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‘Once each 7 years’ Onbashira Festival held for second consecutive 12 months

TOKYO, Sep 06 (News On Japan) –
Japan’s famed Onbashira Festival, with its dare-devil pillar-riding occasion, the ‘kiotoshi’, is normally held each 7 years, however the large logs had been ready at a neighborhood shrine in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, for a second 12 months in a row.

The logs used within the occasion had been 95 years previous, 90 centimeters in diameter and eight meters lengthy, reduce from the native mountains.

The pageant is normally held each seven years, however in accordance with the native priest, “We were very concerned about whether we could continue this tradition seven years from now and decided to build the second Onbashira over two years to ensure its future.”

On September 17, the 里曳き “Sashiki” and 建御柱 “Tate-Onbashira” occasions will happen.


Sep 06 (ANNnewsCH) – 山から切り出したもみの巨木が坂を下る「木落し」。長野県の諏訪地方で開催される御柱祭の見せ場です。開催は数えで7年に一度。去年、開催されたのですが…。  …proceed studying

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