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President Biden’s State of the Union speech Emphasizes achievements and appeals for unity over China | NHK


President Biden of the United States gave a State of the Union address indicating the administrative policy for the next year, and emphasized his achievements so far, such as job creation, while attention was focused on whether he would announce his candidacy soon for re-election. He also urged the ruling and opposition parties to unite, saying that “to win the competition, we should unite” over China.

On the 7th, President Biden of the United States gave a State of the Union address at the Congress to show the administrative policy for the next year.

Among them, President Biden said, “We have created a record 12 million jobs,” emphasizing that his policies have realized a strong economy.

In addition, he appealed his achievements over the past two years, as attention was focused on whether he would soon announce his candidacy for re-election in next year’s presidential election, saying that he had achieved results in measures against the new coronavirus.

Bearing in mind that the opposition party, the Republican Party, recaptured the House of Representatives in last year’s midterm elections, he called on the Republican Party to cooperate in realizing the policy.

Regarding China, which is positioned as the biggest competitor, he said, “What we want is competition, not conflict. We will cooperate with China in areas that benefit the United States and the world.”

On the other hand, in light of the fact that the US military shot down a Chinese balloon that flew over the mainland last week, he stressed that “if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country.” should unite,” appealing for unity between the ruling and opposition parties.

Regarding Ukraine, which continues to be invaded by Russia, he emphasized his stance of continuing support, saying, “The United States is united in supporting Ukraine.

Emphasizes that the US economy is doing well

President Biden said that the unemployment rate is at the lowest level in almost 50 years and that 10 million people have applied to start new businesses, the highest number in the past two years, and the US economy is booming. I stressed that I was doing well.

In addition, he appealed that hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created in the future by the law promoting the domestic production of semiconductors enacted in August last year.

He also announced that all materials used in federal infrastructure projects will be made in the United States, and that roads and bridges will be built with American products in the future.

On the other hand, he called for cooperation with the Republican Party over the problem that the amount of money the US government can borrow has reached the upper limit.

In this issue, if Congress does not respond to raising the upper limit, it may lead to default on national debt, but the Republican Party, which emphasizes fiscal discipline, has voiced that it is necessary to reduce social security and medical insurance. .

In response, President Biden said, “Social security and medical insurance are lifelines for millions of elderly people,” and requested that the upper limit be raised without any conditions.

“Restore trust in democratic institutions”

“Democracy has been threatened, attacked and endangered in recent years,” said President Biden, citing the incident in which former President Trump supporters stormed Congress the year before.

“We must respect the results of the election and not subvert the will of the people. We must uphold the rule of law, restore trust in the institutions of democracy, and not give a place to hatred and extremism.” emphasized.

And while President Biden pointed out the division of American society, “Democracy must be a national problem, not a partisan problem. We must see each other as fellow Americans, not as enemies. No,” and called for unity.

In addition, President Biden cites the legislation that has been passed with bipartisan support since the start of the administration, saying, “Democrats and Republicans have united many times. There is no reason why we cannot cooperate and find an agreement, ”he called for cooperation from the opposition Republican Party, which holds the majority in the House of Representatives, to realize the policy.

“We will stand by Ukraine as long as it is necessary.”

Regarding the response to Russia’s continuing military invasion of Ukraine, President Biden said, “The United States united NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization to build a global coalition and stand against Putin’s military invasion. appealed.

In addition, he said, “The United States is united in supporting Ukraine. We will stand by Ukraine as long as necessary.” emphasized.

Regarding China, which it positions as its biggest competitor, he said, “What we want is competition, not conflict.” said.

“If China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our nation,” he said after the US military shot down a Chinese balloon that flew over the mainland last week. .

After that, he called for unity between the ruling and opposition parties, saying, “To win the competition with China, we should all be united.”

“Our allies are spending more on defense and trying to play more roles,” Biden said. You will see how wrong it is,” he said, emphasizing that cooperation with allies and friendly countries is being strengthened to counter Russia, China and others.

Opposition Republican Party Opposes Speech “President and Democratic Party Betrayed Expectations”

In response to President Biden’s State of the Union speech, the opposition and Republicans served as press secretary for the White House in the previous Trump administration, and then Sarah Sanders, who was appointed governor of southern Arkansas, made a counter-speech on television. .

Among them, Mr. Sanders said that President Biden appealed that the economy was doing well in his speech, saying, “President Biden has the economy that has recovered rapidly from the previous administration, the safest border, abundant domestic energy, etc. In the last two years, I’ve ruined everything, even though I took over.”

He added of President Biden’s foreign policy, “Weakness puts the country and the world at risk. His refusal to stand up to his most vexing adversary, China, is dangerous and unacceptable. He is not suitable as a commander,” he strongly criticized.

Sanders then said, “President Biden and the Democratic Party have betrayed expectations. Now is the time for change.”

China protests against “slander in the name of competition”

In response to US President Biden’s remarks about China, “We want competition, not conflict,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning said at a press conference on the 8th, “In the name of competition. “Slandering other countries, restricting their legitimate rights to develop, and damaging global supply chains is not something a responsible power can do.”

After that, he said, “The United States should establish an objective and rational perception of China, and work with China to return bilateral relations to a healthy and stable development track.”

Strict alert around the Bundestag

The area around the Congress, where President Biden delivered his State of the Union address, was on high alert, with a fence about 2.5 meters high surrounding the Capitol.

Two years ago, following an incident in which supporters of former President Trump burst into Congress, the police became nervous about security, and some roads in the surrounding area were closed during the time of the speech. .

President Biden polls have harsh voices

Aiming for re-election, President Biden is paying attention to whether he will announce his candidacy soon, but the public opinion polls also hear harsh voices.

According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press and other sources late last month, only 37% of Democratic supporters said they wanted Biden to run for president.

In addition, 22% of the respondents, including those who support the Republican Party, said they would like to run.

When asked why, he said that many people are concerned about the age of the oldest president in history, who is now 80 years old.

A Washington Post and ABC Television poll conducted late last month and into this month also found that 62% of respondents said there was “not much” or “not much” of what President Biden had achieved. .

On the other hand, only 36% answered that they have “achieved a lot” or “achieved to some extent”.