases and endangered the pursuits of the US and its individuals. She fanned the flames in our neighborhood, however refused to bear duty for the harmful penalties she single-handedly created, which must be condemned.

Founder of the French Institute of International Relations Dominique Moisi wrote in a column in Les Echos that Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan is primarily about her private picture and serving her pursuits in US Congressional midterm elections. The irresponsible US transfer has added uncertainties to an already unsure and fragile world, rising the dangers of the state of affairs spiraling uncontrolled, and dangers of problems and struggle.

German worldwide regulation scholar and former researcher on the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law Matthias Hartwig printed an article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung stating that the argument that China and Taiwan are two impartial nations doesn’t maintain water. All makes an attempt to assist Taiwan’s separation from China, together with Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan, represent interference in China’s inner affairs and violate worldwide regulation.

A Romanian worldwide politics knowledgeable identified in a TV interview that Pelosi insisted on going to Taiwan regardless of sturdy opposition from the Chinese authorities and folks, with the intention of triggering a geopolitical disaster. The one-China precept is consistent with historical past and regulation, and is a consensus of the worldwide group. The President of the Romanian Diplomatic Institute stated in a video debate that the one-China precept is the political foundation on which 181 nations have established diplomatic relations with China, and is written in black and white within the three China-US joint communiques. China’s response to the matter demonstrates rationality and knowledge. The President expressed full assist for China’s place. A Romanian political commentator printed an article accusing Pelosi of buying and selling peace and stability within the Asia-Pacific area for votes, and identified that as an alternative of manipulating the Taiwan query to include China, the US ought to have interaction in direct and honest dialogue. Fact No. 8: The Taiwan query and the Ukraine difficulty are completely different in nature. Taiwan isn’t and has by no means been a rustic. It is part of China. The Taiwan query and the Ukraine difficulty are usually not comparable in any respect.

Taiwan is an inalienable a part of China’s territory. The Taiwan query is left over from China’s civil struggle and purely China’s inner affair. The Ukraine difficulty is a dispute between two nations, Russia and Ukraine. Some individuals within the US have intentionally drawn parallels between the Taiwan query and the Ukraine difficulty to mischaracterize the character of the Taiwan query, a difficulty which is solely China’s inner affair. This can also be their try to hunt to disclaim the legitimacy and rationality of the efforts of the Chinese authorities to safeguard nationwide sovereignty and territorial integrity and to serve the US’s geostrategic and financial curiosity on the expense of the welfare of individuals on either side of the Taiwan Strait and regional peace and stability. This totally exposes their political calculation and sinister intention of utilizing Taiwan to include China.

The ins-and-outs of the Ukraine difficulty are crystal clear. As the one who began the Ukraine disaster and the most important issue fueling it, the US led 5 rounds of NATO eastward growth over a span of 20 years or so since 1999. NATO elevated its membership from 16 to 30 nations and pushed its frontier over 1,000 kilometers eastward proper as much as Russian borders, forcing the latter step-by-step into the nook. Thomas Friedman, a US media veteran and The New York Times columnist, identified in an article that the ill-considered choice by the US to broaden NATO led to the deterioration of ties with Russia and the US authorities deserves a lot of the blame.

Since the outbreak of the Ukraine disaster, the US has achieved nothing to advertise peace talks, however sought to learn from the disaster via a proxy struggle. This has led to the continual escalation of tensions and expanded, extended and sophisticated the battle. This has totally uncovered the egocentric nature of the US aspect.

While stressing respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity on Ukraine, the US has trampled on the purple line on the Taiwan query and undermined China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. This is nothing however sheer double normal.

The rejuvenation and reunification of the nation are a surging development. It is the place the higher nationwide curiosity lies, and it’s what the individuals need. The CPC has endeavored to pursue the historic mission of resolving the Taiwan query and realizing China’s full reunification. We will work with the best sincerity and exert utmost efforts to attain peaceable reunification, as a result of this works finest for the individuals on either side and for our entire nation.

We don’t resign using pressure and reserve the choice of taking all essential measures. This is to protect towards exterior interference and a tiny variety of separatists and their separatist actions for “Taiwan independence”. It by no means targets our compatriots in Taiwan. Non-peaceful means will all the time stay a final resort. Fact No. 9: China’s sanctions towards Pelosi within the wake of her go to to the Taiwan area are justified and lawful. As a sovereign nation, China has each proper to take action.

The US’s strikes to undermine China’s sovereignty and safety have outraged the Chinese individuals and aroused sturdy opposition from the worldwide group. China has taken the related steps in accordance with the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law. China’s response can also be well-founded in worldwide regulation and past reproach.

Numerous info and figures show that the US is essentially the most unscrupulous nation that abuses sanctions. For a very long time, the US has used democracy, human rights and nationwide safety as pretexts to impose unilateral sanctions and “long-arm jurisdiction” on others, to grab geopolitical and financial pursuits and keep its hegemony. This has significantly undermined the fundamental norms in worldwide relations underpinned by the needs and rules of the UN Charter. It has infringed the related nations’ proper to improvement and their individuals’s proper to subsistence.

