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Rare sea turtle caught in Japanese fishing internet

SAPPORO, Oct 19 (News On Japan) –
A really uncommon sea turtle was caught in a salmon internet by a Japanese fisherman earlier than being launched again into the waters of northern Hokkaido.

This large creature has been recognized as a “Leatherback Turtle”, which is listed as an endangered species. In the previous, there are information of Leatherback Turtle with a physique size of 256 cm and a weight of 916 kg.

The fisherman exclaimed, “I was surprised. It was probably about 130 to 140 cm. Everyone said it was rare and considered it a ‘good luck charm’, so they touched it.”

An skilled conversant in the ecology of Leatherback Turtle remarked, “It’s relatively rare for them to travel along the coast of Hokkaido. It’s quite unusual.”

Leatherback turtles are stated to inhabit heat seas. So why was it present in Hokkaido’s chilly waters?

Daisuke Koichi from the Fisheries Research and Education Organization’s Fisheries Resources Institute stated, “The water temperatures around Hokkaido have been higher than average this year. In September, the data showed that it was about 4 to 5°C warmer. There’s no doubt that the higher water temperature is one of the reasons the Leatherback Turtle ventured here.”

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