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Osaka Castle wall surface discovered after 400 years



The rock wall surface of a castle in Osaka that was developed by feudal warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi has actually been exposed after being concealed underground for some 400 years.

The rock wall surface of the previous Osaka Castle was uncovered in an excavation task led by the Osaka Municipal Government that started in 2013 as well as was finished just recently. The castle wall surface has actually been revealed to media.

The wall surface is constructed from all-natural rocks piled on top of each various other. Experts claim that the excavation is crucial to a complete understanding of the castle.

The previous Osaka Castle, developed by Hideyoshi in 1583, was refuted in the Summer Siege of Osaka in 1615. The Tokugawa shogunate after that hidden the castle in dust accumulated to greater than 10 meters as well as created a brand-new Osaka Castle.

Researchers initial uncovered components of the previous castle’s rock wall surfaces in 1984 near the existing castle, at a place some 7 meters underground.

The most current excavation discovered a rock wall surface some 15 meters long as well as about 6 meters high causing locations for the castle structure as well as the major house. A turret was formerly placed on the wall surface.

-Japan Times

大阪城の地下に埋まっていた豊臣秀吉による築城当時の石垣 ( 高さ約6メートル ・ 長さ約15メートル ) が 、 天守閣の南側から新たに発掘され 、 報道陣に公開された 。 近くからは豊臣期のものとみられる金箔が押された瓦も見つかった 。 一般公開は来月19日から 。 – 読売テレビニュース.

Jan 27

The rock wall surface of a castle in Osaka that was developed by feudal warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi has actually been exposed after being concealed underground for some 400 years. (Japan Times)

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