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NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Secretary General “Cooperation beyond the region is becoming more important” | NHK


NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization invited Indo-Pacific partner countries such as Japan to the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and exchanged opinions on the situation of deepening cooperation between Russia and China, which continues to invade Ukraine. At a press conference, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg acknowledged the increasing importance of cross-regional cooperation.

NATO invited four Indo-Pacific partners, including Japan, to a foreign ministers’ meeting held in Belgium on the 5th. I was.

At a press conference following the meeting, Secretary-General Stoltenberg said, “As China and Russia seek to resist the rules-based international order, it is all the more important that NATO members, and NATO and its allies, stand together. “There is,” he said, showing his recognition that cooperation across regions is becoming increasingly important.

NATO has invited Japan and others to the summit meeting scheduled in Lithuania in July this year.

Regarding Russia’s announcement to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, Secretary-General Stoltenberg said, “So far, we have not seen any change in the deployment of Russia’s nuclear weapons, but we remain vigilant. We are watching their actions,” he said.