The US has enacted home legal guidelines such because the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, and the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, and concocted a collection of govt orders to immediately impose sanctions on particular nations, organizations or people. It has arbitrarily expanded the jurisdiction of US home legal guidelines with ambiguous theories such because the “minimum contact” and “effects principle”, and abused home litigation channels to train “long-arm jurisdiction” over entities and people in different nations.

Statistics present that the earlier US administration imposed a complete of over 3,900 sanction measures, equal to 3 sanctions on each day common. The variety of sanctions designations of the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has grown from 912 in 2000 to 9,421 in October 2021, up by 933 %. Daniel W. Drezner, Professor at Tufts University and Senior Fellow on the Brookings Institution, printed an article in Foreign Affairs in September 2021, saying that the “United States of America” has change into a “United States of Sanctions”.

The US regularly makes use of its world hegemony to arbitrarily slap sanctions on nations it regards as enemies or adversaries. Since 1962, the US has imposed on Cuba the longest and most extreme systemic commerce embargo, financial blockade and monetary sanctions in trendy historical past. As of 2021, the UNGA has adopted resolutions demanding an finish of the US embargo of Cuba for twenty ninth consecutive years. However, the US authorities retains the embargo whatever the simply voices of the worldwide group. Since late Seventies, the US has imposed long-term blockade and sanctions on Iran. In May 2018, the US authorities unilaterally withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and subsequently resumed and added a number of sanctions towards Iran. The US has additionally imposed unilateral sanctions on Belarus, Syria, Zimbabwe and different nations for years, and ramped up “maximum pressure” on the DPRK, Venezuela and different nations.

For a very long time, the US has launched financial and monetary sanctions towards Russia. According to statistics from the Russian State Duma, from 2014 to the start of May 2022, the variety of sanctions imposed on Russia has reached an unprecedented 10,218, making Russia essentially the most sanctioned nation on this planet, surpassing Iran. Since the outbreak of the Ukraine disaster, the US has saved escalating its unilateral sanctions towards Russia and coerced the world to take sides. Mikhail Popov, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, stated that whereas pressuring European nations into sanctioning Russia, the US elevated crude oil imports from Russia and allowed its firms to import Russian mineral fertilizers. The struggle and sanctions have brought about refugees influx, capital outflow and power scarcity in Europe, however enabled the US to revenue and make a fortune.

The US has not hesitated to sanction its allies. In 1982, the US authorities arrested Hitachi and Mitsubishi staff on the cost of commercial espionage to suppress Japanese high-tech firms. In 2013, the US Department of Justice detained 4 senior executives of the French firm Alstom, forcing the corporate to promote core companies akin to energy and grid to General Electric at low costs. Out of geopolitical and energy-related calculus, the US has imposed sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pure fuel pipeline challenge since December 2019. In August 2020, within the dispute between the US and the EU over subsidies for Boeing and Airbus, the US introduced that it could keep its earlier choice to impose a 15 % tariff on massive civil plane of Airbus. In the identical month, then US President Donald Trump introduced that to be able to present efficient means to deal with the threatened impairment to the US nationwide safety from imports of aluminum from Canada, the US would reimpose the ten % tariff on imports of some Canadian aluminum. In December, the US authorities introduced sanctions towards Türkiye over its “significant transaction” with Russia to obtain the S-400 air protection missile system.

In current years, the US has sanctioned Chinese establishments and personnel underneath the pretext of points associated to Xinjiang, Hong Kong, human rights and others that are all China’s inner affairs. It additionally promulgated and applied, primarily based on lies and disinformation, the so-called “Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act”, which fully prohibits the importation of products made in Xinjiang. In addition, the US has imposed so-called visa restrictions on greater than 96 million CPC members and their households.

The US overstretches the idea of nationwide safety, fabricates numerous excuses, abuses export management measures and makes use of state energy to unreasonably suppress Chinese establishments and enterprises. All these have significantly undermined truthful competitors, market financial system rules and worldwide financial and commerce guidelines. The US has put greater than 1,000 Chinese enterprises and establishments on numerous sanctions lists; designated biotechnology and synthetic intelligence as key applied sciences over which export controls are strengthened and funding evaluations intensified; and suppressed social media functions together with TikTok and WeChat.

Under the pretext of safeguarding nationwide safety and residents’ privateness, the Trump administration launched a “Clean Network” program. It explicitly requires the removing of Chinese firms akin to Huawei, Baidu and Alibaba from telecom carriers, cellular app shops, cellular apps, cloud companies and undersea cables.

China opposes unlawful unilateral sanctions and believes that sanctions are by no means the elemental or efficient method to resolve issues. Wielding the stick of sanctions will solely inflict critical difficulties on the financial system and folks’s livelihood within the related nations. (extra)