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Shogi “ Kiou Battle ” Fujii Five Crowns “Six Crowns” Achievement or Watanabe Double Crowns Final Station | NHK


One of the eight major titles of shogi, the 4th station of the “Kioh Battle” started in Tochigi Prefecture, and Sota Fujii (20) won the title and became the youngest in history to achieve the “Six Crowns”. It will be noted whether Akira Watanabe (38), who is aiming for the 11th consecutive victory, will bring it to the final game.

The game started at 9:00 am, and when the first two crowns Watanabe suddenly hit the step ahead of the rook, the second five crowns Fujii moved the steps in the same way after including a cup of tea, and then exchanged Okoma’s “corner”. I was advancing each other’s pieces.

Fujii Gokan currently holds five titles: Ryuo, Oi, Eio, Osho, and Kisei, and has successfully defended all of them so far.

If he wins the game on the 19th and wins the “Kioh Battle”, he will become the second person to achieve “Six Crowns” since Yoshiharu Hanyu (52) 9th Dan in December 1994, and will also break the youngest record. .

Watanabe, on the other hand, has been defending his title since he first won the “Kiosen” 10 years ago, and this time his 11th consecutive victory is at stake.